Wednesday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Wednesday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Poonam is serving food to Lakhan, Reksha sees this and is angry. Piddi goes to meet Bindya.
Bindya is waiting for Priyom, she says when will handsome Priyom come. Otherside Priyom comes to Piddi, he finds gift in his hand, Piddi says i am 18 now, i can meet Bindya now, Priyom says you can marry her after 23 years old, Piddi says i will not stop now, Priyom says i steal money from father and gives it to you but i will stop it now, Piddi says do it, Priyom shows him video in which Piddi is trying to look inside washroom where girl is inside, Priyom says if you go to Binda then i will send this MMS to whole begusarai, Piddi says this is wrong, this is unfair, Priyom says everything fair in love and war, Piddi leaves from there, Priyom laughs and says what i have to do for Bindya. Priyom is going to meet her, Poonam sees him going from her balcony and is not so happy.
Bindya’s door knocks, she opens the door and doesnt look at person, she says i am angry with you, you made me wait alot, she looks at his face and is stunned to see that its Mitlaish not Priyom.

Bindya thinks Priyom has come, she opens the door and is shocked to see Mitlaish there, she comes in and closes door, he comes closer to her, she says you.. he brings out gun, Bindya is stunned, Bindya says i didnt do anything, i didnt go behind Priyom, he came to me, try and understand, Mitlaish looks at her intensely, he puts gun on her face, puts hand on her back, says don’t you like this Thakur? He takes off his gold jewelry, Bindya smiles, he comes closer to her.

Priyom is drinking wine, he says this is cheating God, why you made me younger brother, today Mitlaish took Bindya from me, Piddi says Mitlaish did right with you, Piddi says I will impress a girl too, he falls due to heavy drinking of wine, Lakhan says I told you drink less as this is your first time.

Rekha is lying on bed and recalls how Phulan Thakur announced that Manjeeta will 10 % of revenue and assets of Thakur, she comes out and smiles seeing Maa Durga’s photo, she starts doing pooja, she says my husband is a fool but you made my life, she starts chanting, she says forgive me, I couldn’t see your game, you are going to come in my house in disguise of Poonam, as soon as I marry my son to her, I will get her money.

Priyom is drinking wine, Lakhan ask why drinking so much? So much sadness for a girl? Priyom says you will not understand, its my work to love, you hate it when your contract goes out of your hand, same way when my girlfriend goes away, my heart aches, I want everyone to love, Priyom ask Lakhan to give him lift to house, Lakhan says no, Priyom says then kill me, run your jeep over me, I will die and my heart will die too, Lakhan says you are a joker, sit, Priyom sit in his jeep and says you are my real friend, Lakhan says one day you wil lose your respect and our respect will be gone too.

Bindya is covering herself with blanket, Mitlaish is leaving Bindya’s house, she says I am here from many days but I didn’t see you before and you came here today like sudden rain, Mitlaish ask do you have any problem? Bindya says not at all, you are king of Begusarai, you are married so I didn’t see you with those eyes, Mitlaish says marriage is license to do all this, he gives her bundle of money, Bindya is shocked, she thinks either these Thakurs run guns or throw cash on small things, she ask when will you come again, Mitlaish says no one has dared to question me and I never answered but you have something in you, I am not able to understand so I will come to understand it again, he leaves, Bindya says now I will get so much money every night, I was running behind that Priyom but here whole family men are dying at me, so much money they have, I have to collect it with both hands.

Mitlaish comes back to home, Maya angrily looks at him, Choti Amma sees this. Mitlaish comes in room, Maya is asleep, he takes off his shirt, he hugs Maya, he says I love you, he kisses her and goes to sleep, Maya open her eyes and is sad.

In morning, Maya is preparing for Pooja, Choti Amma looks at her sadly, Badi Amma ask to give her tea, Maya says I will bring it, Bindya comes there, Maya looks at her sternly, Bindya ask can I get a cup of tea? I am tired as I had to work whole night, Maya recalls how Mtialish came lat night, Bindya ask Maya did you ike my dance? Maya doesn’t answer, she ask Badi Amma, Badi Amma says we called you as you know how to dance, she ask Maya to give her tea and shut her mouth, Bindya says but today is hot day, I think I should not drink hot eat, Badi Amma says you should drink dadura then, Bindya says Dadura is poison, Badi Amma says but Dadura is cold, its cold poison, Bindya says you joke a lot, Maya brings tea for her but doesn’t give it to her, she puts it on table and leaves, Bindya takes it, Badi and Choti Amma notices it.

Priyom is having hangover, Lakhan comes there, Priyom ask what you are doing here? Lakhan says Phulan called me for some work, Priyom ask who will take your wife to college then? Lakhan says she is having pain in belly so wont go today, Priyom ask to take her to doctor then , Lakhan says its not that severe, she will be fine, he leaves, Priyom thinks. Guddi brings oil to massage Priyom’s head, she is massaging his head, he says Poonam never missed her school even when she used to have 104 fever, there must be some other big reason, Guddi says everyone know about it but you are busy with Bindya so don’t know anything, she tells him about ragging of Poonam and how lakhan had beaten them, Guddi says now Poonam cant go to college, all ask her why she even come to college, she tried to call you but you didn’t take her call, Priyom says I didn’t get time to talk to her, Guddi says you guys are like this, first fight with each other then become one, Priyom gets tensed for Poonam.

Poonam gives tea to Manjeeta, manjeeta says that we are living content life, we dont need this money, thakurs have taken care of everything, they gave us everything, i dont know to say to them that we dont need this money, Poonam’s phone rings, its Priyom calling, Manjeeta gets angry on her and says it should not ring again, Poonam leaves.
Priyom says she is so egoistic, she is cutting my call, Poonam comes there and says cant you understand that there must be some reason that i was cutting your call, Papa scolded me because of you, Priyom says you are on leave from college? Poonam says yes i am ill, Priyom says till when you remain ill, you will have to go to college, he says i did so much fight to make your admission possible and now you are avoiding college, Poonam says i dont wanna study, Priyom says i can sense your problem, tell me what is it, Priyom asys speak up else i will talk to Lakhan, Poonam says it was not his mistake, i was wrong, i forgot where is belong to, i got indulged in college, i cant even speak in house and in college, i sang there, i started to feel that i am free, i can fly but i forgot that my root belong here, it was my fault and the bigger mistake was i didnt tell people in college that i am Thakur’s would be daughter in law then those guys would have not stopped me for ragging, they had to suffer because of me, i am not a common girl, then how can i think to live common life, because of me Lakhan had to fight, because of me Mitlaish scolded Lakhan, i dont want people to be afraid, tensed because of my presence in college so i dont wanna go there.

Maya comes in room and ignores Mitlaish, Mitlaish hugs her and say it was just about night, throw away your anger, let bygones be bygones, i cant roam around to pacify you, you can cry as much as you want but when i comeback home at night then i want to see you beautifully dressed and smiling.
bindya is rolling on ground, she is thanking God, she comes in Mandir, she gives charity, Ghungroo laughs that she has given 5rs only, he says that when you get so happy, i get afraid, you were this much when you were in love first time, Bindya says i dont love now, i do business of now, Ghungroo ask to tell what happened? Bindya says i dont have to do anything, people are running behind me, Ghungroo ask to tell clearly, Bindya says yesterday Mitlaish Thakur came in m room, Ghungroo gets afraid and says we should leave before he kills us, Bindya says he is my client, we will earn 1 crore soon, Begusarai’s king is under my spell.
Rekha comes in garments shop, she ask shopkeeper to show her Sarees. Bhushan is outside shop with worker, he finds Rekha in shop and says what she is doing here? she cant spend money on clothes like this, Rekha is checking tags of Sarees and rejects them as they are costly, Bhushan comes there and ask what are you doing here? he says you shop on Diwali only, Rekha says i thought to shop for Poonam, i never gifted her anything, Bhushan says wow so much love for her, he says buy what you want, he starts leaving, Rekha says if you have come then give money too, i have something in heart, she says Lakhan will have to marry one day so why not soon? Bhushan says date will be decided by Phulan only, Rekha says why, Lakhan is our son, Bhushan says why you are hurrying so much? marriage will happen on time, he leaves, Rekha says i will marry Lakhan in 1 month but how? she says i have to think something through which Phulan agrees for marriage.Poonam is in her room, Mother says Lakhan has come, Poonam comes out, Lakhan brings those ragging guys to Poonam, he calls Poonam to come down, Poonam recalls how Lakhan insulted her, she comes down from stairs, Lakhan introduces her to guys, ragging guy says that i have said sorry to Lakhan, we are friends, you can join college back, there will be no problem, you can join back, guys leaves, Lakhan says to Poonam that i got angry on you, i crossed limits, should i say sorry? she says no, he says if you dont go to college then i will feel bad, Poonam looks at him, Lakhan says i will not drop you to college from now on, you go with Najma, i have no problem, live your life, he leaves, Poonam recalls how she said to Priyom that she can live her life, she smiles thinking how Priyom said that he understands her problem and how he must have made Lakhan understand.
Poonma comes back home, mother ask why did Lakhan? Poonam says he came to say sorry, mother is shocked and says how did this change happen, Poonam comes in her room and smiles recalling Lakhan’s words that live your life, she finds Priyom at terrace, she recalls how she said to Priyom that she is not common girl, then how Lakhan said that you can live life, she smiles at Priyom, she says he can do anything.

Choti Amma is tensed, Badi Amma ask what happened? Choti Amma says Mitlaish was in Bindya’s room, he went back to his room late night, Badi Amma says i found Maya’s mood off too, Choti Amma says its not easy to be Thakurain, we made Bindya live in this house but i am worried if her stay get longer here then.. she is very clever, Badi Amma says she will get burnt if she comes closer to us, Poonam listens this, she finds Maya working, she sadly looks at her, Guddi ask what happened? dont worry, many girls came in Mitlaish’s life, this is normal, Maya should find some other man too, Poonam says what are you saying, Guddi says if Mitlaish can go to other girls then why cant Maya? because of people like, we have different rule for girls and boys, if i was in her place, i would have done it, she leaves, Poonam looks at Maya, Maya ask you have some work? Poonam says where is Priyom? Maya says he is not at home right now.
Phulan is eating, Manjeeta gives him cloth to wipe his hands, Phulan says you are our partner now, this is not your work now, i will shoot you if you do this again, Manjeeta says kill me but dont stop me from serving you, i dont want this 10% partnership, i dont need those money which will make me away from you, i dont need money, i am happy serving you, Phulan says what kind of man are you, saying no to money, he takes cloth from him and says ok i will let you serve me but you will also not say no to my 10% money, Manjeeta agrees.