Thursday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Thursday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Poonam is waiting for Priyom, she recalls how Priyom remembered her result, how he listened silently when she was angry, how he pacified when she was miffed with him, how he made Lakhan agree to let Poonam study in college, how she said to him that she want to live like a common girl and how Lakhan said her to live life, she says its already late, why he didnt come till now, she keeps waiting fro him, its late night now, she calls him but he is not picking call, she goes to sleep but then goes to check, she finds his room’s light on and says he returned but cant even see that someone must be waiting to talk to him, she goes to his room, she knocks his door, he opens the door and screams saying ghost ghost, Poonam gets afraid, and shouts, he laughs, she says i was calling you but your phone was switched off too, she says you cant even call me back, you just roam around Bindya, he says you wanna thank me then say it, she says yes, today Lakhan came and said sorry, he says i know, she says you know everything, he says now you will ask me how i made Lakhan understand that you want to go to college, she says do you know magic, i cant understand how you make Lakhan understand, he shows her video in which Poonam is saying that because of me Lakhan had to fight, how she cant live normal life, he says i cant give speech like you so i showed life telecast, she says i am not looking good in video, he says you never look good, she beats him, he says i havent even eaten food, she says i will bring it, she brings food from him, he says its cold, she says die else eat this food only, Priyom eats the food, she smiles, he ask her to not stare him, Poonam says you recorded my talks, i dont even speak infront of Lakhan, what if i had said something against him in video? Priyom says i know you very well, you cant say bad about anyone, Poonam smiles, he says if someone kills you even then you will say its not his fault, Poonam glances at him and is all smile,Poonam says to Priyom that why dont you marry? Priyom looks at her, Priyom says from where did this question come? she says you dont drink water till i dont give it to you but till when i am here, i will go away too after marriage, Priyom says you are not going tooo much far from me, i will come to you to get your scolding and food, Poonam smiles and says i am not joking, you should marry, the one who will marry you will be luck, you understand and respect people, what else girl needs, Priyom says i dont wanna marry, Poonam says you must have felt seeing someone that yes this is the one with whom i can spend whole life, Priyom says thanks for your food, she says tell me did you felt like this ever? did you like anyone? swear on our friendship, Priyom looks at her, he says ok i will tell you but dont ask me about again, he says 4 years back when my marriage was fixed, i started loving that girl, Poonam says then why did you break marriage? did she break it? did she not love you, Priyom says no she started loving me too.. Poonam says this means you flirted with other girl infront of her too? Priyom says i cant stay at one girl, i am not marriage material, what if my wife keep waiting for me at home and me enjoying night with other girl, no i cant live like this, i dont want to give pain to wife, dont wanna break her trust, so let me be like this, Poonam says you are good, atleast you dont do fake promises, he says why dont you prepare for your marriage, Poonam says Lakhan have also agreed for my studies so there is time in our marriage, she is about to leave, he smiles at her, she turns, they share eyelock.

some wedding music is playing, Maya and Chot Amma goes to see. they comes out of house to find Rekha coming marriage band, Choti Amma ask what she doing? Rekha comes to Poonam’s house with shagun. Poonam touches her feet, Rekha hugs her, she says call me Mammiji from now on, Poonam looks on.

Rekha gives Shagun to Poonam, Choti Amma comes there and ask what you are doing? Rekha says giving shagun, i cant be away from my daughter in law now, i will make sure that marriage happen in this month only, all are stunned, Priyom listens this and is shocked too, he looks at Poonam and recalls how Poonam said that there is atleast 3 years in her marriage as Lakhan ash agreed for marriage.
Guddi comes back home and is about to tell news of marriage to Badi Amma but Bindya comes there and says i will tell you, there is a very big news, you will give me reward, Lakhan’s mother has given shagun to Poonam and has decided to do marriage this month only, Badi Amma is stunned, Bindya says wherever i go, happiness comes there, i will take reward for telling this news and i will dance in their marriage, all are stunned, Badi Amma throws money bundle on her, Bindya is happy and says give advance for dance in marriage too, Badi Amma says we have seen your dance, you are stale now, now pack your stuff and leave for Patna, Bindya says you are joking, Badi Amma ask to bring gun, Bindya says no no, i will pack my stuff, Badi Amma says dont comeback here again, Bindya nods and leaves.
Ghungroo says to Bindya that your time is up, we have to leave now, Bndya says you dont me, i will do something that old lady wont be able to throw me out of Begusarai.

Phulan gets Badi Amma’s call, she tells him about shagun thing, Bhushan says i dont know why Rekha is hurrying so much for marriage, she has gone mad, how can she do it when you and Badi Amma are alive to take such decisions, i will talk to her, he leaves, Lakhan comes there but Phulan ignores him and leaves. Lakhan comes to Mitlaish and ask where did Phulan go? i need his sign on contract, Mitlaish says you dont need these small contracts now, you are going to be our partner of 10% now, Lakhan ask what you mean? Mitlaish says atleast use your mind sometime, i will tell you, here my father gave 10% partnership to Manjeeta and there your mother without asking anyone, without telling anyone went to Poonam and gave Shugun for marriage, now you understand? this is limit of lust, Lakhan is embarrassed.
Poonam’s mother says that i am very much happy that the moment has finally come, Poonam is sad, Priyom comes there, he greets them, he looks at sad Poonam, he says see your daughter, she is about to cry, she doesnt want to marry now, mother looks at her.
Lakhan and Bhushan comes to Rekha, Bhushan says you didnt talk to Phulan and Badi Amma before going for shugan, Rekha says did they ask us before forcing Lakhan to marry that servant’s daughter, i did all this to make you father in law, for you my every talk is bitter, now i have decided marriage, Phulan is elder so we will give 1st card to him, we will give him front seat in mandap but we will marry our son with our will, Lakhan says this is your will or lust for money?

Priyom says Poonam want to study and then marry, Lakhan agreed to it and now this, mother says girls know this that they have to marry one day and once Shagun comes, girls start dreaming about marriage, you dont know girls’ heart, i know my daughter is happy, he makes Priyom eat sweets, Priyom ask for tea, mother leave to make it, Poonam comes to Priyom and says i said my heart thing to you and you said it infront of Maa, Priyom says i will pacify Rekha to stop this marriage, you wanna study so dont worry, Poonam says i didnt say to stop my marriage for studies, Priyom says i will talk to Manjeeta too, Poonam says dont talk to anyone, i am happy, you dont understand anything, if Maa is saying then i am happy, Priyom says you were saying that i understand girls and now saying i dont understand you, Poonam says it was my thought that i will get married after 3 years, but if getting married then its fine too and if you say my things to others liek this then i will not tell you anything, now eat these sweets and leaves, Priyom says when you have problem, you run behind me and now asking me to leave, now i will not solve your problems, go and get married, i dont wann eat sweets, he leaves.

Bhushan ask Lakhan wha are you saying? Lakhan says Rekha was against marriage uptill now when Phulan announced to give 10% to Manjeeta, she went to give shagun, what she think, they will not understand? Mitlaish understood this in one second, Rekha starts acting and says what Mitlaish said this? she cries and says why i didnt die before listening this, Mitlaish my child called me greedy, what is my fault if Manjeeta got 10%, Lakhan marriage with Poonam was fixed 8 years back only, all will call me greedy whenever marriage happens, she cires, Lakhan and Bhushan are irritated, Rekah says from today i will not wear any jewelry, she says my son whom i gave birht listened all this silently, i am leaving everything, she locks herslef in room, Bhusna ask to open door else, Rekha says dont break the door, door will be opened after my death only or else ask Mitlaish to come and say sorry himself, Bhushan is shocked.
Bindya comes to Mitlaish, she says my charm vanished in one might only? Mitlaish says charm increases after meeting me. Rekha is eating sweets in room, she laughs and says i learned something reading Ramayan, i will open this door when my son will wear turban for marriage and i will get 10%. Mitlaish ask Bindya why did you come here? i told you that i will come at night, Bindya says i was not able to wait, i have that much right on you? she comes closer to him, she says Badi Amma said to me that return to Patna but Amma doesnt know that after that night, i cant spend my life without you, she hugs him, he hugs her back, she says you are king of here, do something, Mitlaish ask when are you leaving? Bindya says sh said to leave from tomorrow’s train, Mitlaish says dont worry, i will not send you by train, will book airplane ticket, Bindya is stunned and looks at him.

Mitlaish says to Bindya that dont worry, i will not send you to Patna from train, will arrange taxi for you, bindya says you will not stop me? you will not talk to Badi Amma, Mitaish says no one can change Badi Amma’s decision, we dont talk infront of her, i am not feeling good that you are going so we should make most out of this time, he brings Bindya in car and takes off his shirt, Bindya thinks that this Mitlaish is useless.
Priym is sadly sitting, he recalls how Poonam said that she has no problem in marrying soon, he gets call from Priya, his new girlfriend, his servants Drugha and sipahi ask him to take call, Priyom says if you want to remain happy then be away from girls, drugha ask why? Priyom says these girls say something else and want something else, sipahi says only one girl can make you worried and that is Poonam, Priyom says correct, i understand her heart thing but this time i am not able to understand her, i said to her that i will stop her marriage for now but she said that she is happy with marriage, i can see sadness on her face, Drugha says every girl gets sad thinking she will leave her house and will go to other house, every girl have to go through this, Priyom says why you didnt tell me this point before, i fought with Poonam, only one month is remaining in her marriage and i wasted one day fighting with her, i will go and talk to her.

Badi Amma says to Bhushan that your wife is doing everything on her own, she could have talked to us, we could have gone to Poonam with Shagun, we have divided assets of house but not family, where is she? Lakhan says she has locked herself in room and keep saying that she is not greedy for 10%, Badi Amma says who told her that she is greedy, Lakhan says Mitlaish said this to me and i told her, Mitlaish comes and says did i say something wrong? Rekha never gave 10rs to Poonam and now gave shagun to her, she didnt even tell us before going there, this is all not coincidence, i am ready to listen, explain me, Phulan says enough, i am alive to understand all this, if some elder behad some younger in our family then younger one just bow his head and you are aleegin an elder person of house, go and say sorry to her, Mitlaish is shocked, Phulan says she is elder to you, Mitlaish says ok.
Bindya is crying, Ghungroo is packing stuff and says we will leave tomorrow, i told you you cant lure these Thakurs, they are of no one, see they have thrown you out, Bindya comes out of room in anger. Ghungroo says she will cut someone today. Bindya leaves from there.
Poonam comes to her mother, mother says that Priyom is your good friend, you told him your heart thing but.. Poonam says he will not say to anyone, mother says if Lakhan gets to know about it then.. these men interpret things in their own way, silence is necessary in husband wife relation, just acept to what they say, Poonam nods, she says i said so much to Priyom, i should go to say sorry to him, mother says return before your father comes back.

Bindya comes in haveli, she looks at Badi Amma and says she is on death bed and still ruling the whole house, i will kill her, she takes one show piece in her hand and says i will kill her and will say to others that she wanted me stay here, she is about to his Badi Amma when Poonam comes with bhindi subzi, Poonam says to Maya that i brought this for Priyom, Maya says you fought with him again? Badi Amma says she doesnt open her mouth infront of anyone and fight with Poonam, she calls Poonam and blesses her, she says your mother in law is lil weird, do you have problem with early marriage? Poonam says no, Badi Amma says if Rekha irritates you after marriage then tell me, i will set her right, remember one thing, you are lovable kid of this house, all cares for you alot, you will remain happy, Bindya thinks that this Poonam can help me, she is would be daughter in law of house after all, Poonam leaves, Bindya goes behind her.
Rekha is enjoying sweets, she says why sweetness is not coming in my life, door knocks, she hides sweets, Bhushan, Lakhan and Mitlaish comes in, Bhushan ask her to open room, Mitlaish has come to say sorry, Rekha is puking due to excessive eating, she is worried if they come in.
Bindya stops Poonam and congrats her for marriage, Poonam starts leaving, Bindya says you didnt say thank you, arent you happy with marriage, i mean girls do get sad leaving her house, i am feeling same, i have come in Begusarai 4 days back but now i am attached to this house but Badi Amma wants me to leave, they listen to you so do something that i stay here, say to them that you will not marry if i dont dance in your marriage, please address my case to Badi Amma, Poonam doesnt say anything and is leaving, she recalls how Maya takes care of everyone, how much she loves Mitlaish, they have 2 kids, she is serving her marriage for 7 years, works day and night in house, bindya ask what are you thinking, if you think that much then that old lady will throw me, i mean Badi Amma, please talk in my favor, Poonam stops her and says arent you ashamed of trapping Mitlaish, giving pain to Maya, there should be no place for you in Begusarai, Bindya gets angry on her and says you seem innocent but hurt people well, you do it while wearing shalwar kameez so its fine but if wear ghagra choli and flirt so its sin? you do it on terrace so friendship, if i do it in room then flirtatious, you have Lakhan on one side and Priyom on other side, with Lakhan you have relation and with Priyom you are doing time pass, you bow down to Lakhan and look in eyes of Priyom, Lakhan also gets hungry but you make food for Priyom, what you think that we cant see anything? dont say like heroines that we are just friends, trapping men is my work but why do it? you are playing good game more than me as you wear decent dress, Poonam points finger at her, Bindya puts it down and says you saw you cant talk infront of me, you call me dirt so if you throw stone in dirt then dirt will come on you only, she ask her to go and make Halwa for Priyom, she leaves, Poonam is in shock.

Bhushan ask Rekha to open door, Mitlaish has come to ask sorry, inside Laddo is stuck in Rekha’s throat, she cant even speak, there is no water too, Mitlaish ask Rekha to open door, its me here, he says to Bhushan that you were saying she has not eaten anything, see if she died.. i mean see if she is unconscious, Lakhan says i will break door, Rekha is stunned and breaks vase to show she is alive, Bhushan ask Mitlaish to leave, Rekha finally spits laddo, she opens door, Priyom comes home, he says i am going to meet Poonam, Maya says she left begusarai, Priyom says she cant go to market, dont joke, he leaves to meet Poonam, Maya says they are weird, sometime she is findign him and other time he is finding her.
Poonam is thinking about Bindya’s words that she has affair with Priyom and marrying Lakhan, Priyom comes and knocks her door, she doesnt open, he says Ms. fighter, i know you are inside, open door, its very late, you cannot come to me to say sorry so i have come to say sorry, open window, i will forgive you, he says ok i forgive you without you asking it, he says i want to talk something important, open door else i will get miffed and if this time i get miffed then i will not talk whole life, he says ok i accept my mistake, just open door, i am holding my ears, should i start beating myself? Poonam listens all this and smiles, Priyom shouts that he got hurt my nail, he says blood is coming out, Poonam come and save me, Poonam gets tensed and is about to open door when she recalls Bindya’s words and stops, Priyom says will you not help me? is this your friendship? Poonam comes to window and puts hand on it, Priyom puts hand on otherside of window, he says i know you are standing on otherside, whats the issue that you are not even talking to me, there is only 1 month in your marriage then you will go to Lakhan’s house forever, i dont want to waste this time in fighting, he gets angry that she is not responding back, he says you are stubborn, weird, lizard, what you think that you will make me lose by closing this window, i can break it too but i dont like to force, irritate me the much you want, show your anger, i will show my courage to bear it, Poonam gets in tears, Priyom angrily leaves from there, Poonam opens window and finds him leaving, she is sad.

Mitlaish folds his hands infront of Rekha, Rekha says i didnt listen, Mitlaish says i am sorry, my tongue slipped, Rekha says yu are not saying from heart, just doing formality, she shows her feet to touch and say sorry, Mitlaish s angry but controls his anger, he touches her feet, Rekha smirks to Bhushan, Rekha starts acting ang hugs Mitlaish.
Priyom comes to home, he is tensed, Piddi and Guddi teases him that is Poonam angry with you, Badi Amma comes there and ask Priyom did any girl said no to your proposal?Guddi tells her that Poonam didnt talk to him, Guddi and Piddi leaves, Badi Amma ask Priyom to sit beside him, he sits.