Unfortunate Love November Teasers 2023


Unfortunate Love November Teasers 2023

Malishka lays accusations on Lakshmi and states that she wishes to take Rishi away from her. Read Zeeworld Unfortunate Love November 2023 Teasers:

ZeeWorld Unfortunate Love November 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Episode 195

Lakshmi and Rishi win the last round, leaving Malishka enraged. Neelam tells Rishi to not interfere with Lakshmi’s life anymore. Rishi later, feels distraught, but thinks that he will have to stay away from Lakshmi for her own good.

Thursday 2 November 2023

Episode 196

Ayush tells Rishi he needs to realize his feelings. The priest tells Neelam and Karishma that Lakshmi is still in danger and Rishi ends up overhearing them. He blames himself and questions Neelam for hiding the truth from him.

Friday 3 November 2023

Episode 197

Rishi plans to coincidentally meet Lakshmi. Karishma tells Malishka that Rishi and Lakshmi need to be kept apart till Lakshmi’s marriage takes place. Vikrant and Lakshmi end up meeting Rishi and Malishka.

Saturday 4 November 2023

Episode 198

Shalu talks to Aayush about Rishi. At a jewellery store, Rishi puts a ‘mangalsutra’ around Lakshmi’s neck but they hide from everyone. Aayush and Shalu get suspicious of Vikrant.

Sunday 5 November 2023

Episode 199

Rishi asks Lakshmi a question, and his words make Lakshmi emotional. Vikrant and Malishka try to check the CCTV footage of the store for Rishi and Lakshmi. Neelam worries for Rishi and speaks to Karishma.

Monday 6 November 2023

Episode 200

Lakshmi hides from Vikrant and Rishi lies to him. Malishka comes looking for Rishi, and he hides. Vikrant and Malishka are shocked by each other’s words.

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Episode 201

Aayush and Shalu spy on Vikrant. Malishka lays accusations on Lakshmi and states that she wishes to take Rishi away from her. Shalu and Aayush try to expose Vikrant’s secret.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Episode 202

Rishi talks to Lakshmi, who mentions that Vikrant is truly a decent man. Rishi overhears Neelam and Karishma’s conversation. Meanwhile, Aayush, Shalu and Bani decide to stop Laksmi’s engagement.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Episode 203

Rishi thinks about Lakshmi and gets upset. Vikrant grows anxious over the phone calls he keeps receiving from his lover. Aayush and Shalu decide to take Vikrant’s phone and learn about his secret.

Friday 10 November 2023

Episode 204

Someone locks Lakshmi inside Rishi’s room. Vikrant’s girlfriend comes to meet him, and Aayush and Shalu feel elated. Rishi and Lakshmi get into a spat.

Saturday 11 November 2023

Episode 205

Rishi plans to catch Vikrant and Saloni red-handed.
Rishi tries to catch Vikrant red-handed with his lover and tells everyone that he is betraying Lakshmi. Vikrant’s lie is not caught but Rishi announces his decision.

Sunday 12 November 2023

Episode 206

Rishi and Aayush defend themselves in front of Virendra. Rishi refuses and later shouts at Malishka as she accuses Lakshmi. Later, Lakshmi decides to go ahead with the marriage. Aayush taunts Vikrant.

Monday 13 November 2023

Episode 207

Rishi mentions that he has proof, which worries Vikrant. Saloni tells Vikrant that she deleted the footage. Rishi accuses Vikrant of deleting the evidence. Lakshmi and Vikrant’s engagement takes place.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Episode 208

Lakshmi goes to the storeroom but she and Rishi get trapped inside. Aahana argues with Malishka and Soniya. Harleen tells Virendra that Lakshmi is in the outhouse and it worries him.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Episode 209

Rishi brings an unconscious Lakshmi home. Malishka warns Rishi to beware and says that their marriage will happen at all costs. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that he is in love with her.

Thursday 16 November 2023

Episode 210

Rishi and Vikrant challenge each other. Neelam warns Lakshmi and tells her not to do anything that will embarrass her.

Friday 17 November 2023

Episode 211

Rishi makes a promise to Shalu and Bani. Rishi and Aayush search Vikrant’s room to find evidence of him cheating on Lakshmi.

Saturday 18 November 2023

Episode 212

Vikrant learns that Rishi and Aayush are trying to find evidence against him. Malishka tells Aayush that he cannot change Lakshmi’s fate and she will leave the house. Rishi loses the piece of evidence he had collected from Vikrant.

Sunday 19 November 2023

Episode 213

Rishi finds the proof. Rishi tells Vikrant that he has taken an oath and will not let him marry Lakshmi. Later, Lakshmi worries about Rishi and goes with Aayush to look for him. Later, Rishi’s car collides with a truck.

Monday 20 November 2023

Episode 214

Lakshmi cries for Rishi. Harleen tells the family that Lakshmi will wait beside Rishi at the hospital. Saloni tells Vikrant that Rishi is alive, and he tells her that she must kill him.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Episode 215

Shalu says that she feels Vikrant is behind the attack. Saloni gets scared over Rishi’s actions and tells Vikrant, who mentions that he will kill Rishi himself. Lakshmi wonders if someone is behind Rishi’s life.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Episode 216

Malishka gets irked with Lakshmi. Saloni gets Malishka sick. Vikrant tries to kill Rishi but he manages to push him off and Vikrant hits his head. Later, Saloni finds Vikrant unconscious.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Episode 217

Lakshmi leaves without meeting Rishi and he comes home looking for her. Neelam continues to accuse Lakshmi. Aayush checks the evidence but it ends up being damaged. Malishka warns Lakshmi and tells her to stay away from Rishi.

Friday 24 November 2023

Episode 218

Vikrant and Saloni execute their plan. Vikrant enters the house in the guise of a thief and goes to kill Rishi. Lakshmi comes there and Rishi chases Vikrant away. Malishka sees Vikrant and Saloni together.

Saturday 25 November 2023

Episode 219

Malishka remembers the deal she made with Vikrant. Malishka thinks that if Vikrant’s secret is exposed Lakshmi will not go away. Karishma tells Neelam about Aayush’s wish to get Rishi and Lakshmi married.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Episode 220

Malishka threatens Saloni and Vikrant. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is going ahead with the marriage. Shalu and Bani feel upset over Lakshmi’s ceremony. Neelam gives a warning to Rishi and Aayush.

Monday 27 November 2023

Episode 221

Saloni brings Lakshmi to the ‘mehendi’ ceremony. During Lakshmi’s ceremony, Saloni suggests a game and all the couples dance together. Rishi imagines dancing with Lakshmi. Aayush and Shalu execute their plan, which causes an ill omen to take place.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Episode 222


Lakshmi requests Rishi to leave her alone. Vikrant taunts Rishi, who proclaims that he will not let Lakshmi marry Vikrant. Bani tells Shalu that Lakshmi herself is planning to break her marriage.

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Episode 223

Malishka panics after having a nightmare and warns Vikrant. Virendra invites his DGP friend, Sumer, to his house. Neelam shouts at Rishi for taunting Vikrant.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Episode 224

Karishma and Malishka taunt Lakshmi and ask her to pack her bags. Rishi asks Lakshmi to tell him the truth about her feelings. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will do his best to stop Vikrant.

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Ayush and Shalu plan to make Vikrant lose the game

Vikrant and Malishka go back to Rishi. She tells that they will do dance competition between the couples.

Shalu says she don’t want to dance for Di’s life destruction. Ayush says we will dance, to make Vikrant lose, and says Bhabhi don’t want to win with Vikrant. Ayush asks her to do hifive. Shalu asks him to give on cheeks. He says you are getting bold just as episodes increases. Shalu asks shall I give? Ayush says he has no problem. She is about to slap him, but he stops her. He says kiss is given on the cheeks. He says right now they shall focus on their aim. Saloni asks them to dance on the square board. Karishma asks Neelam and Virender to dance. Neelam says she will not dance in Lakshmi’s marriage function, but will dance in Rishi’s dance functions. Karishma says yes. Ayush tells Shalu that they have to do something in next round. For the next round, the board or paper is half. Malishka asks Rishi to lift her and dance. Vikrant also lifts Lakshmi and dance. Shalu refuses at first, then asks Ayush to lift her. Malishka asks Rishi to win, and asks if he wants Vikrant to win. Rishi recalls challenging Vikrant and says no. Anjana thinks Vikrant and Lakshmi shall marry. Vikrant thinks he has never lost. Rishi thinks today you will lose. Malishka imagines dancing with Rishi while nobody is there. She smiles. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and imagines seeing her standing alone and coming to her. He holds her hand and hugs her. Lakshmi keeps hand on his eyes and goes. Marhaba song plays….

He imagines having a playful dance with her, as she runs. He kisses on her cheeks while dancing. He kisses on her forehead and holds her. He says I love you Lakshmi, I love you so much and asks do you also love me, and asks her to say what he wants to hear. Lakshmi says I….Vikrant comes there and calls Lakshmi. He forwards his hand. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi gives her another’s hand to Vikrant. Rishi leaves her hand. Vikrant lifts her and takes her from there. Rishi’s imagination ends. Ayush asks Shalu, if she is ready. Shalu says yes, lets do it. He says 1..2..3..Shalu looks at him. Ayush asks when will he say 3 and asks if she was thinking about kiss, and changes his words. He says I will say direct 3, and you shall kick Vikrant. Ayush says 3 and swirls…Shalu kicks Vikrant. Vikrant and Lakshmi are about to fall. Rishi leaves Malishka and holds Lakshmi from falling down from Vikrant’s arms. He holds Vikrant’s collar while holding hand. Lakshmi’s bangles break. Vikrant sees Rishi holding his collar.

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Neelam telling Lakshmi that it is good that you have understood that you have to go away from here, else you will be thrown out from here. She says just like you did engagement, do this mehendi rasam and marriage also, even if Rishi tries to stop you else everyone will doubt that you are influencing Rishi to stop the marriage. She asks her to marry Vikrant and leave from there silently. Karishma asks if you will marry or not? Neelam tells that she has no option, she has to marry else Lakshmi’s stay here will be over and her relation with the family members will also be over. Lakshmi feels bad and cries. Vikrant thinks I have exposed myself infront of Dadi, and I hit axe on my foot. Rishi says I don’t need to say anything, Vikrant expose himself. Dadi says she came to ask him, how is he? Rishi asks if you heard whatever Vikrant said, and tells that Vikrant has accepted his crimes with my mouth. Vikrant tries to clarify. Dadi asks him to let Rishi say. Rishi asks if she heard. Dadi says she didn’t hear anything. She asks why you was holding his collar. Rishi says Vikrant has accepted all his wrong doings. Vikrant says I came to ask about his health and he started threatening me. Dadi asks Rishi to end his misunderstandings. Vikrant says I will leave Dadi, and thinks he shall be careful. Dadi asks Rishi not to get angry and take out the misunderstanding from his mind. Rishi asks her to go from there. Vikrant comes to Malishka and says thanks, you didn’t tell anyone. Malishka says but I have proof and tells Saloni that she is Vikrant’s partner in crime. Saloni says what is sin for someone, it is good for others. She says vikrant is her husband and she will support him always. Malishka shows Rishi and her photo frame and tells that nothing shall happen to her.


Shalu and Bani ask Rano to stop the marriage. They tell her that Vikrant is not a good guy for Lakshmi. Rano says she will stop the marriage, but did they ask Lakshmi if she wants to do this marriage or not.

Malishka tells Vikrant that they shall not kill Rishi. Vikrant says then Rishi will not let him marry Lakshmi. Malishka says I don’t care if you marry Lakshmi or not. She says if you don’t kill Rishi, then I will get you marry Lakshmi, and Rishi will not stop your marriage. Vikrant says I just want to marry Lakshmi. Malishka says I just want Rishi. Bani tells that di is not agreeing. Rano says when Lakshmi has no problem then what we can do. She asks them to stop doubting Vikrant and says he is a good person and is selected by Neelam.

Vikrant and Saloni are about to go, after accepting Malishka’s deal. Malishka asks them to stop and says she will take their test their love. They agree to do whatever she says. Malishka shouts asking Saloni to slap Vikrant hard.

Rano tells them that Rishi had told that Vikrant is a good guy, then what happened wrong. She asks them to remember that Lakshmi wants to do this marriage.

Lakshmi is grinding the mehendi. Dadi asks Lakshmi, why she is doing wrong thing to grind the mehendi for her own hands. She says she will grind the haldi. Lakshmi says your hands will pain. Dadi insists. Lakshmi says I will massage your hands.

Vikrant asks why she will slap me? Saloni says she will not slap him. Malishka asks them to be thankful that she is not getting them slapped by the family members. She asks if you want one slap by Saloni, or wants to get beaten up by them and sent to jail. She blackmails them that she will send the video. She calls Rishi and tells Vikrant that he can’t even touch her, she has called Rishi and once she tells him the truth then his dream of marriage and Saloni’s dream of baby will be over. Vikrant gets angry and presses the smilie ball. Malishka says anger management, good. She says it is ringing and says Rishi can pick the call. Vikrant says ok. Malishka says the slap sound shall echo. Vikrant asks Saloni to slap him. Saloni slaps him and cries. They are angry at Malishka. Malishka says get out. They leave. Malishka tells that she will not leave anyone hurting him.

Saloni says sorry to Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to stay away from him for sometime, and tells that if Rishi comes infront of me, then I will kill him, as I was slapped because of him. Saloni says only I had slapped you, not others. Vikrant says he felt humiliated to be slapped by the girl on other girl’s sayings. He goes. Saloni thinks Rishi shall not come infront of her. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she had grinded mehendi for Karishma last time, but she is not getting the happiness. Ayush says you are not happy, as this mehendi is of the wrong person’s name. Dadi tells that everything shall be fine. Rishi comes infront of Vikrant. Saloni comes between them and asks Rishi, how is he? She asks him to get well soon as he has to do all the arrangements. Vikrant takes Saloni from there.

Lakshmi telling Rishi that she is getting married to Vikrant and she will get mehendi applies of his name. She asks him to leave her. Rishi refuses. She tickles him and he laughs. He tells that she knows that he feels the tickles and tells her that Vikrant and her marriage will never happens, as she only says that only Lakshmi Bhagya will happen. Vikrant comes home and gets angry. Saloni comes there and gives him stress ball, and asks him to slap her, but please relax. She says I love you and hugs him. She asks him to sit and goes to get water for him. Shalu tells Bani that today is Di’s mehendi and tomorrow will be marriage, says don’t know what will happen. Bani says they shall not lose hope. Saloni tells Vikrant that they shall wait till marriage happens, and then they will take revenge on Malishka. She tells that they will take revenge from Rishi and tells that they shall right now focus on our aim. He says yes, I can’t lose Lakshmi. Rano gets ready and asks Shalu and Bani, how she is looking? She says my lakshmi’s mehendi is today. She then warns them not to do any drama, so that the marriage breaks. Shalu says we are going to help jiju to break the marriage. Rano says Rishi is not your jiju. She says everyone likes Vikrant, just you both don’t like him. They leave.


Ayush comes to Rishi and says we have good idea to expose Vikrant. Rishi asks what? Ayush says he becomes sata savitra infront of everyone, and tells that they shall make him confess infront of everyone. Neelam comes there and tells that she likes to Ayush and Rishi supporting each other always, but you both shall not walk on the wrong way. Rishi says even you are walking on the wrong route, and taking Lakshmi along with you. Neelam asks Rishi and Ayush to leave the house till the function completes, and asks them not to do anything wrong. Ayush says we will stay at home. Neelam says she has already got much insulted infront of Vikrant’s family and tells that she can’t bear more. She asks them to promise. They promise that they will not do anything. Ayush goes to get ready. Neelam asks Rishi what he will do, if someone is behind his would be wife. Rishi says he will not leave him to do anything. Neelam reminds him that Lakshmi is Vikrant’s would be wife, and he has already bear so much, but until when he will be patient.

Karishma tells Virender that he shall stop the person doing the drama. Virender says nobody will do anything now. Karishma tells that Vikrant is bearing so much insult, otherwise Lakshmi is not beautiful that anyone will bear so much bad words. Virender tells Karishma that Neelam went to made them understand. Neelam comes there and tells that she has made them understand and tells that she don’t want marriage to stop anyways. Rano, Shalu and Bani comes there. Karishma asks Shalu and Bani to sit there itself and not to go up. Anjana and Saloni come there. Neelam says you are looking lovely. Virender asks about Vikrant. Anjana says Vikrant has gone to take gift for Lakshmi. Vikrant comes there and touches everyone’s feet. He says our marriage functions are starting today, so we need everyone’s blessings. Karishma and Virender praise his good values. Shalu tells Bani that Vikrant is doing a good acting. Bani says nobody can say that he is a bad guy. She says Di says that lie’s age is not long. Shalu hopes that the truth comes out soon.

Lakshmi thinks of Rishi’s words that nothing wrong can happen as it is her Lakshmi bhagya. Malishka comes there and says gorgeous and beautiful. She then tells Lakshmi that what she thought that she said this for her, and says she said it for herself. Lakshmi says she has much patience level. Malishka asks her not to plan to break marriage with gentleman like Vikrant, and says you got ready to marry Balwinder so soon. She says if you don’t get married, then you might not marry all life. She says you are here, and I have to wait for my marriage. She says you got Vikrant like guy, and he will keep you happy. She smiles thinking Saloni’s words and says he will not give you any pain. She asks Lakshmi if she likes Vikrant, and then says that her answer doesn’t matter. Lakshmi asks why you are asking then? Malishka says she will dance today, and asks her to marry Vikrant and leave from here. She says Rishi and I are made for each other, and we are best. She says even Vikrant and you are perfect Jodi. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi and his love confession.

Vikrant telling Rishi that he can’t break his marriage, as his lucky charm is with him, and tells that Lakshmi will fulfill all his wishes. He asks him to go from there, and says you will not agree to my sayings, but will agree to Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi to ask him from there. He says this house is yours, but Lakshmi is mine, and asks him not to come there. He tells that Lakshmi’s happiness lies with me, and asks him not to become hurdle in their way. He asks him to have some shame and stay away from Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi to stay away from him, and says what world will say. He insults Rishi so much. Lakshmi is shocked and sees Rishi teary eyes. Rishi says I am happy for both and goes. Vikrant thinks he will torture him more. Rishi comes to his room and thinks he stayed quiet because of Lakshmi. He thinks he can’t do anything, as Mom warned me. He thinks I will break his mouth if Vikrant says anything to me again. Lakshmi recalls Vikrant’s words and thinks why did he do this? She thinks Rishi didn’t say anything to him, then also he said so much to Rishi. She says I couldn’t say anything, and Vikrant was insulting Rishi, but why? She thinks he did wrong and hurt him very much. She says he didn’t just hurt Rishi, but me also. She comes to Rishi’s room and apologizes to him on Vikrant’s behalf. Rishi says you didn’t tell him anything or stopped him when he was telling me so much. Lakshmi asks what I could do?


Rishi says you would have slapped him tight, but you didn’t do. He says you should have atleast stopped him, and asks if she knows that he is hurt. Lakshmi says even I am hurt. Rishi says you are very worried for Vikrant and stayed quiet as he will feel bad. Lakshmi says I came to say sorry. Rishi says you came to say sorry on Vikrant’s behalf. He says I am just worried for you, and asks why did you stay silent. He says he is not right and trying to control you, and asks if you are a robot which he will control. He asks if you want to stay in his control and says such disgusted person is not good for you, and asks her to cancel this marriage. Lakshmi says why you ask always to cancel the marriage. Rishi says once you get married, then you can’t revolt and break the marriage. He says Vikrant’s first wife had come here and can’t say anything, as she is in his control. He asks Lakshmi to stay away from Vikrant. Lakshmi says she don’t want to argue on this. Rishi says even I don’t want to argue. He says there is just one opinion and that’s me, Vikrant is disgusted, cheap, bad person and asks her to agree to him and folds his hands. Lakshmi folds her hands and asks him to let her get married. Rishi says I love you and I am not lying. Lakshmi says that’s why you are lying. Lakshmi asks him to let her get married and go from here. Rishi says you are saying this, as you love Vikrant and he has become important for you. He asks him to say and cries. Lakshmi gets tears in her eyes too.