Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 7 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 7 April 2021

Disha sees Purab and shouts. She asks where did you go? Purab says you got out of the car. Hritik calls her and asks her to give a call to Purab. He then asks Purab to give her lift and tells Disha that he guarantees that Purab is a nice and married man. Disha says ok. Hritik thinks Disha started liking him. Disha and Purab look at each other. Halla song plays….They walk towards the car together.

Abhi thinking about Prachi’s mum and thinks of Vikram’s words that how can this happen that she couldn’t know that he is Mr. Mehra. He says he is not confused about Ms. Anuradha and thinks he talked to her via message and found her to be sorted and good. He thinks Vikram must have not told her intentionally and was enjoying her scoldings. He thinks why someone will bear the scolding and says only Pragya used to scold me. He thinks who is she and thinks to see her Display image on whatsapp. He sees nature’s pic and thinks she is a nature’s lover. He gets a call and says file is with Purab, and thinks where is he?

Purab asks where to drop? Disha says it is your favorite word. Purab says you left me, I didn’t leave you. Disha puts the sudden break and gets down from his car. Her dupatta get stuck in the car door and she tries to take it out. Purab comes out and says what do you think of me, that I am a goon who want to take your advantage. He says I just want to drop you to your home and asks her to see the place and says nobody is here, if something bad happens. Disha says what worse can happen now. Purab asks her to let him drop her and asks her to take out her anger next time, says let me drop you. She goes back to car and sits in it. Purab comes to car and sits, thanks her. He starts driving and thinks these emotions are getting them trapped. She says sorry for her behavior and says I was very angry that your good words seem bad to me. he says I understand. She says you don’t. he gives her tissue paper. Halla song plays…..

Aaliya says I hate this weather and says she don’t want to be late, gets stuck in the traffic. She sees Purab in car and thinks where is he going? She sees Disha in his car and thinks what she is doing in his car. She thinks it was Disha, but with Purab.

Shahana says Maasi has become broad minded. Prachi says Maa always surprises me and says she says that no work is bad, bad is just thinking. She says I love my mom. Shahaha says I love my Maasi. Prachi gets a call. Shahana asks her to sing lullaby for her boss. She sees Rhea’s call and gives call to Prachi. Prachi picks her call. Rhea says my reputation became bad today because of you, says my dad likes you so takes your name back from the competition. She says I did a mistake to call you, would have let you humiliated. She says it is her goodness that she called and says nobody has won from her before. Prachi says she will take part and don’t care about her victory. Shahana says Prachi will only win and then you will forget to wear fashionable clothes. Rhea warns her and ends the call. She says this madam don’t care about her reputation.

Hritik is waiting for Disha outside her house. Purab brings Disha there. Disha comes out of his car. Hritik asks Disha not to thank him for getting lift from Purab. He asks him to come out and thanks him for dropping Disha. Disha asks if you are done and asks him to come. Hritik asks Purab to come to Disha’s house and says he will make them have the best coffee. Aaliya sees them and gets angry.

In the house, Hritik tells Purab that Disha is rude, but she is not rude. He goes to make coffee. Purab asks Disha if she stays alone. Disha says did I ask you where you stay with Aaliya and says you are stranger and be that. He says you are not stranger to me. hritik calls her and asks for coffee, sugar. She gives him and asks what’s more. Hritik asks her to make coffee and says I know, but not tasty as you. He says sorry to Purab and says I will make you drink my coffee later. Purab gets jealous seeing Hritik with Disha. Disha senses his jealousy.

They come out. Hritik gives coffee to Purab. Disha says you had some work? Hritik tells Purab that he came to see if she reached or not. Disha gets a call and says wrong number. Purab offers to give lift to Hritik. Disha asks him to leave. Hritik says you are behaving as if he is your ex. Disha says she had no past. Hritik says he is not interested in relationship else would have..Purav says she is not your type. She shouts at them asking them to leave. They leave.

Pragya asks Sarita behen to have medicine. Sarita behen says you don’t love me and that’s why scolds me. She emotionally blackmails her and asks her to do as she says. Pragya asks what? Sarita behen says my shona..Triple M., My triple Mr. Mehra. Pragya says you give him names daily. Sarita behen says I want Mr. Mehra to invite for dinner and then you apologize to him. Pragya says I scolded Mr. Kohli. Sarita behen asks her to call Mr. Kohli also. Pragya says she will call Mr. Mehra and Mr. Kohli with their family. Sarita behen says they are rich and might not come with family. Pragya says she will invite and call them. Sarita behen thinks now they will meet, plan successful.

Pragya looking at Kiara’s pic and says Mamma misses you a lot, because you are very smart. You know what, now mamma is not upset with your Papa. Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic in the wallet and thinks even though he is angry on her, but not will get angry on her as he is in a good mood since few days. Pragya thinks she is not upset with him since few days and don’t want to hold him responsible for the happenings. Abhi thinks she forgives him for the mistake which he didn’t do and says it was a misunderstanding and says I will behave and do just as you say. Pragya says I want we shall not blame each other. Abhi thinks Pragya returns home, he starts day with her coffee and ends day seeing her. He says I miss you fuggi. Pragya says I miss you a lot and keeps pic in the cupboard.

Hritik tells Purab that he is having friendship with Disha from both the sides, she likes to insult me and I like to get insulted by her. Infact people in the office think that we are having an affair. Purab stops the car. Hritik says nothing is going on between us and tells that he is sure that someone broke her heart. Purab says I know. Hritik asks who? Purab says I was joking. Hritik gets down at his car.

Aaliya thinks how can Purab do this? She thinks Purab is an honest man, cares for me and thinks when he went to Disha’s house, someone else was with them. She wipes her tears and thinks she shall not think like this. Purab comes home. Aaliya gives him water and asks him to change his clothes. She says I will take out your night dress. Purab says I will take. Aaliya thinks if he will tell me about Disha, or shall I ask him. She asks how was his day? Purab says it was normal. Aaliya asks are you sure? Purab asks what happened? Aaliya says weather was bad, when I saw the news then I got worried and called you, but can’t get through. Purab says I came out of office late.

Pragya thinks of Sarita behen’s words and thinks to invite Mr. Mehra for lunch. She messages him and says I think you came to know what mistake did I do? He reads, smiles and replies that you think right. Pragya messages you might be thinking that how much I am stupid. Abhi says I think we shall meet once. He thinks we don’t know each other. Pragya messages inviting him and Mr. Kohli to lunch with their families. Abhi messages that they shall meet at the restaurant. Pragya invites Mr. Kohli and Mr. Mehra’s families for lunch at her house. Abhi thinks why did I think that she will meet me alone and thinks she is a nice woman and accepts the lunch invitation, writes I will like you and then erases it and thanks her. Pragya thanks him for accepting her lunch invitation and says goodnight. Abhi thinks so soon and then thinks she is not my friend to talk all night. Allah wariyan plays….

Aaliya thinks to talk to Purab about disha. She gets a call and says she has canceled the meeting. She thinks to her from his mouth and thinks if he is hiding from him, thinks she shall not let him do anything.


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