Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 8 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 8 April 2021

Aaliya comes to Disha’s house. Disha thinks Purab came and opens the door calling him. Aaliya is at the door and says I came, but not Purab ji. Disha asks why did you come? Aaliya says I saw you with Purab and says you shall understand about the relation, shall remember that he is my husband, not yours. Disha says if you came to discuss the personal matters then please return and if you came to meet me then you are most welcome.

Aaliya says don’t be over-friendly, we can’t be friends. Disha says I don’t want to be your friend. Aaliya asks her to stay away from her husband. Disha says it is good for you that you know. Aaliya says this thing will be very costly for you. Disha says Purab is your husband, why you are feeling insecure. She says you saw Purab with me in the car and that’s why getting insecure. Aaliya says you can’t be with him. Disha says you can’t control my life or his life and says I can see insecurity in your eyes. She says this thing happens with everyone and asks do you remember. Aaliya says I trust my husband. Disha says do you think that house breaker is standing infront of you and tells that he drops me to office, takes him back home, take care of my medicines and food, calls him every 2 hours. Aaliya shouts. Disha says this thing happens, my husband was snatched by another woman. Aaliya shouts and says Purab will not cheat me. Disha says human don’t forget his love, but keeps it hidden and says when that person comes infront of him, feelings get developed. She says Purab ji has developed feelings for me and you can’t do anything.

Abhi asking Purab to thank him for waking up so late in night for him. Purab thanks him. Abhi asks

t do you want to say? Purab says nothing, just like that. Abhi asks him to tell when he asked first and not to have footage. Purab says there is nothing. Abhi says nobody can understand the complexities of relationship and asks him to say. Purab says I am feeling alone. Abhi asks why? He asks him to tell what is in his heart and says it will blast with emotions, let it flow. Purab says I have so much, but I am scared of lose something. Abhi says you are saying in short form. Purab says will you not tell anyone. Abhi says nobody can come between brothers. Abhi says I feel that you met Disha. Purab says I feel that I want to spend my life with her. Abhi says if you think that you shall spend time with her, and says I will handle here and Aaliya. Purab says I want to, but I can’t do this. I want to stay with Disha, but can’t leave Aaliya. He says he is at the complex way. Abhi asks him to take a decision. Purab says I couldn’t take off Hritik from my hand. Abhi asks if he like her, seems like there is some connection of Hritik with her. He says you might leave everything for Disha. Prachi comes to Pragya’s room and finds her sleeping. She takes the books and it falls from her hand. She picks the books. The window opens and abhi’s pic flies away. Prachi closes the window and keeps the books, thinks if the pic is of her childhood.

Purab asks Abhi why do you think that I will leave everyone. Abhi says you feel alone when everyone is with you and we all love you. He says your heart is sad. He says you are afraid that hritik might like Disha. He says we can’t bear someone else in the person’s life whom we love. He says may be your worry might be permanent, as far I know her, she will not let anyone come in her life. Purab gets worried. Abhi asks what is the reason to stay with Aaliya? He asks Aryan. Purab recalls doctor telling him to take care of Aaliya and says yes. Abhi asks him not to lie when he can’t and says there may be some reason and tells that he is going to sleep and will have a heavy head. He asks Abhi not to tell anyone. Abhi says he will not tell Aaliya knowing how she will react. Purab thinks she might try to commit suicide if she comes to know this.

Aaliya comes to room and calls Purab’s name. She thinks of Disha’s words and cries. She calls him and throws the phone on bed. She says you can’t do this with me and cries. She says you can’t snatch my Purab from me. Disha is standing near the window and thinks why did she tell all those lies. She thinks to call Aaliya and apologize. She then thinks Aaliya will take wrong about her forgiveness and hates herself. She thinks Aaliya made her behave like her and thinks it happened, so bad.

Prachi picks the pic and keeps on the table without seeing it. She closes the window and looks for the pic, but it flies with air and goes under the table. Pragya wakes up. Prachi tells her that she covered her with blanket and asks her, asks shall I sleep here, and sleeps in her room.

Aaliya comes to Purab and asks why you was not picking my call. Purab says phone was there, so I didn’t hear the ring. She cries. Purab asks what happened? She says something went in her eye. Purab says I will take it out and blows on her eye. Aaliya cries. He asks if something really went in your eye or…She cries and hugs him. He asks what happened? Aaliya asks when Disha was crying, then did you hug her too. Purab is shocked. Aaliya says you met Disha behind my back and went to her house. Purab says you are thinking wrong. Aaliya says you are sounding as I am doubting you unnecessarily. She says you are cheating on me. Purab says enough Disha. Aaliya says truth came on your mouth and says truth is for Disha and lie for me. Purab tries to talk to her. She leaves.

Later someone jumps in Ranbir’s room at night through the window. Ranbir picks the bat to hit him. Aryan says will you beat me? Ranbir switches on the lights and asks why did he come secretly in his room, says he got scared. He says did you go to your girlfriend’s house like this. Aryan says girlfriend come these days. He says he was not getting sleep as Shahana scolded him much. Ranbir says you are my brother and nobody can scold you. He asks him to get water. Aryan says I am not thirsty. Ranbir says I will die in it. Aryan says I was about to scold her, but she ended the call. Ranbir asks him to call her now. Aryan takes Ranbir’s call to call Shahana. Ranbir says it is my phone. Aryan says my mom loves me a lot and gifted me phone on her birthday. Ranbir says so nice and asks him to bring his phone. Aryan goes.

Aaliya is going out at night. Purab stops her and asks where is she going? Aaliya asks if he will not call her Disha again. Purab stopping Aaliya and asks where are you going, weather is bad. Aaliya says Aaliya…Purab recalls his conversation with Disha. Disha thinks about Purab and thinks he never wanted to be with her and gave all her rights to someone else, now she is all alone and has no happiness, with whom to share the pain or the happiness, she don’t have anyone except Pragya di. She thinks Pragya di, I need you. She calls her and cries. Pragya picks the call and asks why are you crying? She asks her to come to her house else she will come there. She asks her to come. Disha cries. Pragya ends the call. Aryan calls Shahana from his phone. Ranbir asks him to scold her much. Aryan says she didn’t pick the call and might be sleeping. Ranbir asks him to call her. Aryan says if she don’t hear me then. Ranbir says first act like praising her and then scold her continuously. Aryan asks how? Ranbir says I will help you write it. Aryan writes Om first and says Dad used to write it as it is auspicious.

Aaliya walks on the road thinking about Disha’s words and comes infront of the car, but Purab comes and holds her at the right time. Aryan hugs him and cries. Disha is going from there, looks at them and goes. Aryan writes and shows to Ranbir.

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