Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 3 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 3 August 2021

Prachi says sir. He gets teary eyes. Prachi asks why are you crying and asks about Rhea. He keeps his hand on his face. Prachi asks did my mom meet you? Abhi nods yes and says she met me and was angry too, it was justified. Prachi says I hurt you unintentionally, I really don’t know that Rhea and Ranbir and says sorry. Abhi asks her not to say sorry. Prachi says I hurt you though. Abhi says forget all that, which gives us pain and says after so many years…Prachi says I told my Maa whatever you told me, what to do I was hurt and don’t hide anything from my Maa. Abhi says I hurt you a lot and says her to say truth. Prachi nods her head and says yes. She says nobody told me like this. She says I can forget everything, but I can’t forget one thing when you said that if my Papa would have been with me then he would have felt ashamed. She says I don’t have my Papa, but I have my mother. She says it is good that I don’t have my Papa, as I have my mother who gave me both father and mother’s love. She stops the auto. Abhi says I will drop you and asks where she wants to go. Prachi says City hospital and sits in his car. Abhi asks why she is going to City hospital. Prachi says she is going there to meet Maa. Abhi thinks Pragya must have gone to meet Rhea. He asks if your mom told you anything. Prachi says no. Abhi thinks he has to depend on Pragya to tell her about him, and don’t want his relationship to end before its start.

Aaliya thinking about Abhi’s words for Pragya and tells that heart attack, heart failure are normal issues, major issue is heart relations. She thinks she told Bhai so much about Pragya, but he has still soft corner for Pragya. She thinks she has just one trump card Rhea and thinks to ask Aryan to make her talk to Rhea, so that the latter thinks only she loves and cares for her. Aryan tells that he came out to have food. Aaliya scolds him for leaving Rhea. Aryan tells that Ranbir is there and calls him. Ranbir tells that he couldn’t talk to Rhea as she is unconscious due to injection. He tells that even Prachi’s mom came and couldn’t speak to her.

Aryan says ok and calls Aaliya. He informs her the same thing. Aaliya gets shocked knowing that Pragya had gone to meet Rhea, she thinks she will not let her meet Rhea. Abhi calls beti to Prachi. Prachi asks what did you say? She asks him to stop the car and says she wants to get down here. Abhi stops the car. Prachi thanks him. Abhi says I hurt you. Prachi thinks sir is very hurt because of Maa’s words, I don’t want to trouble him more. Abhi says you wanted to go to City hospital. Prachi says no. She starts walking and thinks I heard him calling me beti and thinks he is the world’s best father. She falls down. Abhi runs to her worriedly and says nothing can hide from parents, says I am …father and stops. Prachi thinks even Maa gets panics when I am in trouble. A fb is shown. He gets concerned for her injured hand. Prachi tells that he has hurt her mother so much. She says she has never seen her father and tells that she wished to have a father like him, but she didn’t try to snatch him from her. She says you didn’t say right that he would have been ashamed of me. Abhi says your Papa will be proud of you, I am proud of you. He says take care and gets teary eyes.

Prachi starts walking again. He sits in the car and goes.. Aaliya comes to the road near the hospital and sees Pragya. Prachi also comes there and looks at Pragya. Pragya sees Prachi. Aaliya thinks I couldn’t stop her from meeting Rhea, but I will stop her from meeting Prachi. She recalls Pragya and her conversation and thinks to kill Pragya like she tried to kill Prachi using Rhea. Prachi sees the speedy car coming towards Pragya and asks her to move. Pragya looks at Prachi and thinks of Aaliya’s words. Abhi also comes there in his car and sees the speedy car about to hit Pragya. Prachi falls down, gets up and runs to save her. Abhi drives the car and stops the car protecting Pragya.

Aaliya’s car hits Abhi’s car. She runs away seeing Abhi. Abhi gets down the car and thinks the car is like Aaliya’s car. Prachi goes to get water for him and says when parents get hurt then children come to know. She goes. Pragya asks why did he save her? Abhi says if I had not saved you then I would have died right here.

Rhea apologizes to Ranbir. Ranbir says I didn’t know that you will take my words seriously. Rhea tells that they are childhood friends and asks him to promise that he will not stop talking to her. She says I can’t afford to go away from you and asks him to promise her. Ranbir says I will not stop talking to you, but I need your help. Rhea asks if you need my life. Ranbir says I want your help and says mom and dad think that Prachi came in between us, and asks can she explain to them. Rhea tells that they can talk this in home and asks her to take her home. Ranbir says I will go and get your discharge done. Rhea says I will also come with you. Ranbir says ok and takes her with him. She thinks thank God, you are not gone far from me. She thinks my Ranbir is with me and I will not get away from you. Ranbir thinks I can’t live without Prachi, as I gave her place in my life and heart. Aaliya comes home and thinks Bhai must have seen me, thinks she got out of control seeing Pragya. She thinks both Pragya and Prachi are problem creators.

Pragya asking Abhi to see on the road and says just now accident happened, we can get hurt. Abhi says sorry. He then stops the car. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi says your home came and asks if she wants to go somewhere else. Pragya says no and gets down. Prachi asks Abhi to come and have tea, says she makes nice tea. She says she will apply him antiseptic on his injury. She then thanks him for saving her Maa. Abhi says no problem. Prachi says lets drink tea, it will be fun. Pragya says you will not get tea and asks her to go silently to Rhea. Abhi asks what is your problem? Pragya says problem is that. Prachi comes out and asks him to come. Abhi says why she is calling me Sir, can’t she call me papa. He gets inside the house. Pragya thinks until the difference between the two daughters are settled down, I don’t want them to know about each other.

Rhea comes back home with Ranbir. Aaliya says Rhea has come. Dadi says she will be fine and asks about Abhi. Ranbir says he was in the factory. Rhea tells that she was not feeling well and was disturbed feeling someone who was not there so asked him to take me home. Pallavi says you both have good bonding since childhood, who will bring you if not Ranbir. Aaliya thinks to ask Abhi to come. Pallavi says their Jodi is good as Ranbir is taking Rhea from there. Mitali asks if he agreed? Pallavi says yes and thinks his Jodi is not good with middle class Prachi.

Sarita behen calls prachi and asks where is she? Prachi says they have come home and asks her to come home. Sarita behen says I will pull your ears after coming home. Aaliya calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. She asks where are you? Abhi says I am with Pragya and my daughter, will come in sometime. Aaliya ends the call. Abhi gets doubtful that the car was of Aaliya. Prachi asks him to sit and says she will make tea. Pragya says he has important work and have to go. Abhi says he wants coffee, if he don’t drink it then Prachi will feel bad. Pragya looks on.

Rhea stares Ranbir. Ranbir asks why is she staring at him. Rhea says I like you. Ranbir says you like bahadur also. Rhea says she likes him as he does all her work. aaliya thinks everything is normal between them, if Bhai comes to know that Rhea came in between Ranbir and Prachi then everything will be abnormal. Pragya asks Abhi to come out. Abhi asks what are you doing now. Pragya says Prachi is hurt and I don’t want her to know the truth now. Abhi says she is very happy. Pragya asks what do you want to know? Abhi tells that he wants to meet his daughter. Pragya says their meeting is not in destiny. Abhi asks her not to force him to think the same thing about her like others. She asks what do you think about me? Pragya says I don’t want her to know that you are her father. Abhi says you are taking revenge from me for which happened 20 years ago. He says you have decided that you will not let me meet my daughter and she said that you will never get pain less from my life. Pragya says she knows well how Aaliya is, she never wanted us to unite. Pragya says she don’t want Prachi to feel bad, as she don’t want her to feel that she became waitress on her birthday in her Papa’s house. She says she will feel bad that her sister accused her for theft. Abhi says I didn’t know about her being my daughter. She says you are seeing your happiness and says she will question us, why did we get separated? Abhi says you left home.

Pragya says yes, but she will ask why you didn’t search her. Abhi says I will tell her all the truth. Pragya tells that Prachi has no strength to understand all this and asks him to give her some time. Abhi says he is waiting for this day since 20 years for their union, but you are stopping this union. Pragya says you are not seeing the future and says I am not going to tell her my daughter. Abhi says she is my daughter too. Pragya says yes, but I brought her up and kept her away from all negativity. She says if the truth is known to her then don’t know what will happen? Abhi says I understood and tells that you wanted to hurt me and that’s why tried to separate Ranbir and Rhea, using Prachi. He says but I saved Rhea and you couldn’t bear this and want to keep me away from my daughter. He asks do you have any idea what I go through, when she is calling me Sir, rather than papa. He says you felt that Kiara went away from your life because of me and that’s why you want Prachi to stay away from my life.

Pragya says you can think whatever you want and tells that she will bear his insults to save her daughter’s pain. She asks him to go. Abhi says my daughter…my daughter….so its ok, she is your daughter only and Rhea is my daughter. He says he won’t let her meet Rhea. Pragya thinks she loves him and says I love you. Abhi thinks his love will never get less and thinks I love you. He walks towards the car and looks at her. Pragya stands in shock hearing his words and looks at him. He turns and looks at her. It shows their souls come out of their bodies and hug each other emotionally. He sits in the car to leave.

Ranbir bringing Rhea to her room. Rhea asks him to help her with the pillows and says she still has burning sensation in her fingers. Ranbir keeps pillows behind her back and asks if she is feeling better. He says this is your home only. Aaliya comes there and asks Rhea to have medicine and goes. Rhea smiles looking at her. Ranbir asks her to have the medicine, but she refuses. He makes her have medicine and says I need to talk to you about something important. He says I am trying to talk to you since 2 days and says our parents have talked about our relation. She asks him to switch off the lights. Ranbir switches off the lights and tries to speak again. He then asks her to sleep and says he will talk to her later. Rhea holds his hand and tells that she is scared and asks him to sit at her bedside until she sleeps. Ranbir says you are acting like kids after coming from hospital. He asks her to close her eyes and count till 100. Rhea closes her eyes. Ranbir reminisces Prachi, covers blanket on Rhea and leaves from there. Rhea is pretending to be asleep and thinks he cares for me. She thinks she wants to spend her life with him.

Abhi is on the way. Some goons are standing on the way and tell that they have to kidnap Abhishek Mehra who will go from here. Abhi finds a lady on the road and gets down to help her. He is shocked to see the man in saree. Other goons come there and hold Abhi. Abhi asks who are you? They tell that they are distressed people troubled by the society and plans to get ransom from his family. Abhi says you have chosen the wrong guy and beats him. He is about to go when the goon keeps knife on Abhi’s neck. Bhaskar Shetty comes there in his car and beats up the goons heroically. Abhi asks if he is the same Bhaskar Shetty. Bhaskar Shetty promotes his show on altbalaji.

Aaliya thinks why Bhai is not picking my call and thinks if he is bringing Pragya and her daughter. Mitali hears her and gets shocked. She says we had taunt her a lot and says she will make us Servants. Aaliya says I will give you work list. She says I said that may be he is bringing them. Mitali asks if Abhi met them. Abhi comes there. Aaliya asks if he came from Pragya’s house. Abhi asks her not to take her name and tells that he has broken all relations with her. He says he don’t want to hear her name again. Aaliya thinks she was scared unnecessarily.

Abhi comes to his window. Pragya also comes to the window. They think about their argument. Allah wariyan plays…..They both think about each other. Pragya thinks they used to feel happy, now feeling pain to talk about staying away. Abhi thinks how to stay away from them. Pragya thinks he don’t want to understand her. Abhi gets angry. Aaliya thinks until Pragya doesn’t come in his love, then everything will work as planned. She thinks Bhai will never go against my plan for Rhea. She thinks he can’t get back with Pragya and thinks lets celebrate Dussera.

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