Twist Of Fate Monday Update 2 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 2 August 2021

Aaliya blames Pragya for not remembering Rhea and not coming to meet her. Pragya says where I would have come? Aaliya we go to meet the one, whom we love. She says you don’t know about our house. Abhi asks what are you saying? Aaliya says she knew where we stay and also knew that Rhea is your daughter. She says Pragya must have thought Abhi will come to take her, but he didn’t go to bring her and her anger increases with years.

She returned but didn’t come to meet him. She says Bhai’s anger comes and goes, but Pragya’s anger is strong and tells that she was taking revenge from Abhi, by not meeting Rhea. She tells that Bhai takes out anger and says you was taking revenge from Bhai and Prachi was taking revenge from Rhea. She says she didn’t let Rhea arrested when she did her accident. Pragya says she don’t want to spoil her life. Aaliya goes on blaming Pragya and Prachi. Pragya says Prachi didn’t know that Rhea is her sister. Aaliya asks didn’t you search Rhea on social media and asks didn’t you ever check about Prachi’s office employer. She says didn’t you know when you came to our home for catering on Diwali Day. She asks didn’t you see Bhai performing. Pragya says I saw him, but didn’t know that it was his house. Abhi says Pragya was not knowing. Aaliya emotionally blackmails him and tells that Rhea tried to commit suicide because of Prachi. Pragya says Prachi is innocent. Aaliya says you are saying one girl guilty and other girl innocent. Pragya says I didn’t come for revenge. Aaliya asks why did you come here? Didn’t you know that we stay in Delhi. Pragya says I did know and that’s why I told Prachi….Aaliya says you got her ready against us.

Aaliya blaming Pragya telling that when she came to know that who is Rhea, she planned revenge. Abhi says it is enough and asks her to stop it. Aaliya says I won’t be quiet and shouts security. Abhi asks what are you going to do? Aaliya says whenever you tried to stop me, you was hurt and calls the security and asks her to throw her out. Abhi asks security to stop. Aaliya asks Pragya to just go from here and their lives. Pragya says I will not go, Rhea is my daughter. Aaliya says Rhea hates you, if you love her a bit, then why you want to burn Rhea in your revenge fire. Abhi asks her to stop it. Aaliya asks her to go out and asks security guard to break her legs if she refuses to go. Abhi raises his hand to slap Aaliya, but Pragya stops him. Aaliya says you have stopped bhai from slapping me, but you might be happy inside. She says Rhea’s condition is very bad and I can’t see her in this condition. She blames her for rhea’s condition, says I love her very much. Even though she is saved, but can’t get saved from your revenge. She asks Pragya why she doesn’t understand destiny and says if you both will unite then destruction will happen, if you are destined to be together then you wouldn’t have separated from him. She asks her to give her price for Rhea’s upbringing and asks her to go. Pragya gets shocked. Abhi says she is Rhea’s mother and asks why will she go? He says you have no right to tell her anything, even if I tell her anything. Pragya walks out from there. Aaliya calms down seeing her leaving. Abhi doesn’t see her leaving.

Pragya walks out in shock. The security guard closes the door. She recalls Aaliya’s words and her moments with Rhea. She recalls Aaliya blaming Prachi. Abhi says you will not say anything against her. He turns and sees her gone. Aaliya says she is gone, let her go. He says I won’t let her go away from my life. Aaliya asks if he can bear Rhea going away from him. Abhi says he will handle Rhea. Aaliya says she tried to take revenge from Rhea. Abhi says just like I didn’t know about Prachi, she doesn’t know about Rhea. Aaliya gives example and tells that you are famous and she can easily find about Rhea. She asks if Pragya asked about Rhea. Abhi tells that she has asked casually without taking her name. Aaliya says Pragya wants to take revenge from you for Kiara’s death. She says when a person wants revenge then he can do anything for it, that’s what has happened.

Ranbir thinks to convince Rhea for Prachi and his marriage and thanks Aryan for his support. Pragya walks on the road and thinks of Rhea’s sad words. Prachi calls Pragya. Pragya is standing in the middle of the road and picks the call. She says Rhea is my….Prachi couldn’t hear her and asks why are you so worried hearing the traffic sound. Pragya sits in the taxi to go to hospital.

Abhi searches for Pragya in his company and thinks of Aaliya’s words. He recalls Aaliya’s provocative words. He asks the security guard. The lady security guard tells that she has left. Aaliya thinks he is still caring for her even after hearing so much. Abhi thinks nobody can stop after hearing so much, and she is Pragya.

Driver asks Pragya why is she crying? Pragya says she is going to meet her daughter after 20 years. He asks didn’t you meet her before. She says I met her, but didn’t know about her being my daughter. Prachi tells Sarita behen that Maa is in trouble and she has to go there. She runs from there. Rhea tells that she wants to go home, but Nurse gives her injection and asks her to relax. Rhea says she don’t want injection and gets unconsciousness due to the injection effect. Pragya comes there and sees Rhea’s condition. She recalls their moments and kisses on her forehead.

Pragya cries and thinks she is bad to leave her alone. She says I know that you can’t forgive me, but get up to scold me once. She says I will atleast hear Maa from your mouth in your scolding. Abhi thinks Aaliya crossed her limits and it is good that I have scolded her. He thinks why did Pragya leave, I was taking her side. He thinks she must have gone home, I shall go there. She must have told Prachi that I am her Papa. I shall go there and apologize to Prachi, shall tell her that she can call me Papa. He thinks I will tell her with rights that I am her Papa. He thinks he shall apologize to Prachi and thinks he has done mistake. He thinks Pragya must have told her, but I want to tell her and see a smile on her face.

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