Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 26 May 2020


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 26 May 2020

Abhi thinking Dadi isn’t saying anything about Pragya. He thinks Dadi trusts his sayings. He thinks they will have go separate ways. He tries to look at Pragya. Nurse clicks his photo. Abhi signs her not to. Abhi signs at Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya come there. Abhi asks them not to spoil their mood. Aaliya says, we just came to checked on Pragya. Abhi says, Dadi won’t allow her to enter the house. I told her truth to Dadi. Aaliya says, I didn’t think Dadi will know it so soon. She will be out soon. Abhi says, Pragya don’t deserve to be in. Tanu says, I know you won’t come in her talks. Aaliya says, Tanu was doubting you. Tanu hugs Abhi.

Beeji tells Dadi that operation have started and taking time. Dadi says, all the staff members is working because of Abhi. Purvi tells Dadi that she will go to temple and asks her to give Pragya’s phone to Pragya. Beeji says, I will also come with her. Bulbul asks Purab to give his phone. She says, she will talk to Pragya. Pragya’s phone ring. Dadi looks at her phone and sees Purab’s number. She recalls Abhi’s words that Pragya helped Purab to elope from the wedding altar.

Pragya thinks what I will tell to maa after she gains consciousness. I can live with her now but have to tell her the truth. Don’t know what to do. She sees Ganapati idol and goes to pray. Abhi comes there and tells God that he won. He tells Ganapati that you stopped supporting Pragya. I won’t have faith on you. She tells that their story will end tonight. Nurse comes and tells them that Dadi is calling them. Abhi asks Pragya to come for acting. Abhi comes to Dadi.

Dadi asks where is Pragya. Pragya comes and sits beside her. Hare Ram Hare Krishna plays……..Tanu and Aaliya look for Abhi and enquire with a nurse. She tells them that Dadi called them. Aaliya says, Dadi might have called them as she comes to know the truth. Dadi tells Pragya that you hide a big truth from me. Abhi asks, what? Dadi says, I won’t talk to you. Dadi says, I loved you like my daughter and you hide this truth from me. Abhi says, we thought about you. Aaliya comes there and asks Abhi to let Dadi scold Pragya. Abhi says, I am concerned about Dadi.

Dadi gets up and tells Pragya that I don’t expect this from you. Firstly you hide the truth and now lowering your eyes. Pragya is about to tell something, but Dadi hugs her saying I came to know the truth. You have suffered alone. No one can be a good bahu than you. Abhi, Tanu and Aaliya are shocked.

Dadi tells you didn’t tell anyone about your pain. You went through the troubles alone. Abhi says, she helped Purab to elope from the wedding altar. Dadi says, I didn’t know what you heard or know. Aaliya says, she is responsible for my condition. Dadi says, you are blinded. You blinded Abhi and he is ready to break his marriage with Pragya. She says, truth can never hide. Pragya is not responsible for Aaliya’s condition. Purab and Bulbul are responsible for it. She says, she talked to them.

A flashback is shown. She tells them that Bulbul talked to her and asked about Sarla. She told me that she is responsible for Abhi and Pragya’s relation in trouble. Dadi asks her, whether Pragya helped Purab. Bulbul tells her the truth. Dadi is shocked. Dadi tells Abhi that this is truth. You accused your wife without thinking. She tells Abhi that Pragya went to meet Purab to agree him to marry Aaliya. She sacrificed her sister’s love for your sister. Abhi says, he won’t trust her.

Bulbul tells Purab that Dadi thinks wrong about Pragya because of him. She gets worried about Pragya and Sarla. She says, I will go and tells the truth to everyone. Purab stops her and says Aaliya and Tanu want to throw Pragya out of the house.

Purab tells her that their thinking won’t change. Bulbul says, you are scared of them. I will go and won’t allow anything wrong happen to my sister. Purab holds her hand to stop her. Bulbul slaps him hard. Dadi tells Abhi that if a woman is quiet then that doesn’t mean she is guilty. She knows how to love and sacrifice. Abhi says, I trusts you dadi. Dadi asks him to apologize to Bulbul. Abhi is shocked.

Bulbul tells Purab that you are thinking about you only. She asks him to leave her. She says, I can’t leave my family for you. She says, my sister is in problem because of me. I won’t let her relation break because of me. She calls him selfish. Purab says, I am not selfish. I wants to safe you from them. He hugs her emotionally and says he is concerned about her. His love is his weakness. I will take you there now itself and asks her to stop crying. He goes out. Bulbul cries.

Abhi refuses to apologize to Pragya. Dadi says, I knew that you can’t prove. Abhi says ok. He shakes his hand with Pragya and says her sorry. He then hugs her. Aaliya and Tanu goes angrily. Do Dil Mil Jaate Hain plays……………….Abhi hugs her tightly. Pragya calls for Dadi. Abhi leaves her.

Bulbul waking up in the morning. Purab comes and tells her that he got the mechanic who repaired his car. Bulbul hugs him and says sorry. She says I love you very much and asks him to understand her situation. Purab assures her that everything will be fine. Bulbul cries.

Abhi recalls Dadi’s words for Pragya that no one can be good than her. He looks at Pragya and pushes the vase on the ground intentionally. Pragya gets shocked. Abhi asks her, can you repair it. Purvi comes and tells them that Sarla got consciousness. Abhi says, it is good. I have done an acting infront of Beeji but can’t act infront of Sarla. Pragya goes to see Sarla.

Mitali gets her kids ready to go to school. They say they are bored of parathas and wants to eat pastries and cold drinks. Mitali gives them money and asks them to have food of their choice. Raj asks why you are spoiling them. Mitali asks her kids to go. They leaves. Raj asks, why did you gave them money? Mitali says they are our kids. Raj says, they will get spoiled. Mitali laughs and asks him to give her 500 Rs. Raj says he don’t have. Mitali says, I have to go to parlour and asks him to get money for her.

Aaliya and Tanu walk out from the hospital angrily. Tanu tells her that Pragya is very smart and cunning and changed her defeat into victory. Aaliya says, I knows how much Bhai hates her. I have seen hatred in his eyes. Our plans are failing badly. We have to think something big.

Pragya comes to Sarla. Sarla is relieved to see her. She asks, about her family. Pragya says, no one is angry with me. Sarla says, you are hiding something from me. She insists to talk to Abhi. Pragya says, Abhi is here. I will ask him to talk to you. Sarla says, I wants to talk to him and asks is everything fine between you both. Abhi comes and says nothing is well between us. I am very angry on your daughter. Pragya turns and looks at him.

Purab is driving the car while Bulbul is crying. Abhi tells Sarla that he is angry with Pragya as she brought you here in this hospital which lacks good facilities and doctors. Sarla asks, Pragya must have been tensed. I taught them not to spend much. I am fine. I am happy to see you together. She asks him not to get angry with Pragya. Abhi says, I will leave. Pragya tells Sarla that everything is fine.

Bulbul gets down at the hospital. Purab says, we shall not meet your mum now. Aaliya and Tanu see them and are angry. Bulbul says, what is happening to me. I am feeling so helpless and hugs him. Aaliya gets very much annoyed. She says, she will kill them.

Doctor tells Abhi that it was a mild attack. She will be fine. He tells him that second attack is very dangerous and asks him to keep it in mind. Abhi gets tensed. Pragya thanks him.

Tanu says no Aaliya. Bulbul tells Purab to let her meet her mum once. Purab says ok. Aaliya tries to hit Purab and Bulbul with her car. However they escape the attack. Aaliya gets down her car and asks why you did this with me. Why did you betrayed me and Bhai. Since when you know her? We are childhood friends. Did you forget the promise made to Bhai. She asks him to look at her and says she is Rockstar Abhi’s sister and she is middle class sister of Pragya. Bulbul tells her that you don’t have right to speak badly about me. She asks Purab to come.

Aaliya says, she has the right. She accuses her family. Bulbul says, you are out of your mind. Aaliya says, I am going to kill you. She attacks Bulbul. Purab asks her to leave Bulbul. He tells her that Bulbul is not at fault. Purab slaps her hard. Aaliya is shocked. Purab tells her that it was his decision not to marry her. Aaliya says, you slapped me. Purab says, you have gone mad. Aaliya says, I will kill you both. Tanu holds Aaliya and asks Purab to go. Purab and Bulbul leaves in his car. Tanu asks Aaliya to calm down.

Dadi and her sister come to see Sarla. Dadi’s sister try to cheer up Sarla. Dadi says, we will take you to our home. Sarla refuses. Dadi says, I can cal my daughter to my house naa. She asks Abhi, do you have any problem. Abhi says no. He invites her home and thinks he can’t act for 2 mins. Pragya gets worried thinking what will happen if he tells the truth to Sarla.

Dadi asks Abhi to talk to doctor. Beeji tells Dadi that she wants to take care of Sarla.

Aaliya and Tanu come inside the hospital. Aaliya acts madly. She tells Tanu that they will be punished. She says she will tell Bulbul’s mother about her. Tanu tries to stop her saying Sarla was operated just now. Aaliya says, let her die. They shall be punished. Abhi stops her. Aaliya says, she wants to talk to Sarla. She says she wants to take revenge from Pragya and Bulbul. Abhi stops her. Aaliya tells her she saw Purab and Bulbul together. They hug each other. I beat Bulbul and Purab slapped me. Abhi listens to her carefully. Aaliya says, I won’t leave them so easily. Abhi comforts her.

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