Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 27 May 2020


Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 27 May 2020

Pragya. She tells Beeji that she will come home to take care of Sarla. Beeji says, I will take care of Sarla well. This is not good for you to think about Sarla now. Abhi explained everything to Sarla that all is well between you both. She asks her to concentrate on her house. Pragya says but…Beeji says, Sarla will go to her sasural and you will go to yours. She goes to get discharge slip with Purvi. Akash speaks to someone and talks about 10 Lakhs rupees. His mom asks him to give 5000 Rs. Akash asks, if Bhai comes to know about it. His mom asks him to give. Mitali thinks Mummy got the money. I shall ask Raj to try. She pats her feet on Akash’s feet. Akash says, it is mine. Mitali says sorry. Raj leaves. Mitali asks money from her mum in law. She refuses to give money and asks her to get money from Raj or her mum. ‘

Purab tells Bulbul that he knows Aaliya well. He says, this Aaliya would have killed you. What’s wrong with you. She can’t change. Bulbul says, she overreacted as her marriage is broken. Purab says, she is not normal girl. She is crazy. She wants to marry me as she can’t accept defeat. Bulbul says, it doesn’t mean that we shall do anything wrong. Purab says, once we get married, Aaliya will forget me. Bulbul pleads him to drop her home. Purab says ok.

Beeji brings Sarla home. Sarla sits down on the sofa. Beeji tells Sarla that we shall thank God. She praises Abhi and tells that Abhi called the doctor. Sarla looks on emotionally. Beeji says, Pragya is very lucky. Abhi hugged and consoled her. Purvi smiles. Beeji says, you likes news which will make you tensed.

Purvi says, I saw Dadi crying for the first time for you. Beeji says, I don’t cry, it seems my eyes number have increased. Sarla says, I know how much you loves and cares for me. Beeji asks her not to be happy as she will rule her. She asks Janki to make Khichdi for Sarla. She wipes her tears. Sarla is teary eyed.

Abhi comes home and knocks on Aaliya’s door. He asks her to open the door. Aaliya says, I am fine and needs to be alone. Abhi recalls Dadi’s words and gets thinking. Pragya recalls Abhi’s concern for Sarla and gets emotional. She recalls Sarla’s words and looks at Abhi’s awards. Dadi recalls Abhi’s words that he can’t live with her. She recalls Abhi hugging Pragya and thanks the God.

Pragya is in her room. Something falls on the floor. Abhi asks her not to touch it. Abhi warns her not to touch his belongings. Abhi asks her not to take Dadi’s name. Pragya says I thought. Abhi asks, what did you think that this room will be yours. He asks her not to touch any of his belongings else he will break her belongings. He asks, are you deaf? He asks her to take her stuff outside his room. He throws her clothes out of the cupboard.

Pragya asks, what are you doing? Abhi says, I hate you and your face. You are a lier, your sister and that Purab. This is my helplessness to bear you. He says, I don’t want to see you. I will make sure that you feel my hatred. I will give you so much pain that you will forget every feeling. He says, you are no one for me. He says, I would have killed you. You took advantage of my goodness but now you will see my evil side. Pragya nods. He asks her to leave. Pragya is teary eyed. Abhi goes to bathroom angrily. Pragya goes out. Abhi is happy and sleeps on the bed. Janki cleans Sarla’s feet and asks her not to do any work. Sarla tells Beeji that she will gain weight. Beeji says, I will give leave to Janki so that you works. Janki says, I don’t need leave. I will stay here. Beeji says, I was just checking that she left her tension. Purvi brings her medicines. Bulbul comes and sees her from far. Purvi looks at her and goes to see. Bulbul hides.

Purvi informs Sarla that she saw Bulbul. Sarla gets angry and says no one will take Bulbul’s name in this house. Purvi says ok. Bulbul cries and is leaving. She collides with Suresh. Suresh is shocked. He tells her that he is not coming to her house as he don’t want Sarla to take stress. He tells her to take care of Sarla as second attack is serious. He asks her to keep her happy. Bulbul looks at him. Suresh leaves. She thinks she didn’t think about her mother even for once.

Pragya ison the terrace and recalls Abhi’s words. She wipes her tears and rests to sleep. She thinks why she got this world.

Pragya waking up in the morning. She goes to her room and sees Abhi sleeping. She thinks Abhi will get angry if sees her face after waking up. She sees her dupatta entangled on his hand and tries to take it. Abhi pulls her in sleep and she falls on him. Abhi wakes up and sees her. He thinks to ignore her to calm himself. Pragya falls. Abhi pretends as if he didn’t see her. Pragya gives her hand. Abhi goes out.

Dadi talks to her sister and signs her that Tanu is coming. They greet Tanu. Tanu says, I didn’t see you. Dadi’s sister asks her to get the decoration pulled from the door. Tanu says, I came to meet Aaliya. They joke with her. Tanu says, I did three ads recently. Dadi’s sister teases her. Aaliya comes to her rescue and says she is like my sister. She is like my family. Dadi’s sister says, it means she is Abhi’s sister too. Tanu gets angry and says she is not Abhi’s sister. Dadi’s sister says, as Abhi is married you can tie Rakhi on his wrist. Aaliya takes Tanu inside. Tanu boils in anger. She asks, Am I an outsider?

Aaliya says, they don’t know that Abhi and you love each other. She says, I will break their ego and will tell them the truth. I will tell them that Abhi loves me and is about to go. Aaliya stops her and asks her to relax. She says, we know that you and Bhai love each other. Don’t react. You have to just impressed Dadi. Think about it. She hugs her. Pragya comes and takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi asks Mitali to have breakfast. Mitali says, I have to go out. Mitali’s mum in law asks her to do her work. Mitali asks her to get the work done by servants. She says, I have Papa’s work to do. She leaves.

Dadi’s sister asks Pragya about Sarla’s health. She gets Beeji’s call. Beeji tells her that Sarla is missing her and asks her to come home to meet Sarla. Pragya says, I will come. Dadi asks her to go. Dadi asks Abhi to drop Pragya to Sarla’s house. Abhi says, he has a meeting to attend with a producer. Dadi asks him to drop Pragya first and then have a meeting with a producer. Mitali’s mum in law asks Abhi to go as Akash will take care of his meeting. Akash says he will. Dadi asks Abhi to go and asks Sarla about her health. Abhi leaves angrily with Pragya.

Bulbul is walking on the road and recalls suresh’s words that second attack is dangerous. Purab asks Bulbul to have something and sees she is not wearing her slippers. Bulbul tells him that she left her slippers and bag in the trial room and goes to bring it.

Abhi drives rashly on the road. Someone knocks on his car window and asks what is your problem. can’t you see the signal. Pragya asks Abhi, why you are taking out your anger on him. Abhi gets angry on that man. He says, nobody is here. Pragya is surprised. That man says, when you can’t see any woman here then how can you see signal. He asks him to go as the signal is green. Abhi starts driving the car and sneezes. Pragya says bless you. Abhi asks, what are you saying. He asks her to be quiet and think you are sitting in an auto. That man comes again and gives eye specialist card to Abhi. Abhi gets angry.

Abhi and Pragya come to Sarla’s house. Pragya thinks, what will happen if Abhi scold me infront of me. Purvi comes out and says I will inform Sarla. Pragya says, we will come. She tells Abhi to agree to her sayings. She takes him inside by holding his hand. Abhi asks her to leave his hand and asks why you touches me ferquently. Pragya says, I will touch your feet if you wants to, just don’t tell anything to Maa. Abhi says, you wants me to act. Pragya says, I wants a favour from you.

Abhi says, you are nobody for me, so don’t expect anything from me. This is your problem and you shall solve it. I can’t act more. I will say the truth only. Sarla comes and asks what’s truth. She says, it seems you both are fighting. Pragya says, Abhi wants to go and that’s why I am fighting. Sarla asks him to have breakfast. Abhi says, he have some work and leaves. Pragya asks Sarla, how are you. Sarla asks her to talk to Abhi.

Mitali comes to meet her Dad and asks for 500 Rs. Her father feels pity on her and says some corporator can solve your problems. Mitali says, I tried to make Raj understand but he don’t want to listen. Corporator comes and gives him land papers. He tells her father that he will give their floor of a building plus cash. Mitali gets greedy and asks her Papa to give that file to her. She says, I will live my life my way. I will take Raj’s sign on it. He gives her money. She thanks him.

Pragya comes to drop Abhi till the car. Abhi asks, I am not a kid. Pragya asks, when you will come to pick me. Abhi says, I am fed up with your drama. Sarla looks at them from the window. Pragya holds his hand, Abhi asks her why did you touch me. I will not act and will tell the truth to your Dadi and your maa. He leaves. Pragya gets tensed.

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