Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 10 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 10 June 2021

Pragya thinking why is he angry? I went to the café that day, but he didn’t come. She thinks wherever she calls him, the call gets disconnected then why did he come here by bringing flowers. She thinks if he blocked me then why he came? She calls Purab but his number is unreachable. She calls vikram and asks about Purab’s other number. Vikram says he is in Italy for a meeting. Pragya says ok and ends the call. She thinks she don’t want his flowers and keeps it on the bench. She sits in the cab. Driver starts the cab, but Pragya asks him to stop and gets down to take the flowers. She sits again and leaves.

Ranbir tells Prachi that Saloni might have lost her phone and asks her to relax. He tells that if she don’t call them till evening then it means there is a problem. He tells that education is very important and he needs to attend the class. Prachi hears talking him about the studies and laughs. Ranbir goes to the class. Prachi hears Maya talking to someone (Rhea) and she tells her that they will meet in the mall. Prachi comes to his class and takes Ranbir out. He tells that they have to go to mall as Maya is meeting that girl. Ranbir tells that he strongly feels that the girl is the mastermind and wants to ruin his image. Prachi asks what is her motive? She says she fears that she might fail him. Maya sees them following her and gets doubtful. Prachi and Ranbir follow her. prachi tells him that he is very innocent and that’s why she is with him. Maya calls Rhea and tells that she is reaching there. Rhea says she has reached the mall and thinks nobody will know that she is behind.

Beeji asks Pallavi how many necklace she has? She sees Meera and asks what happened? Pallavi says she has migraine. Meera says she don’t want to go to doctor. Pallavi and Beeji ask if Prachi’s mum agreed to open cafeteria in their restaurant. Vikram says Sarita behen agreed, but Prachi’s mum was not sure. They ask Abhi to talk to her. Pragya comes home. Sarita behen asks who gave you flowers? Pragya says he gave. Sarita behen asks who? Prachi’s father. Pragya says he didn’t meet her. Shahana comes there and asks who gave the flowers? Sarita behen says Prachi’s father gave to me. She asks Shahana why she don’t have any flowers. Shahana says she don’t like valentine day and goes. Sarita behen asks Pragya to get ready to go to Vikram’s hotel and says they shall take Shahana and Prachi there. Sarita behen calls Shahana to buy blouse for the saree. Maya reaches the mall and waves hand at Rhea.

Prachi and Ranbir look for Maya and the girl, but they don’t see any of them. Ranbir asks did you see the girl? Prachi says it is a conscience. They start argument. Rhea talks to Maya and leaves. Maya tells the salesgirl that she needs a dress for her engagement. Maya sees Ranbir and Prachi there. Ranbir and Prachi argue. Rhea takes Maya to the trial room and asks her to tell why she called her here? Maya says this game is becoming dangerous. Rhea says you knows very well. Maya says now Saloni is also against it. She says tomorrow is my engagement, if her fiancé or his family come to know anything. Maya says if they come to know then they will cancel the marriage, says it is a political family. Rhea asks her to act as victim then. Maya says my father will suffer loss if my marriage gets cancelled.

Sarita behen knocks on the trial room door. Rhea and Maya get tensed. Shahana tells that it is saree trial room. They go from there and collide with Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he came to hotel to go to bathroom. He makes Prachi hide. Maya tells Rhea that the matter is closed for her. Rhea tells her that she will gift her something expensive. Maya says she wants diamond necklace. Rhea says my dad is rich, I am not a business woman, but a college going girl. Maya asks her to demand it, give it to her and later tell her family that she lost it. Ranbir makes Prachi and himself hide in the other trial room beside Rhea and Maya’s trial room.

Just then Prachi’s forehead gets a bit hurt and he gets concerned for her. Sarita behen and Shahana come to the trial room again. Maya asks what is their problem. Sarita behen tries to open the door where prachi and Ranbir are locked. Prachi asks her not to open the door else it will break. Shahana asks why didn’t you tell us that you are here? Prachi says she came to try a dress and asks her to get matching dupatta. They ask if she wants to try this. Prachi says wrong thing and gives them dress to get the matching dupatta and sends them from there. Rhea and Maya come out from the trial room, while Prachi and Ranbir come out from the other trial room, but they don’t see each other. Maya asks Rhea to stay back till she tries the dress as she wants to talk to her. Prachi tells Ranbir that they have to stand separately and far as the girl might see us. Prachi tells Ranbir that they will go different ways and search the girl.

Rhea hears and thinks they have come here to search Maya’s partner, that’s me. Rhea messages Maya not to come near her as Prachi and Ranbir will look at her. Maya’s phone falls down and she doesn’t read her message. She is about to come to Rhea, but Rhea goes away and collides with Ranbir. Sarita behen and Shahana search for Prachi. Prachi collides with maya. Maya confronts her for betraying her. Prachi says enough Maya and says what she wants to do, and says if she wants then she can get money from Vikram. Maya tells that she don’t want to accept her offer as she knows that she wants to prove Ranbir as Mr. Right. Prachi says she will not let her harm Ranbir. Maya goes. The salesgirl tells the manager that she will give Maya’s dress to her friend, one was Rhea and other was someone else.

Ranbir tells Rhea that Prachi heard Maya talking on phone and that’s why they came here. Rhea tells that she had received a call and goes out, passing from Maya. Maya reads the message and acts as don’t know her. Rhea goes out. Maya comes to Rheas car and asks for her necklace. Rhea tells that she will get her a necklace and asks her to let her go. Ranbir and Prachi come out and sees Rhea in the car. Prachi asks why did Rhea come here? Ranbir says for shopping. He says Rhea must have seen Maya and scolded her.

Sarita behen and Shahana see them. Ranbir and Prachi hide. Shahana asks her not to scold them. Sarita behen says she will not scold them. The salesgirl asks Prachi to give the dress to Maya else her life’s biggest function will ruin. Shahana laughs in the car and says they were hiding from you. Sarita behen says I understood when I see Prachi hiding with Ranbir. She says they are hiding love from them, but it is impossible to hide from her sight. She says they are in love. Shahana says not yet. Sarita behen says Prachi will tell in 10 days, else I will do your work for a day. Shahana says we will bet for 500 Rs. They strike a deal. Prachi takes the dress and says I will give. Ranbir asks if we are delivery boy/girl. Prachi says we will go to her house. She takes the car keys. Ranbir asks if she knows driving. Prachi tells that she used to drive cart in childhood and tells how to drive theoretical. Ranbir says it needs practice, if we get injured. Prachi asks him to drive then?

Ranbir and Prachi coming to Maya’s house. Prachi tells Ranbir that if Maya is at home. Prachi says she had told that she can’t reach home before 7 pm and says she went to parlour. She asks him not to worry. They ring the bell. Maya’s mother opens the door and asks if they are Maya’s friends. They say yes. Maya’s mother asks them to come inside. She introduces them to her husband. Ranbir greets him. They ask for their names. Prachi is about to tell, but Ranbir tells that her name is Pramila and she is Maya’s college friend. He says he works with Pramila in her office. They sit on the sofa. Ranbir says house is decorated well. Maya’s father asks Servant to ask for tea or coffee. Ranbir says he wants coffee and she wants tea. He asks about the groom. Maya’s father says didn’t Maya tell you? Prachi says she told shyly, but we don’t remember. Maya’s mum tells that Mohit’s father is a big politician and he doesn’t need to do anything. Maya’s mother says when he gets ruling power then it will be good for us. Prachi whispers to Ranbir that she is like her mum. Ranbir asks them to tell him if they need help.

They are in the car and he stops car.Prachi say she has a plan, but it will sound selfish. Ranbir says you are selfish. Prachi gets upset and gets down from the car. Ranbir says he didn’t mean to say that and says that if she was not with him, then they wouldn’t have gone to Maya’s house and then they wouldn’t have known about her engagement tomorrow. He says we are good as a team. Prachi tells that they shall blackmail her that if she don’t tell the truth then they will ruin her engagement. Shahana and Aryan comes there.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she is not thinking about money. Rhea says I shouldn’t have promised without asking you. Aaliya says I will arrange the money and tells that she is thinking about Prachi and not about Saloni. She says she is getting strong day by day and is definitely upto something. Rhea says we have to stop her. Aaliya says you shall not do anything, but shall keep eye on Prachi and see what is she planning? Shahana asks whose engagement? Prachi says we will just threaten Maya, but will not do anything. She says as Mohit is from a political family, Maya will not let anything happen. She says this marriage is a jackpot for her and she will not let it go. She says Maya will speak the truth. Ranbir says Prachi is smart. They say they all are with her and keeps hand on each other.

Next morning, Prachi asks Shahana to get ready and tells that they have to go to know Maya’s truth. Sarita behen comes there and tells that they have to go to Vikram’s restaurant to organize the engagement party. Shahana makes Prachi lie down on the bed and tells that she is having stomach ache. Prachi says Shahana lies with speed. Pragya asks her to rest and asks Shahana to come with them. Prachi says you lied so fast. Shahana says if I haven’t lied then you couldn’t go. Prachi hopes Maya tells the truth. Maya calls Rhea repeatedly. Rhea picks the call and says she is speaking. Maya says people wake up at this time. Rhea ends the call. Maya calls her again and says my engagement can cancel at anytime because of you. She says I can back off at anytime. Rhea asks her to back off then? Maya says even I didn’t sleep at night and tells that her anger is due to the effect of engagement. Rhea asks why did you call me? Maya says you wanted to give me necklace. Rhea says she has bought it. Maya asks her to come to her engagement venue and give necklace to her as a gift. Rhea says ok and thinks to give her diamond necklace to Maya.

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