Twist Of Fate Friday Update 11 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 11 June 2021

Next morning, Prachi asks Shahana to get ready and tells that they have to go to know Maya’s truth. Sarita behen comes there and tells that they have to go to Vikram’s restaurant to organize the engagement party. Shahana makes Prachi lie down on the bed and tells that she is having stomach ache. Prachi says Shahana lies with speed. Pragya asks her to rest and asks Shahana to come with them. Prachi says you lied so fast. Shahana says if I haven’t lied then you couldn’t go. Prachi hopes Maya tells the truth. Maya calls Rhea repeatedly. Rhea picks the call and says she is speaking. Maya says people wake up at this time. Rhea ends the call. Maya calls her again and says my engagement can cancel at anytime because of you. She says I can back off at anytime. Rhea asks her to back off then? Maya says even I didn’t sleep at night and tells that her anger is due to the effect of engagement. Rhea asks why did you call me? Maya says you wanted to give me necklace. Rhea says she has bought it. Maya asks her to come to her engagement venue and give necklace to her as a gift. Rhea says ok and thinks to give her diamond necklace to Maya.

Aaliya comes to meet Abhi. Abhi tells her that she shouldn’t give money to Rhea and shall not agree to her unreasonable demand. She says I just want her to learn good news and say truth. Aaliya says this will not happen again and says I love you bhai. Abhi says I love you too… She goes. Abhi gets Vikram’s call and goes there.

Abhi and Ranbir come to Vikram. Vikram tells that his staff is not serious and tells that engagement party is today and they….Abhi asks if he is not coming to office. Vikram says I have to go to hotel and asks him to come and see his staff. Abhi asks him to go to hotel. Vikram asks ranbir to come with him. Ranbir asks are you mad and says he has more better things to do. Vikram pulls his ears and asks him to come. Ranbir runs away.

Sarita behen, Pragya and Shahana come to the hotel. Shahana tells that her stomach is paining. Pragya says I will not make you do work. Sarita behen says I will make you do work. Shahana says I am feeling pain. Vikram comes there and asks if Sarita behen came. An employee says two madams came. Ranbir calls Prachi. Prachi says she is doing work. He asks what? Prachi says she is checking voice modulation and ends the call. Ranbir calls again and says he is standing outside her house. Prachi asks him to hear her and says you say the important things at last. She searches for her chappal and one of it goes inside the almari. She tries to get it while talking to him. He asks what happened? Ranbir asks her to have khanoon ke haath as it is long. He asks her to wear some other chappal. Prachi says it is my lucky chappal and takes it out. She wears it and is coming out when she collides with Ranbir. Ranbir asks if her nose is fine and says you are a girl. Prachi says from where did gender come? Ranbir says I came to help you, but you don’t want my advice or help. Prachi says if you discriminate the gender then I will break your nose someday. She says we will go and asks Maya’s parents about the venue.

Later Ranbir and Prachi get down from the car. Her dupatta gets stuck in the car’s door. She asks what is his problem? Ranbir tells that he didn’t do it. Prachi takes it out. They see Maya’s family going somewhere. Ranbir says they must be going to the venue. Prachi says we shall ask them, they must be going to the temple. He says if we ask them then they will know that we are not her friends. Vikram appreciates Sarita behen and Pragya for handling the decorations etc. Sarita behen says when we are with you, nothing wrong will happen. Vikram thanks Sarita behen and Pragya. He goes. Sarita behen says he is so good, thanking us again and again. Vikram calls Abhi and says if you are at my side, then I would have been confident. Abhi says my little baby is crying and says I am coming there. Vikram tells everyone that Rhea’s father is coming here. Shahana slips in the hotel. Aryan laughs at her. Shahana teases him asking him to make the video. Aryan says I will make your video and will laugh seeing it. Shahana says she will make his video and will laugh.

Ranbir and Prachi are in the car. They have chips. He asks if she finished all chips. Prachi says we both were eating. He asks her to get down and buy 2-3 chips packets for herself. Prachi says they are on the mission. Shahana calls Prachi and tells that they are on the picnic and Ranbir is fighting like a small boy. Ranbir ends the call. He asks her to get something for him and says he is very hungry although he had breakfast and lunch.Prachi asks him to drive fast. Ranbir drives fast and is about to hit Abhi’s car. They see Abhi and Ranbir apologizes to him. Ranbir tells that they were going to Vikram’s hotel to help him. Abhi says he will get the brakes checked and asks them to come with him in his car. Prachi sits in the car. Ranbir looks on.

Pragya organizes the decorations. Rhea comes to the Vikram’s hotel and collides with the flower vase while talking to Maya, making it fall. Sarita behen shouts asking her why she made it fall. Rhea turns and is shocked to see Sarita behen. Prachi and Ranbir message each other and argue on the messages, blaming each other. Abhi stops the car and asks if they are fighting. Ranbir says she is fighting with me. Prachi tells that he always fights with her. Abhi asks them to fight openly and not to fight on messages. Prachi blames him for driving the car like that. Ranbir says she asked me to drive like that. Abhi enjoys their fight and says I remind someone seeing you. Prachi and Ranbir. Abhi drives the car and asks them to continue fighting.

Sarita behen tells Rhea that all the decorations are done by prachi’s mum. Rhea says she did it. Sarita behen asks her to say sorry. She asks if she didn’t know that the hotel is of Vikram. She says they came to help him. Rhea thinks Vikram doesn’t know else he wouldn’t have taken the engagement booking. Sarita behen asks Rhea to pick the flower vase. Rhea says you are not my Dadi and says she will not do. Sarita behen and Rhea have an argument. Pragya comes and picks the flower vase. She hugs Rhea. Rhea tells that Sarita behen is scolding her. Sarita behen says she misbehaved with her. Pragya apologizes to Sarita behen on her behalf. Rhea says I was talking to someone and the flower pot fell down. Pragya asks her to go. Rhea comes to Pragya and hugs her, saying you are the best woman in the world. Sarita says she fooled you with a hug. Pragya asks her to hug her too and says guest will come.

Abhi takes Ranbir and Prachi to the hotel and says his ears are bursting now. He asks them not to fight much now and goes inside. Ranbir and Prachi argue again. He says you are idol of mistakes. Ranbir says you have done mistakes also and says you asked for chips. She says what was our mission and where we have come? Just then they see the board “welcome to the engagement of Mohit and Maya”. Maya’s family arrives in the car. Prachi asking Ranbir to see the board and says welcome to the engagement of mohit and maya. Ranbir gets happu. He says why Papa agreed for Maya’s engagement here. He says if Chief know? Prachi says he must not be knowing. Pragya is still busy with the decoration. Abhi comes to the hotel and talks to Vikram. Vikram says Prachi’s mum has done all the arrangements. Abhi asks whose engagement is happening? Vikram says he doesn’t know. He says may be she is having experience of handling the function. Abhi and Pragya are about to see each other, but couldn’t see as the decorative stuff are taken out from there. Rhea comes to Maya’s room. Maya asks if the necklace is real. Rhea says it was given to me by my dad and asks her not to lose it. Maya asks her to make her wear it. Rhea gets irritated. Ranbir and Prachi hear someone telling the dancers to wear costumes and mask and dance later in the party. Ranbir says it is so old fashioned. Prachi sees Sarita behen and asks him not to turn. She says we have to go to Maya’s room. Ranbir says they have to change their costume and go. Vikram scolds the manager for couldn’t handling the order. Abhi comes there and says your face looks good when you cry. Vikram says I have Prachi’s mum at my side and her entire family and Sarita behen. Abhi says Ranbir came with him. Vikram asks which son, that fair guy? Abhi says do you have wheatish complexion sons. Vikram says no. Abhi asks him to order food for him. Vikram says you have to pay money. Abhi says do you know how much I take for my guest appearance.

Pragya asks the employees to divide themselves into three teams and manage work. Sarita behen sees Rhea and maya together and doubts them. Rhea signs Maya to see her. Ranbir and Prachi get ready in their costumes. Ranbir calls her and says he is outside her room. Prachi says she couldn’t identify herself in mask and costume. She comes out of room. Ranbir couldn’t identify her and tells Prachi on call. Prachi says that girl know you and shows her face. Ranbir compliments her and asks her to wear it again so that nobody identifies her. Rhea signs Maya to see Sarita behen. Maya sees her as well. Rhea comes out. Sarita behen asks if she is Maya’s friend. Rhea reminds her that she is neither her dadi nor nani. She says you are not my family to lecture me. Maya comes out and smiles, winks at Sarita behen. Rhea asks Sarita behen if she is Maya’s friend and trapped Ranbir. She asks her not to ask useless questions. Sarita behen thinks to find out the truth.

Maya’s father meets Abhi and says I didn’t know that you will be coming here. Abhi says this is Vikram’s hotel. Maya’s father Mr. Chaubey tells that his daughter is looking good like an angel. Abhi and Vikram couldn’t see her face. Mr. Chaubey asks him to sing during the engagement party. Abhi says daughters are angels. Later they see Maya. Abhi asks Vikram to cancel her engagement. Vikram asks what are you saying? He says it will be a problem if he stops. Shahana tells Pragya that she will take the plate and it breaks. Pragya says I will clean it and asks her to go. She thinks Mr. Mehra and Mr. Kohli must be coming, I have to make the plate ready. Abhi asks Vikram to ask them to go. He says Maya is the same girl who accused Ranbir of molestation and tried to kill Prachi. Vikram says I can’t stop their booking due to the clause. Abhi asks what will happen? Vikram says I will get arrested and tells that Chaubey is a politician. He asks him not to do anything and says we both will get trapped. Shahana asks Sarita behen where is she going? Shahana takes her to Pragya. Prachi asks the staff about bride’s room. He tells her. They hear Mohit telling Maya that they shall wait for his sister to come. Rhea sees Ranbir and Prachi and think them as dancers. She calls them to dance. Ranbir and Prachi dance in the function with mask on their faces. Jab tak jahan me…song plays…..Everyone claps for their dance performance. Prachi goes. Ranbir asks what happened to her.

Vikram tells Abhi that he knows how much he loves Ranbir and asks him to adopt him too. He asks him to adopt Prachi too and tells that you was affected when she met with an accident. Abhi is upset with him. Vikram says you shall become sunny doel when Chaubey get me arrested. Pragya calls Vikram. Vikram picks her call. Pragya tells that snacks are ready and asks where shall I search you. Vikram asks why? She asks him to taste the snacks and tell her. Vikram says we will come there. Pragya says she will bring the starters there. Vikram asks Abhi if he is getting his mouth watery hearing the snacks name. Prachi runs out and recalls his closeness with Ranbir. Ranbir comes there and asks what happened? Did I do any mistake? Prachi asks him not to say anything, but stand there only. She holds his hand and keep her other hand on his shoulder. She then keeps her hands on him. She recalls their moments….kaise hua tu itna zaroori kaise hua plays…..She then asks him to go away from her.

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