Twist of Fate Saturday Update 7 November 2020


Twist of Fate Saturday Update 7 November 2020

Twist of Fate Saturday Update 7 November 2020: Tanu thinking to talk to Nikhil about the watchman and says she has taken him lightly. Abhi comes and says he couldn’t make music and even sleep. She thinks what to do else Nikhil will make drama. Abhi asks where is she going?

Tanu says I am going for check up. Abhi says I don’t know what to do. Tanu suggests him to go on a long drive. Abhi asks her to go and come after checkup, and then they will go out. Tanu agrees. Pragya asks Purab why he called her

Purab asks about her plan. Pragya says Tanu got the parcel and was shocked seeing it. Purab asks did you decide about the place and time. Pragya says Tanu is very careful and will not do any mistake which Aaliya or Raj have done. She says she shouldn’t suspect us else we couldn’t trapped her. We have to be careful. Purab says we will discuss the matter after solving this marriage hall problem. Taya ji and Tai ji call Raj and asks what is the matter. Mitali comes out of room. Akash asks where is Raj and says they all are in tension. Akash goes inside the room. Tai ji asks did you fought with my son. Rachna says we will make him understand and asks her not to cry. Mitali cries. Taya ji says something big have happened. Tai ji says I am seeing her crying for the first time. Akash says Raj is not in the room. He asks Mitali to say? Mitali cries. Rachna says she is very tensed. Abhi asks what is happening. Akash says Raj is missing from home and nobody have seen him. Abhi asks Mitali where is Raj? Mitali says he is very much angry and is not opening washroom door. Tai ji says I want to see him. Abhi asks her not to worry and says he will check on him.

Abhi talks to Raj from outside the washroom and gives him courageous words. He says you are my inspiration and says you can teach her to walk on the right path. He asks him to come out for Akash, if not for him. He says he has make this family with much difficulty else it will break. He asks him not to punish him, and says I will leave far from here. I am leaving Bhaiyya…

Raj hears him and comes out of washroom. Abhi says I have never thought wrong about you and can ruin myself for this family. Raj asks him to keep quiet and says he is feeling ashamed of his doings. He repents and promises to walk on the right path. They hug and cry. Abhi asks him not to cry and says Mitali is waiting for you. He wipes his tears and go. Tanu comes to meet Nikhil. He says it is his friend’s house. Tanu tells about the watchman and says if he give the proof to Pragya or Abhi then everything will be finished. Nikhil says he will teach a lesson to him and asks when he will call next. Tanu says he has given a day time to arrange money. Nikhil says who might be him and asks Tanu. Tanu says I don’t know anyone. Nikhil says he will think. Pragya and Purab come to solve the kumkum bhagya marriage hall problem. Pragya says I am also owner and signs on the papers. Just then Sarla comes there and says I have paid all the money and shows the notice. The man says we have taken owner’s sign and says she is there. Sarla says I am owner and looks at Pragya. Sarla asks if your eyes are on my marriage hall…Pragya says it is not like this. Sarla says do you think I am like Abhi, and says you can’t cheat me. You want to snatch it from me. I made you nominee as you was my sister and says I will remove your name from it. Pragya says she didn’t come for it. Sarla says it is limit for a lie. Pragya cries. Sarla says I am ashamed of you. She says my house runs because of this marriage hall and you want to snatch it from me. She calls her Dayan. Purab comes there. Sarla says Pragya is about to snatch marriage hall from me and says she is not mad like Abhi. Pragya hears all accusations silently. Sarla says I will call Police and send her to jail. She says she should be in jail after whatever she has done with innocent Abhi.

Purab says you will not do this and asks Pragya not to stop him. Purab tells Sarla that Pragya has been doing everything for a purpose, and was helpless. He says Pragya is same as before, loving and caring. She feels everyone pain even now and is your daughter also. Sarla says she is not my daughter. I have cried a lot, but she didn’t listen to me. She is someone else. Purab says she has not done any mistake. He says Bulbul forced her to do all this. Sarla is shocked. He says Bulbul and Abhi’s Dadi made Pragya to do this to take revenge from Abhi’s enemies. He tells her everything from Pragya’s accident scene and everything. Purab says Aaliya and Raj are exposed now, and says Tanu is still at large. He says Tanu wants to give Abhi’s name to someone else baby. Sarla gets emotional. Purab says he heard her talking to Bulbul and she told him everything.

Purab telling Pragya’s truth to Sarla and says Pragya is equally sad for Bulbul’s death. He tells everything and says Pragya is same. Sarla cries. Pragya says you didn’t do any mistake. Sarla says I couldn’t become a good mum and gave you pain. She says I should punish myself. Pragya hugs her. Sarla apologizes to her for not understanding her and asks her not to worry. She says your mother is with you. She says you are really a wife in true means, and made me proud. She hugs her again. Pragya gets emotional also. Tanu thinks Nikhil will pay the money to watchman. She thinks about Abhi. She says Abhi wanted to take me to Beach side, and thinks his mood is not changed. She sees Mitali and asks if she is fine? Mitali says I am not fine, until Pragya is here. Tanu says what you can do? Pragya is having money and power, and you don’t have even Raj. Mitali says that’s why I came to ask your help. Tanu asks how can I help you. Mitali says I know what you can do? Tanu says I am ready to help you, but I can’t do anything until I get married to Abhi. She says I am silent till then. I will take everyone’s revenge from Pragya. She says if I get far from Abhi then I am nothing. Mitali says I will talk to everyone about your marriage. She says your doli will come and Pragya will leave from here. Tanu says this will happen for sure.

Abhi is in his room. Pragya comes. Abhi thinks Tanu came, and says my mood is changed. We will not go to beach. He asks her to sit and says I will give you time and take care of yours. Pragya asks what should I say? Abhi opens his eyes and asks what you are doing here? He says I called Tanu here. He says you are clever, came near me and held my hand. Pragya says you didn’t take his name. Abhi says you have taunted me. Pragya asks him not to spoil her mood and says she will leave. Abhi thinks she is helping me in forgetting her.

Abhi asks her to go. Tanu insists. Abhi asks her to sit with him, and says Pragya went out of roon. Tanu hugs him and says I love you. Pragya comes. Tanu calls him bone in the meat. Pragya says some people have forgotten shame. Tanu says she is going to be his wife and asks her to give free time to her and her to be husband. Pragya asks them to close door else anyone can come there. She comes out of room and thinks Tanu is taking advantage of Abhi’s innocence. Rachna comes to Pragya and says Raj is not talking to mitali properly. She says we have to do something. Pragya says I am tensed as Tanu is inside the room and asks Rachna to help her. Rachna says she will handle Mitali and asks her to handle Abhi and Tanu

Taya ji praises Abhi. Akash says you said right. Raj asks Akash about his projects and offers help. Raj says Chembur will be best. Akash says okay. Mitali tries to make Raj have dal. Raj asks her not to force him. Tai ji gives him roti. Abhi thinks I have to become active. Tanu comes and apologizes saying she took much time. She says we shall go on a walk. Tanu asks Abhi to sit and says Pragya has spoiled yor mood. She asks him not to behave as if she is stranger to him. He asks how am I looking? Abhi thinks how can anyone lie everytime. He says you are looking same as usual. Tanu says you have become unromantic. Abhi says he is having headache. Tanu says I will massage your head, and massages his head. Pragya thinks what to do to bring her out and calls her. Abhi tells Tanu that her call is ringing. He picks the call and says Tanu is busy and asks her to talk to her tomorrow. Pragya as watchman tells Abhi that she want to tell him a big secret. Abhi says what nonsense. Tanu takes the call and tells Abhi that she will teach a lesson to the watchman. She comes out and asks how dare you to talk to Abhi. Pragya says you are not interested to give money. Tanu says she will get the money. Pragya says okay and disconnects the call. Abhi is angry with Tanu and asks her to leave him alone for sometime. He closes the door. Tanu knocks on the door and goes. Pragya thinks I have to cheer him up.

Pragya knocks on the door. Abhi opens the door. Pragya says you can’t stay with Tanu in the room for an hour and plans to spend life with her. Abhi says we will sort out everything. Pragya says she will enjoy double money and will make Tanu do modelling again. She says she will get money from him and also from Tanu. Abhi says you will make my work again. Pragya says she thinks about her profit and says Tanu have to contribute after marriage. Abhi and Pragya fall on bed. They have an eye lock. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays……..Pragya says I will never leave you. Abhi asks what did you say? Pragya says I will not leave your money and go. Abhi says I will leave the house. Pragya thinks Tanu’s truth will be out and we will be together always.

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