Twist of Fate Friday Update 6 November 2020


Twist of Fate Friday Update 6 November 2020

Pragya seeing Abhi sleeping peacefully. Tanu brings flowers for Abhi and thinks it will cheer his mood. Pragya asks her not to disturb Abhi. Tanu insults her and says thorns are in your destiny. She stands beside his bed side. Pragya asks her to sit. Tanu gives her bouquet and tries to sit. Abhi wakes up and sees Pragya holding bouquet. He asks what she is doing with bouquet? Tanu says she brought it for him. She says she has planned romantic dinner for them.

Abhi says all the arrangements should be perfect. Tanu says ofcourse. Pragya asks her not to be happy and says you have to come to me for money. Tanu says she doesn’t need money from her. Dadi tells Sarla that she doesn’t have any option than to take Pragya’s help. Sarla thanks Dadi for supporting Pragya and giving her all the love. Janki comes and says she heard everything. Sarla asks her not to make noise. Janki says I would have cursed her and gets angry at Sarla for not informing her. Sarla says I came to know yesterday. Janki says I will leave from here and then you will value me. Sarla asks her to take her stuff and go. Janki says I will get my money and will leave.

Mitali tries talking to Raj, but he ignores her. She asks him to talk to her else she will die. Raj says I am already dead and asks her not to be friendly with him. He says you will not get wifey rights now. Mitali apologizes to her and says I have changed a lot. She sits down and touches his feet. Rachna comes and requests Raj to forgive Mitali once. Raj says he has forgiven her many times, but her habits never changes. Rachna insists. Raj asks if you will forgive Akash again if he does any mistake. Rachna is silent. Raj goes. Mitali cries. Rachna asks her not to worry and says Raj will forgive you. Mitali says what I shall do.

Pragya, Dadi, Purab and Sarla meet in Sarla’s house. Pragya says I don’t think Tanu will come. Dadi says she is very cunning. Sarla says she wants truth to come out soon. Pragya seeks her blessings. Purab tells Pragya that he will go there as a blackmailer. Pragya says but. Purab says I don’t want to take risk with your life, and says her boyfriend might be dangerous. She can come with goons also. Pragya says I have to go. I can’t take risk. She says Bulbul have given her life to save me, and says can I take a small risk. Dadi says Purab is right? She says Pragya will be blackmailer and Purab will go with you. She makes a plan. Pragya says she will take Ronnie’s help. Abhi thinks about Pragya. Mitali thinks she will instigate Abhi against Pragya. She comes to Abhi and asks what is the matter? She asks if he is still upset with Raj? Abhi says no. Mitali asks what is the problem then? Abhi says he is feeling something is amiss and strange. Mitali says you are missing a life partner in your life and gives Raj’s example. She asks him to marry Tanu and praises her. Abhi says I will marry Tanu as she is going to be my baby’s mum. Rachna hears them. Mitali says this is right time for marriage and says Pragya will not return your money. I heard her talking to someone. Abhi says he doesn’t have money. Mitali asks him to marry in court and says she has a lawyer friend who will not take fees. Rachna wonder why Mitali is doing this. Mitali says Dadi will be happy as well. Abhi says this idea is good and asks her to talk to her friend. Mitali says I will talk to my friend. Abhi thinks it is right and he will marry soon.

Purab brings Pragya and Ronnie to the stadium, and makes a plan. He asks her to call them if she senses any danger. Pragya says you have chosen a good place. Purab says they will record everything in camera and will show it to Abhi. Pragya asks Ronnie not to tell anything to anyone. Ronnie says you are my namesake sister, and says I will not break your trust. Rachna thinks Mitali is taking revenge from Pragya and that’s why forcing Abhi to marry tanu. She says Abhi went to talk to lawyer. Ronnie sets the camera. Pragya gets Rachna’s call. Rachna tells her that Mitali is walking on wrong way and convinced Abhi to marry Tanu. She says she took Abhi to court to get his marriage done. Pragya is shocked.

Rachna informing Pragya that Mitali took Abhi to court for his marriage with Tanu. Pragya is shocked. She tells Purab about it. Lawyer asks Abhi to come for a dinner to his house as his family are his fan. Abhi agrees and says he wants to marry within a week. Mitali suggests him to marry Tanu today itself. Abhi is surprised and says he is thinking about Dadi. Mitali convinces him and says Dadi will be happy if he marries Tanu as she is fed up of Pragya. Abhi agrees. He calls Tanu and asks her to come somewhere as he is going to give her a big surprise. Tanu wonders what is the big surprise. Ronnie tells Pragya that if Abhi marries Tanu today, as the court is open. Pragya says I have an idea. She calls Tanu and asks her to reach somewhere with the money else the deal will happen with Abhi. Tanu gets tensed.

Abhi tells Mitali that Tanu is ready and will come. Mitali goes to talk to lawyer. Tanu wonders what to do now? As she has to meet Abhi and also the watchman. Pragya asks Purab to set the cameras fast. Tanu thinks what to do? She thinks she shall go to Abhi and calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks her to talk sweetly. Tanu tells him that she got blackmailer’s call and he asked me to come to some place after 2 hours. Nikhil says you can’t handle a blackmailer. Tanu says she has to meet Abhi now and asks to go to meet blackmailer. Nikhil says I want to meet you and discuss this, asks her to meet him first. Tanu agrees to meet him and asks him to bring 10 Lakhs rupees there. Nikhil thinks he feels love on Tanu’s innocence and sometimes wonder if she has brain really. He thinks he can’t let go of the money easily. Mitali tells Abhi to call Tanu. Abhi calls Tanu and asks where is she? Tanu says she is on the way. Abhi asks her not to be late as he is going to give her a big surprise. He tells Mitali that Tanu will reach in 30-40 mins. He hopes he is doing right.

Pragya comes home and asks Robin about Abhi and Tanu. She thinks where did Tanu go? To meet her boyfriend or Abhi. Dadi sees her there, and thinks what she is doing here till now. She asks Pragya. Pragya tells her that she got Rachna’s call. She says Mitali provoked him to marry Tanu and he went to court to marry him. Dadi says I will call him. Pragya asks him to put call on loudspeaker. Abhi picks the call and thinks he will tell everything to Dadi. Abhi tells her that he has taken a decision and will marry Tanu in court. He says Tanu is on the way and he is standing outside the court. Dadi says if Tanu knows about it all. Abhi says I will give her a surprise as the marriage is simple. He asks if I am doing right? Dadi says yes, you are doing right. She says she will reach there. Tanu meets Nikhil and asks don’t tell me that you haven’t arranged the money. Nikhil says I have arranged the money. He says he kept money in the event room. Sarla sees Tanu going with a man, and thinks to find out about the person.

Dadi says Tanu will not marry Abhi as she knows he is not yet divorced with you. Pragya says once he knows about it. He will not waste time and will take divorce with me. She cries. Dadi says God wants to see if she has strength of her kumkum. Tanu tells Nikhil that she will meet Abhi and come back. Nikhil says you don’t know anything. He says if blackmailer sees me then he will be clear. Dadi asks her to call Tanu and give her less time to reach to the place, so that she doesn’t get time to reach Abhi. Nikhil says if our truth comes out then I will tell that you are having my baby and we are having an affair. Pragya calls Tanu. Tanu says I am leaving. Pragya says you had left 30 mins before and asks her to meet soon. Dadi asks Pragya to go to Sarla’s house and changes her get up. Nikhil says this blackmailer seems to be professional. He asks Tanu to go and meet blackmailer first with the paper loaded bag. He says he will arrive there with goons and will kill blackmailer there itself. Sarla hears them and thinks they are dangerous. She thinks she has to stop Pragya from going there and thinks of hearing Nikhil’s voice before.

Sarla comes home and tells Dadi whatever she has heard. She says I won’t let her go. She tells everything. Pragya says I have to go Maa. I can’t let go of this chance. Abhi went to marry Tanu, and says she can’t see him married to someone else. Sarla says even I see, as you are doing this for Abhi and your life. She says I lost Bulbul and can’t lose you. Pragya says she is going for a good cause and God will not let anything wrong happen to her. She says I can’t back off. Purab asks her not to take any tension. Dadi says how to stop Pragya. Janki says God has given long life to Pragya and nobody can do anything wrong. She says Pragya will win. Pragya hugs Sarla.

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