Tuesday Update Kindred hearts 20th August


Tuesday Update Kindred hearts 20th August

At night, Adi lights his room with candles. Jhanvi comes there and smiles. She comes to him and blushes. Jhanvi blows off candle, Adi lights it again, Jhanvi blows another, Adi lights it again, she smiles and looks at him, he mischievously looks at her, Jhanvi turns to leave but Adi holds her hand. thunderstorm makes noise, Jhanvi gets scared and hugs Adi. Ang lagade re plays as they start hugging tightly. Jhanvi moves away and blushes. Adi caresses her face, her arms, he opens her night robe tie and takes it off. She is wearing sleeveless shirt underneath. Adi hugs her from behind. She smiles at him. Adi lifts her in his arms and lies Jhanvi in bed. He leans in and is about to kiss her but.. kids come out of Adi’s room and says open door. Adi is frustrated, he gives robe to Jhanvi, she wears it. Adi opens door. Kids come inside and hugs Jhanvi, Chinni says its lightening. Adi says you both are brave, lets go to your room. Chinni says no we will sleep here, why lights are off? Jhanvi says we were about to sleep. Adi switches on lights. Binni asks Jhanvi to tell story. Adi murmurs only my story keep stucking. He makes sad face.

In morning, isha calls Samar and asks him to take Adi to hotel, he says okay and ends call. Nisha calls her goon and says Samar is bringing him there.

Adi and Jhanvi are in mandir. Adi says can we drop kids at your mom’s house tonight? she says atleast dont say all this in mandir. Samar comes there, Jhanvi thinks I forgot to tell about Samar to Adi. Samar comes to Adi and says I have a meeting with some new client, they want proposal but I am not sure about them, if you would come with me so we can know if I can trust them or not, Adi says I have a meeting. Samar says then I will take risk. Adi says no I will go with you, I am coming, he goes to his room. Samar says to Jhanvi that I am sorry, I said too much, forgive my mistake. He thinks soon she will have to accept me. Samar says I know I have hurt you but give me one chance and I wont give you chance to complain again. Adi comes there and says lets go, Samar leaves with him. Jhanvi prays to God to keep Adi making smile.

Samar and Adi are in car. Samar messages Nisha that he is going to destination with Adi. Nisha its time for my husband to leave this world.
Samar brings Adi to hotel and says you go inside, I will park car. Adi nods and gets down from car, Samar smirks. Nisha’s sniper is hiding in bushes and points at Adi.

Nisha calls Jhanvi. Jhanvi says how dare you call me? Nisha says you must be enjoying nights after getting my husband and kids? Jhanvi says just shut up, you are still not ashamed. Nisha says my one thing is with you, that sindoor box, dont worry, you can apply it today because after today you wont need sindoor(vermilion) and its box. Jhanvi says what rubbish are you saying? Nisha says you have to guess what I am saying, your time to guess have started, she ends call. Kaki comes there. Jhanvi panics and says Nisha called and threatened me about Adi.
Jhanvi calls Adi but he is not picking up. Jhanvi recalls Samar taking Adi to a hotel, she leaves. Kaki prays to God for their protection.

Jhanvi is in car and trying to call Adi but he is not picking up. Jhanvi asks driver to move faster.

Adi is in lounge of hotel. Samar is there. Jhanvi is calling Adi but Samar puts his phone on silent and puts tissue on his screen so he cant see. Adi says clients havent come till now? Samar says dont worry, now you are with me so all my work will be done on time. Adi smiles. Adi is sitting in lounge of hotel. Sniper is hiding behind him on tree and pointing at his head. Samar leaves for washroom. Sniper puts hand on gun and points at Adi’s head.

Sniper is about to shoot Adi. Jhanvi comes there running. Samar sees her coming there. Sniper shoots bullet towards Adi.. Jhanvi runs towards him, Adi sees her. Sniper shoots.. but Adi runs to Jhanvi, Jhanvi slips. Adi sits down and asks what happened? Jhanvi says Nisha called and said she will do something with you. Adi makes her drink water and says I am fine. Adi says to Samar that I cant stay here anymore, I have to take Jhanvi home, he leaves with Jhanvi. Samar stares at sniper. Sniper messages Nisha that work couldnt be done. She is tensed hearing it. Samar calls Nisha and says I told hotel name infront of Jhanvi and she came here before plan could work out, Nisha says you must have lost your mind seeing her there, let me handle all this, she ends call and says when I tried to

kill her, she was saved and now she is protecting Adi.
Adi says to Jhanvi that this Nisha have made our lives hell,I wont spare her. Jhanvi says no, we have been freed from her after much difficulty, let court handle her. Kaki comes there and asks Jhanvi to control her emotions when Nisha calls her, she is trying to comeback in our lives but she will pay this time, she will scream and threaten you but till court calls us, we have to be careful, I want to throw her from our lives, she gives balm for Jhanvi and leaves. Adi asks Jhanvi to not worry and smile, she gives half smile, he says I have to do something, she says what? Adi says I was thinking.. he starts tickling her, she laughs.

Nisha says to herself that Jhanvi cant save Adi from Nisha, no choice. She thinks of some plan and says I never gifted Adi thats why I am going to him special gift and I will take that gift personally to him,sign, sealed and delivered by Nisha, you are lucky, when I was with you, I always wanted to be around you and now you are away but I still get pulled towards you, you are lucky and I am jealous, she laughs. Nisha’s mom comes there and says you wont get happiness by hurting others, Adi have moved on, you should move on too, you will find a guy who will love you and rich too, you have everything and will get guy as you want, Nisha says what do you mean? mom says dont do bad with Adi, he is father of your daughters. Nisha says you are right, I remember our memories.. only they are left.

Kaki serves food to everyone and says Neha out for dinner.Jhanvi says she will start smiling soon. Kaki says I want all my kids happy. Jhanvi asks kids to finish food and go to sleep, kids say story first. Adi says I was thinking to take Jhanvi and kids to Goa on vacations, we will go there after tomorrow. Samar looks on. Kaki says Jhanvi and Adi can go, kids will stay here, Jhanvi is going with Adi for first time. Kids say we want go with mummy papa, Kaki says we will have fun here, kids say okay. Samar is angry hearing all that and leaves. Kaki asks what happened to him? he left food, Jhanvi looks on. She goes to bring more food. Adi goes behind her.
Jhanvi is in kitchen and thinks I have to tell Adi about Samar. Adi comes to Jhanvi and asks if she is not happy with their holiday plan? Jhanvi says no, Adi says I know our marriage is not legal. Jhanvi says our relation is from heart, I dont care about law. Adi says I am lucky to get you, I dont know if I deserve you but I read you and I know you are tensed. Jhanvi says I dont want you react but I feel Samar felt bad, he misunderstood, dont tell him anything, he said things but he said sorry for them. Adi says okay I wont talk to him, I tried to talk to him, it was my mistake that I didnt tell him about us, Jhanvi says give him time and everything will be fine. Adi says okay and dont forget we are going on vacations, she smiles.

Samar is in his room, he is tensed and recalls Adi taking Jhanvi out for vacations, he calls Nisha. Samar says congrats Adi and Jhanvi are going on honeymoon, Nisha says they cant leave, we have to stop them, Samar says they are leaving day after tomorrow, Adi will attend conference tomorrow, I dont think you can do anything. Nisha says I will cut their wings, you dont know me, when I want to do something then I make sure to do it, I will do what I want, she ends call. Samar looks on. Nisha says to herself that Adi we have a solid connection, you kept running away from me and I kept running behind you, you want to runaway at end of your life too but I will say goodbye one last time before you die, see you tomorrow Adi.

In morning, Adi is at hotel for conference. Adi starts going towards all. One waitress passesby him and suddenly pushes injection in his palm while bumping into him, Adi looks at pinch on his palm, he says I am sorry and leaves. Its Nisha in disguise who gave him injection. Adi goes in lift but feels dizzy. Nisha looks at him and recalls flashback how she injected him fastly while bumping to him. She smirks looking at syringe.
Adi tries to go towards convention hall but is dizzy. Nisha comes infront of him without disguise, he is shocked and says Nisha you? she stares at him.
Jhanvi is praying in mandir, diya is blowing off. She recalls Nisha’s words that soon she wont need sindoor. Jhanvi says why I feel restless? I have to throw this fear from my heart.

Nisha comes to Adi. He is dazed to see her. Adi is fainting. She asks people for help. She takes Adi to room.
Jhanvi says where is my phone? Kaki asks her if she has seen her phone? Jhanvi says I can’t find mine either. I have to talk to adi. She picks landline but it is dead as well.
Samar says in heart no one can save your adi now. You and I will be one real soon.

Nisha makes Adi lie on bed. She lies next to him in his arms. She says I really like it. Last time being close to you. I stayed away from you one day i really missed you. Now you are going forever. i will miss you. Lets make few memories before you leave. Let me take a photo. She takes a selfie with him lying on him. She says open your eyes this looks like our honeymoon. He throws her phone in subconsciousness.

Jhanvi receives a courier. She asks the postman if he can lend his phone. He gives her but Adi’s phone is off. She calls in the hotel where convention is.
nisha takes out her knife. She says you always take her name, you were never mine. She says why are you going after Jhanvi. Why you want to live with her. She kisses him and says I love you.
She kisses his hand and face. Nisha is about to slit his wrist. She is about to slit his wrist.


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