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True Love September Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

Ambika and Dharamveer are exposed while Meethi comes to her senses. Read True Love September Teasers 2020 below.

Glow Tv True Love September Teasers 2020 

Tuesday 1 September  2020 

Episode 1335

Ekadashi encourages Akash to fight for Meethi because she isn’t the culprit. Meethi is compared to Ichha who was also given life imprisonment for murdering someone.

Episode 1336

The police interrogate Meethi regarding Ambika’s murder. Raghuvendra testifies against Meethi. When Mukta asks Raghuvendra why he testified against Meethi, Raghuvendra says that Ambika was his daughter.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Episode 1337

Meethi is jailed for murdering Ambika. Damini scolds Raghuvendra for testifying against Meethi. Mukta says that she will save Meethi. Ekadashi requests Dharamveer to forgive Meethi.

Episode 1338

Mukta happens to see Ambika on television. Mukta rushes to Akash to tell him that Ambika is alive. Mukta and Akash look for the news clip in which Mukta saw Ambika. Raghuvendra asks Sankrant to home.

Thursday 3 September 2020

Episode 1339

Akash finds out that Ambika is alive. Ambika quickly escapes when she sees Akash. Akash tells Mukta that he saw Ambika, but Sankrant does not believe him. Vishnu sees Mukta’s photograph in Yuvraj’s cabin.

Episode 1340

The police hides the proof which can prove Meethi innocent. Raghuvendra finds it. Mukta tells Tapasya that Raghuvendra should have revealed about his first marriage. Akash gets a call from Ambika.

Friday 4 September 2020

Episode 1341

Ambika asks Akash to meet her or else she would harm Meethi. Ambika tells Akash that she loves him. And She wants to ruin Meethi’s life because Akash married Meethi. Ambika asks Akash to marry him.

Episode 1342

Akash tells Meethi that he wants a divorce. Meethi is shocked to hear that. Mukta tells Ekadashi that she won’t let Akash divorce Meethi. Meethi doesn’t want Jogi and Damini to talk to Akash.

Monday 7 September  2020 

Episode 1343

Ambika finds out that she is Raghuvendra’s daughter. Ambika confronts Dharamveer but he tells her a different story. Akash tells Mukta that Ambika is blackmailing her. Yuvraj plans to fire Vishnu.

Episode 1344

Akash signs the divorce papers. Akash and Mukta try to find Ambika’s whereabouts. Ambika happens to see Raghuvendra but quickly escapes before he could reach her. Meethi’s court hearing begins.

Tuesday 8 September  2020 

Episode 1345

Raghuvendra testifies in the court that Meethi is innocent. Meethi asks Raghuvendra not to go back on his previous testimony. Akash finds out that Ambika is in the court.

Episode 1346

Meethi is convicted of murdering Ambika. Akash tells the judge that Meethi is innocent and Ambika is alive. Jogi doesn’t tell Damini about Meethi’s punishment.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Episode 1347

Akash asks Dharamveer to help him help Meethi. Dharamveer says that he won’t let anyone wrong Ambika. Mukta is very sad. Mukta and Akash plan to find out Ambika’s whereabouts.

Episode 1348

Meethi, Akash, and Vishnu go out to look for Ambika. Akash tries to recall the road on which Ambika’s men had taken him to meet Ambika. Meethi gets ready to bear the punishment. Tapasya is inconsolable.

Thursday 10 September 2020

Episode 1349

Mukta, Akash, and Vishnu expose Ambika and Dharamveer. Raghuvendra reaches on time and gets Ambika and Dharamveer arrested. Meethi is released. Ambika points a gun at Mukta and threatens everyone.

Episode 1350

Ambika is arrested by the police for conspiring against Meethi. As Ambika is trying to acquire a gun, she accidentally shoots and the bullet misses Akash by a whisker. Meethi regains her senses.

Friday 11 September 2020

Episode 1351

Sankrant goes to meet Ambika in jail. Meethi is released from the jail and returns home. Damini, Divya, and Sumitra go to check on Akash’s health. Even Raghuvendra goes to meet Ambika in the jail.

Episode 1352

Ekadashi welcomes Meethi home and apologises for all her mistakes and asks Meethi to start afresh. Raghuvendra tells Tapasya that she means a lot to him. Sumitra tells Raghuvendra that Mukta is pregnant.

Monday 14 September  2020 

Episode 1353

Meethi and Akash congratulate Vishnu and Mukta. Yuvan orders her to join the office within 2 days. Vishnu tells Mukta that he has lost his job. Akash and Meethi decide to rebuild the school.

Episode 1354

Mukta arranges a romantic date for Raghuvendra and Tapasya. Yuvan is obsessed with Mukta. Vishnu talks to Yuvan pretending to be Mukta and finds out that Yuvan like Mukta.

Tuesday 15 September  2020 

Episode 1355

Meethi takes Ekadashi to school and requests her to complete her education. Ekadashi is convinced. Seeing some goons kidnapping a lady, Meethi decides to file a complaint with the police.

Episode 1356

Raghuvendra invites everyone for the ‘baisakhi’ celebration. Yuvan is shocked to see Vishnu, as he expected to meet Mukta. Vishnu sees Yuvan’s tattoo and defers that he is Yuvraj Bundela.

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Episode 1357

Meethi and Akash inform the police about a kidnapping. Yuvan’s manager provokes the police against Vishnu. Vishnu doesn’t remember to tell Mukta that Yuvan is actually Yuvraj Bundela.

Episode 1358

Meethi recognises Kajri. Kajri pleads the captors to let her go from the bawdy house. Tapasya agrees to let Mukta stay with Raghuvendra. Sumitra is shocked by Vishnu’s behaviour.

Thursday 17 September 2020

Episode 1359

Vishnu behaves rudely with Sumitra. He speaks to Meethi in an odd manner. Yuvan comes across Vishnu and learns that he has lost his memory. Meethi congratulates Mukta as she is pregnant.

Episode 1360

Akash consoles Meethi as she is upset because of Sumitra. Akash learns that Vishnu and his colleagues have lost their jobs and decides to employ them. Meethi rescues a girl from the slums.

Friday 18 September 2020

Episode 1361

Akash pushes Vishnu away in anger, but later apologises and offers him a job. Maharani forces Kajri to wear the cheap clothes. Damini breaks her silence and gets into a heated argument with Sumitra.

Episode 1362

Damini saves Mukta from getting hurt. Vishnu records everything he can recall as he is suffering from memory loss. Raghuvendra proposes to Tapasya. Yuvan learns about Vishnu’s memory loss.

Monday 21 September  2020 

Episode 1363

The Thakur family prepares for Raghuvendra and Tapasya’s remarriage. Kajri sees Maharani forcing a girl to work in the bawdy house. Vishnu mistakes Akash for Yuvan and curses him. Akash slaps Vishnu.

Episode 1364

The entire family is stunned when Akash slaps Vishnu. Vishnu swears by Mukta that he didn’t say anything. Raghuvendra tries to pacify the situation. Meethi apologises to everyone on behalf of Akash.

Tuesday 22 September  2020 

Episode 1365

Meethi and Mukta discuss about the brawl. She gets a clue of Kajri’s whereabouts and informs Akash. She starts asking people about Kajri while Yuvan and Vishnu reach the spot.

Episode 1366

Seeing Vishnu with Kajri in the bawdy house, Akash thinks that he is trying to force himself on her. Akash leaves after beating up Vishnu, as Yuvan takes their photos. Yuvan hits Vishnu with a rod.

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Episode 1367

Akash and Meethi bring Kajri back. Yuvan promises Maharani that he’ll bring Kajri back. Akash lies to Mukta that he didn’t meet Vishnu. Mukta receives the photos in which Akash is beating Vishnu.

Episode 1368

Mukta scolds Akash for beating up Vishnu and goes to the bawdy house looking for him. Mukta is unaware that Yuvan has kidnapped Vishnu. Maharani tells Mukta that she doesn’t know anything about Vishnu.

Thursday 24 September 2020

Episode 1369

Mukta is furious with Akash for lying to her. Kajri tells Meethi and Akash that Vishnu was trying to help her escape. Mukta is worried for Vishnu and Yuvan consoles her.

Episode 1370

Munna is looking for Kajri in the market, but she manages to escape. Kanha and Meethi learn about Vishnu’s memory problem. Maharani comes to Akash’s home along with her goons to take Kajri.

Friday 25 September 2020

 Episode 1371

The goons tie up Akash and his family. Meethi tries to escape but caught. Raghuvendra consoles Mukta as she is worried for Vishnu. Ekadashi agrees to reveal Kajri’s whereabouts.

Episode 1372

Maharani forces Pavitra and Ekadashi to dance and entertain her. Akash tries calling Raghuvendra but he ignores his call. Yuvan comes to tell everyone that Vishnu is in the hospital

Monday 28 September  2020

Episode 1373

Pavitra doesn’t let Raghuvendra and Mukta come inside. They leave to find Vishnu. Akash makes an excuse to use the washroom and flees. The goons follow Akash. Raghuvendra helps Akash.

Episode 1374

Kanha comes to meet Meethi but she closes the door. Maharani had threatened to kill Akash if she speaks anything. Raghuvendra and Akash rescue everyone, but Maharani manages to take Meethi.

Tuesday 29 September  2020 

Episode 1375

Maharani tells Meethi that she’ll have to work in the bawdy house if she doesn’t reveal Kajri’s location. Mukta accuses Akash for Vishnu’s condition. Damini slaps Mukta when she curses Meethi.

Episode 1376

Kajri calls Maharani and asks her to let Meethi go if she wants her to return. Damini sees Yuvan hugging Mukta and slaps him. Raghuvendra and Akash barge into the bawdy house with the police.

Wednesday 30 September 2020

Episode 1377

Police is unable to find Meethi inside the bawdy house. Raghuvendra makes a plan to rescue Meethi. Mukta is devastated and begs Vishnu to wake up. Doctor declares that he is in coma. Kanha enters the bawdy house.

rue Love is an engrossing soap opera that highlights a twisted love story and the storms that it has to withstand. As the love between Akash and Meethi struggles to bloom, it brings into light some of the traitors and fake friends who have ill motives towards them. TheTrue Love cast members play their roles so well. Some of them will convince you that they are lovers in real life. Meethi is wrongfully charged with the murder of Ambika, and her efforts to prove her innocence do not bear fruits. Later, after a tumultuous experience, the truth unveils itself when Ambika shows up; hence the charges levelled against her are dropped.

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