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True Love August Teasers 2020 on Glow Tv

Vishnu works as a waiter, Raghuvendra steals his proof of innocence, Ekadashi is arrested! Read True Love August Teasers 2020 Below.

Glow Tv True Love August Teasers 2020 

Monday 3  August   2020 

Episode 1294

Ambika is conspiring against Akash. Yuvan calls Mukta to a deserted place for the meeting. Vishnu is upset as he might have to shut down his NGO due to lack of funds.

Episode 1295

Ambika tampers with the brakes of Akash’s car. He learns about it on the way, but he is unable to avoid an accident. Vishnu is upset about getting sacked from the job. Meethi is looking for Akash.

Tuesday 4  August  2020 

Episode 1296

Meethi notices Akash falling off the cliff and saves him. The incident heals Meethi as she’s able to walk again. Vishnu accuses Mukta of having an affair with her boss

Episode 1297

Meethi doubts Ekadashi for sending her the fake messages. Raghuvendra gets a clue to expose Chaubey. Vishnu returns home with Meethi. Ekadashi is shocked to see Meethi walk.

Wednesday 5  August  2020

Episode 1298

Akash plans to throw a party. Raghuvendra learns that Malvika was pregnant with his child and had delivered a baby girl. Ambika blackmails Ekadashi and asks her to make coffee for her.

Episode 1299

Ambika strips Akash’s phone and keeps it in Ekadashi’s wardrobe before Meethi enters the room. This creates more confusion in Meethi’s mind. Raghuvendra imagines Malvika around him.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Episode 1300

Meethi dreams about Ichha, who encourages her to fight the fear. Mukta receives a dress as a gift from Yuvan. At the party, Mukta enters wearing the ‘saree’ that Vishnu gave her.

Episode 1301

Akash and Meethi are happy to be together. Raghuvendra breaks down after Ambika’s emotional speech about mother’s love. Ambika mixes alcohol in Sankrant’s glass of juice.

Friday 7 August 2020 

Episode 1302

Sumitra taunts Vishnu for not being rich. Sankrant isn’t able to resist alcohol after drinking the juice. He ruins the party as he is completely sloshed. Sankrant misbehaves with Ambika.

Episode 1303

As Sankrant is misbehaving with Ambika, Akash comes to her rescue and slaps Sankrant. Meethi consoles Akash. Yuvan is interrupted by Meethi when he is talking to Mukta.

Monday 10  August   2020 

Episode 1304

Ambika makes Meethi believe that Ekadashi hates her. Ekadashi, in fact, hates Ambika. Yuvan recalls the trouble he had to go through as Yuvraj, because of Meethi.

Episode 1305

Meethi feels that Ambika is really concerned about her. Yuvan surprises Mukta by visiting and gifting her a diamond necklace. The ceiling fan drops on Meethi’s bed.

Tuesday 11  August  2020 

Episode 1306

Akash is shocked to see Meethi being attacked and blames Ekadashi as all evidence point to her. Raghuvendra remembers the time when he was married to Malvika. Vishnu fights with Mukta.

Episode 1307

Vishnu taunts Mukta for her attachment with Yuvan. Mukta goes to stay with Meethi. Raghuvendra recalls how Malvika burnt herself to death. Mukta notices Ambika’s weird behaviour.

Wednesday 12  August  2020

Episode 1308

Raghuvendra informs Dharamveer that he is Ambika’s father. Yuvan is planning to separate Mukta and Vishnu. Ekadashi is belittled by Ambika when she blames the her for the present situation.

Episode 1309

Ekadashi tries to convince Meethi and Akash that it’s Ambika’s plan to create differences between them. Vishnu and Mukta aren’t able to patch up no matter how much they try.

Thursday 13 August 2020

Episode 1310

Mukta passionately arranges Yuvan’s party in his absence. At the party, Maya is introduced. Mukta is sad to see Vishnu working there as a waiter and they confront each other.

Episode 1311

Sumitra gets back home to inform the family about Mukta and Vishnu’s separation. They are seen together soon after as they have patched up. Ekadashi talks to someone on the phone.

Friday 14 August 2020

Episode 1312

Raghuvendra sneaks into Dharamveer’s house and steals his proof of innocence. Akash offers Vishnu a position in his office. To win Mukta’s confidence, Yuvan offers Vishnu a job.


Raghuvendra goes to meet Ambika and gets emotional. Ekadashi tries to abduct Ambika but is caught by the police. Ambika had overheard her talking to the kidnappers.

Monday 17  August   2020 


When Ekadashi calls home, Ambika doesn’t let her talk to anyone. She manages to inform Pavitra that she’s in the lock up and needs one lakh rupees to post bail. Meethi plans to help her.


Ekadashi swears on her dead husband that Ambika is behind all that’s happening. When they come out of the police station, Raghuvendra spots them. Ekadashi receives a cold welcome at home.

Tuesday 18  August  2020 


Akash torments Ekadashi for letting the whole family down. Meethi takes Ekadashi’s side while talking to Akash. Ambika overhears Meethi and Akash and gets angry on Sankrant.


Meethi plans a beautiful candlelight dinner for Akash. She is angry with Ekadashi for lying to her. Mukta appreciates Yuvan for helping her. Ambika hurts herself and blames it on Ekadashi.

Wednesday 19  August  2020


Yuvan has already selected Vishnu for the job but Mukta is hesitant to inform him. Raghuvendra brings a DVD that has an old recording of Ekadashi speaking against him.


Ekadashi gets ready to apologise to Raghuvendra. Mukta and Vishnu are working together in Yuvan’s office. Yuvan tries to make Vishnu feel inferior. Ekadashi is tricked again by Ambika.

Thursday 20 August 2020


Ambika blames Ekadashi for changing Sankrant’s medicines. Meethi supports Ekadashi when the whole family goes against her. Raghuvendra arranges a picnic and wants Ambika to join.


Vishnu feels inferior as Mukta is his senior at work. Meethi calls the electrician to ask who had paid him to loosen the ceiling fan. The electrician says Ekadashi paid him to do so.

Friday 21 August 2020


Akash runs into Yuvraj at Yuvan Enterprises but he doesn’t know that Yuvraj is Yuvan. Raghuvendra pampers his daughter. Meethi is upset after seeing Akash’s photo in Ambika’s purse.


Mukta is unhappy with Raghuvendra’s concern towards Ambika as she doubts her. They spend their night camping at the picnic spot. Ambika mixes vermillion in Meethi’s milk shake.

Monday 24  August   2020 


Meethi gets stuck while trekking. She is unable to cry for help as she had consumed vermillion. Ambika finds a clue to reach Meethi but diverts others from noticing it


Mistaking Mukta to be Ambika, Raghuvendra reveals to her that Ambika is his daughter. Meethi finds a whistle and blows it, Akash comes to rescue her finally.

Tuesday 25  August  2020 


Meethi and Ekadashi join hands to expose Ambika. Dharamveer is upset to see Ambika’s growing attachment with Raghuvendra. Ekadashi mixes cannabis in Ambika’s drink to learn the truth from her.


Even in her intoxicated state, Ambika doesn’t reveal the truth. Raghuvendra is sad to see Mukta gloomy and thus, declares that he would never meet Ambika. Sankrant informs about Ambika’s pregnancy.

Wednesday 26  August  2020


Ambika colours the pregnancy test kit to show a positive result. Yuvan tampers with Vishnu’s work and lets him down in front of Mukta. Akash warns Meethi not to support Ekadashi.


Yuvan assigns Vishnu to be on the site for the work so that he’s away from Mukta. Meethi catches Ambika forging the pregnancy report. When Meethi shows it to Ambika, Ambika is astounded.

Thursday 27 August 2020


Yuvan humiliates Vishnu when he tries to be a rebel. Meethi decides to expose Ambika by showing the video to Akash and Sankrant. Before Meethi can do anything, Ambika pours kerosene on herself.


Ambika burns herself to death and Raghuvendra is unable to save his daughter. Meethi is put behind the bars on the charge of killing Ambika and her unborn baby.

Friday 28 August 2020


Sankrant meets Meethi in jail and curses her. Ekadashi knows that Meethi isn’t the culprit. Raghuvendra is numb. Dharamveer spits on Meethi for killing his niece.


Ekadashi encourages Akash to fight for Meethi because she isn’t the culprit. Meethi is compared to Ichha who was also given life imprisonment for murdering someone.

Monday 31  August   2020 


The police interrogate Meethi regarding Ambika’s murder. Raghuvendra testifies against Meethi. When Mukta asks Raghuvendra why he testified against Meethi, Raghuvendra says that Ambika was his daughter.


Meethi is jailed for murdering Ambika. Damini scolds Raghuvendra for testifying against Meethi. Mukta says that she will save Meethi. Ekadashi requests Dharamveer to forgive Meethi.

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