Timeless Love Saturday 6th Update Amba refuses to fund Balghar

Chitra asking Dev why did he call her? Dev says he wants her to be safe, and tells that they know her truth, how Vikrant and Amba treat you. He says we have to stop Amba and have to show her value to her, and this can’t happen until you are there, you knows well that she can torture you, which we can’t bear. Chitra says it was my mistake that Vikram was my choice. Dev says if I had known that Amy Mausi is Amba, then I wouldn’t have let this marriage happen. He says she forced me to remove my clothes during your marriage, and says she got your marriage done with Vikram so that she can come near me. Chitra is shocked. The scenes are shown. He says that she wants to make you puppet to get me. He says then when I fell in love with Vidhi. She played with Vidhi’s life and made everyone believe that Vidhi has a terminal disease. He says when her plan failed, then she came to our house and did that drama. He says then Divya scandal and now company takeover. He says if she regards you as her daughter then why she snatched 25 percent shares from you. Chitra says she made me forcibly sign it. She tells that Vikram doesn’t support her, and locks her in room. She says they insult her. Vidhi says we all are with you, and tells that whatever Amba has done is to take revenge from us. She tells that she is with them. Abhi asks her not to be afraid. Vidhi says Amba shall not know that Chitra is with us.

The warden comes to the office and tells that Raichand company takes care of balghar kids since 40 years, and says this month they didn’t get any fund. Yogesh asks her to talk to them personally. The warden says they are already in trouble and the kids couldn’t have milk since yesterday. Amba comes and asks her to throw them. She says you regard Dev as God, and asks her to ask money from him. She says Dev is God and Vidhi is Goddess and asks her to ask them not to have free food. She refuses to give any funding to balghar and asks yogesh to show her the door.

Dev comes to Kaushik’s office. He sees the employees playing and thinks to search his cubical. A guy helps him. Another guy asks him to take tablet from the counter. Another employee asks why did he wear suit? She says it is all casual.

Satyavati teaches dance to the girls. Vidhi, Chitra and others get happy. Vidhi wears ghungroo and dances with Satyavati. Everyone claps for them. Abhi says it was good jugalbandi. Chitra says superb. Vidhi asks Satyavati to continue. Satyavati teaches the kids. Vidhi goes to pray and thanks God.

Warden tells Vidhi that Amba refused to fund Balghar and asks how the expenses of kids’s food and school fees will be managed. Vidhi says God will do something, but we shall not tell the kids, as they will get worried. She tells that she will keep fast for 21 Fridays if everything becomes fine. The kids tell Vidhi that they will manage. Dev meets Kaushik and he tells him that they have to play the same game with Amba. He tells that Yogesh and I were good friends, and I never thought that he will betray me. He says yogesh was greedy since childhood, and Amba held his weak point. He tells that if we break Yogesh then Amba will be over, as he is her support system. Kaushik says we will win. Dev says I don’t want to take revenge from Amba, I want to fight war with her for my rights.

Inspector Durga Devi calls Amba and asks her to come to the PS. Amba tells Yogesh that she has to go to the PS. She says if it is Rakesh’s matter?

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