Timeless Love Sunday 7th Update Durga Devi interrogates Amba

Vidhi coming to the kitchen to wash the utensils. Dev comes there and tells Vidhi that he will not let her enjoy, and will enjoy this extended honeymoon. Vidhi laughs. He asks how to wash these utensils? Vidhi says it is a common things for me, I used to do it before also. Dev says we are equal and I will get to spend some time with you. Amba comes to the PS and asks Durga Devi, why did you call me? Durga says we have found mobile of your bahu. Amba asks what and gets up? Durga Devi says we found it very far away from your home, and the last call was made to Child and Woman cell. She says you must have understood that woman calls on this number to take help. Amba asks if you want to say that I trouble my bahu. Durga Devi says she couldn’t say as the call was disconnected. Amba asks why will I hurt her. Durga Devi says your bahu is missing and when we went to your house, your Servants told us that she is missing. She says you are not married then how Chitra is your bahu. Amba says Chitra is my nephew Vikram’s wife. Durga Devi says ok, but how did you snatch Raichand Industries and also Raichand Mansion. He says first Raichand business is lost, then Mansion and now their daughter. She asks Amba to think and tell them what happened between Chitra and her. Amba says you are asking me as if I am a criminal. She asks why you are connecting the Raichands with it, and asks if they have asked you to accuse me? Durga Devi tells that she got transferred 25 times in 15 years and got 10 medals and it is criminal offence to accuse govt officer of taking bribe. She tells her the dos which she shall be followed. Amba says ok and asks if I can leave now.

Durga Devi says surely. She says when we go home, your Servant Manjeet Rai had left work. Amba says he went to his village to meet his wife and kids. Durga Devi says we found his phone and came to know that his standard of living is high, he had made calls to London. Amba asks to whom? Durga Devi says to Divya Roy. Amba says I know that anyone can make local and international calls, and asks why you are connecting the calls with me. Durga Devi says divya’s mother is Dev’s mother in law’s cousin. She says Divya has left her job few days back, you might have known the reason. Amba says she runs a big company and doesn’t ask about the reason. She says you might get trap while trapping me. Vidhi and Dev wash the utensils. Vidhi sees soap foam on his face. She laughs and applies more. Dev says you have initiated the battle. Vidhi cleans it. Satyavati gets emotional and happy. Just then Abhi calls Satyavati and says Chitra is vomiting. Amba scolds the servants for not keeping eye on Chitra. Chitra runs to vomit.

Later Dev talks to Doctor and tells Chitra that the result is positive, she is pregnant. Chitra and others get happy, but soon Chitra gets upset thinking about Vikram’s words. Satyavati asks Chitra if she wants to meet Vikram and inform him about her pregnancy. Dev says we can’t send her back. Chitra says I have taken decision to stay with you, if I go today then how I will teach my baby to live with his head high. She says if I return then what face, I will show to my baby. She says I don’t want to become Amy Mausi’s puppet and says I will be proud if if I raise my baby with my real family and give them the same values, and says I hope I will not be a burden on you Bhai. Dev says don’t say this. Vidhi says I am very proud of you and hugs her.

Hariprasad and Bimla are packing the prasad. Hariprasad tells Bimla that Vidhi is their support and making ways for them. Bimla says Vidhi is very understanding, we shall learn from her. Vijay comes there. They hide the packets. Vijay reminds them that he has given them loan. He throws sweets box on the table and says I have brought new house, where you are staying. He says if you don’t return the debt then I have to take your house and temple in exchange. Hariprasad suddenly gets chest pain. Bimla asks him to breath.