Thursday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv December 6th

All the 3 sisters are crying and pia is telling about Pushkar, how he has made her life so beautiful and everthing, bani was telling, they have to bring Veer back and make him realise his mistake.

Veer comes to where some people are doing work on the house and ask what is going on, the guy tells that there is problem in fuse and hence current passing in hall is lighting so he is fixing it. He tells Veer not to let anyone use the intercom in the hall otherwise chandalier will fall and someone could be killed. Veer tells them all to leave and they do and he thinks Bani has to die, he is smiling thinking of killing and then Pronita calls Veer and he thinks today she has to die and no one will be here to hear her. She uses the intercom to call and tells him she wants to meet him, when he tells he does not want to see her. She tells him she will not leave without talking to him and if he wants his haq she will give it but listen to her once, he is meantime thinking why wire is not sparking and when it does, he tells her if she wants to save her life to leave but she tells she will not till she meet him.

The chandalier breaks and is falling when in nick of time, someone saves her. Veer hearing it falls comes out and sees down that no one is there and he goes down to see. He wonders where she went and Jai slaps him and ask if he is shocked his plan failed and she is saved because he is with her. Jai then tells Veer that he is the biggest mistake of his and he wants to kill him as he is the one who took his rights from him. Jai tells him he cannot harm Bani in anyway and if he does anything to her he will hurt him, Veer tells Jai that this is the problem and that because of her, he cannot give him his real name and that because of her, his mom does not have her rights. Jai tells Veer he is wrong and tells Bani to explain but Veer tells her not to explain. Veer then tells that, now that he is labeled the biggest mistake, he will hurt her one day when she will be all alone.

Jai tells he will not be able to hurt her and he will stay with her 24 hrs if he has to. Jai then tells Veer that 2 people can be wrong but if all say they are not then he is wrong and should think and if after that he still wants to kill them, he should remember Jai as his father and he leaves. Jai tells her that today she did what she felt is right but after what that Veer did, he cannot forget and take it lightly and so from today she is not to leave his side and never alone. Pronita tells that as long as he is there, nothing can happen to her or her family and then they leave. Aditya and the kids are wondering where Veer is as he is not at office and Jai and Pronita comes. Pronita tells that they went to meet Veer and carried him out to leave. Aditya ask where he is and Jai tells he needs time alone and Aditya tells the kids to leave.

Aditya ask why they lied and why not tell the kids that Veer killed Pushkar and how long will they lie? Jai is just angry. Rano tells that Pronita went to meet Veer and to explain to him that his thinking is wrong, Pia tells so what? did he listen ?and he may not have and probably did something bad again. Jai is just getting angrier and Pronita tells Pia that Veer was not there but when they meet him she is sure he will listen. Jai is just looking at her while she is lying. Ganga and Rishi are at bus station and she is asking why going to hyderabad and he tells to meet Pratyush and she can be happy. On the bus she is about to sit next to him but he tells her to sit on another seat away from him. She ask why and he tells because she said she feels suffocated being with him. Jai ask why she lied to Pia and she tells because if Pia knows what Veer tried to do, it would break the relation of mother and son totally and they do not want that. Jai tells that he will not change easily and Pronita says she knows but today by Jai’s doing, Veer will have to think and probably change

Jigyasa (loves to hear husband-wife talks) wonders why did Jai have to get involved between Veer and Pronita. Jigyasa thinks that if with Jai’s talk, Veer changes, there will be problem and she should go and meet Veer. Veer is sitting remembering what Jai said and goes down. Jigyasa arrives but Veer is not there and ask where he went, She says he is weird and wrong combination of Jai and Pia as he leaves without informing anyone and how can she meet him?

Jai the next morning tells Vicky to look after office as he and Aditya cannot make it as they have to do some rituals for Pushkar. Pia tells she will come too and Pronita tells why only Pia? as they all will come as well. They are doing the rituals and the priest tells that the person who will be doing it should come forward. Jai tells he will and priest ask if he is brother? Jai tells no but he will have to as his son and that is where Veer cuts in saying he is here and all look up.

Veer comes to the place of rituals and tells the priest that he will do the rituals. Pia is angry that he is there and tells veer to go, she tells him to get lost. Veer says that I came here only to do papa’s rituals, I have realised my mistake and I also know the truth of my life that Jai gave me life but Pushkar gave me love and life. Krishna and Vicky are thoughtful, Veer says I comitted a mistake unknowingly and I cannot correct it either but see how fate plays games. Yesterday, I even tried to kill Bani, Pia and everyone is shocked. there is a flashback and Veer says that the person who is ready to forgive me inspite of everything. He tells Pia that I know you will not forgive me, I could not be a son to Pushkar when he was alive and now i have a chance, please let me do the ritual. Bani takes Pia away, Krishna is shocked that Veer is Jai’s son. She and Vicky walks off and Veer sits to do the rituals, he remembers the times with Pushkar and finally kill him. Veer puts Pushkar’s ashes in the water and is all tearful, he thanks Rashi, and others who are still there. Veer is about to go when Bani stops him, She says if you want to repent then you can do so by staying with us. He says I even tried to kill you and gave so much grief to this family, i cannot face you guys. Bani tells him that you are Pushkar’s son and he lived for others. Pia says I dont want anything to do with Veer. Jai says I am confident about my blood and Pushkar’s upbringing that you will improve, he takes Veer with him.

Ganga-Rishi are travelling in the bus and a bad man is eyeing Ganga. Rishi notices and gives his seat to a woman so he can stand in such a way that the man cannot see Ganga. When Ganga thanks him, he says he did cause the woman was old and needed to sit, the bus breaks down and they have to spend the night at a hotel. Rishi books two rooms and tells Ganga he did that so that Ganga gets privacy. The bad man again tries to trouble Ganga but Rishi comes to her rescue and they fight, he asks her who she is and Rishi tells him that she is nobody but just for humanity. Veer comes home and Jai tells him to freshen up and eat. Pia is not happy but Bani tells her to give him a chance. Pia says he is dead for me the day he killed Pushkar and if you think I will forgive him and accept him, you are wrong. Bani tries to explain but Jai takes her away.

Krishna wants to talk to Jai.. she asks him if whatever Veer said is true and is Veer is really your son.. how could u keep this from us.. she doesn’t want to hear any explanations.. she is furious and they think we are kids.. Pushkar was killed, you were attacked and if Veer had not told us, we would never had known… she says that today too you only decided that he should stay here.. a person who can do all this, he will never improve.,.. jai says we have to give him a chance… Krishna says you will say that cause he is your son.. but I will not behave normally to him.. i will not like to see his face too.. Veer hears this all..