This is Fate Tuesday Update 10 November 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 10 November 2020

Karan is chasing the thief, they both head into a café where he catches him and starts beating him, Karan takes a knife pointing it at him than demanding that he give back the purse, Sarla comes in between than taking the purse puts down the knife, the thief runs but is followed by karan,

they both get into a fight when he places a knife at his neck, Sarla mentions that she will give him the purse If he lets karan go, then karan hits him and the thief is caught by the police, the fans come to take a selfie with karan, Sarla thanks him and leaves.
Rishab is wondering where karan might be than he gets a call from the office and has to leave for the office.
Everyone in the house is trying to call Sarla but the phone is not connecting, they wonder what might have happened to her, she exclaims that they always try to ask her to why she was not answering the call, Sarla mentions that the feeling is the same which she has when they do not answer her call, she exclaims that the only reason she got wrong was because there was a lot of people at the pharmacy, Janki sees that her clutch is torn and they also see that she has bruises on her wrist, she mentions that a thief tried to snatch her purse but she could not let it go.

Sarla asks that she saw the car of karan in the society so why did he come here, they mention that he came to meet them and it was to invite them all to his wedding, they all get really tensed about what might have happened.
Rishab comes down, Karina stops him asking where he is going, he exclaims that he is going to the office as the staff is waiting for him, they all stop him exclaiming that it is the wedding of his younger brother so he cannot go. They all ask where karan is, Maira is also worried, Sherlin mentions that she should never say anything to Kartika because she is a close friend of Preeta.
Ramona says that he might have gone to cricket practice, she mentions that she is joking, he comes back exclaiming that he was not wasting time and had gone to invite someone who is really special, than when they insist he mentions that he went to invite Preeta which amazes everyone.
Sarla is really angry and she scolds everyone, asking why did karan come to their house and how could he invite Preeta to his wedding when he along with his family threw her out of the house, Janki exclaims that he has gotten so low that he came to invite his wife to his second marriage, Sarla mentions that she should not say that Preeta is his wife as they both do not have any relation, Shrishti also tries to explain that they both are still husband and wife, but Sarla is not ready to believe anything.
She mentions that they don’t have any relation, Shrishti then mentions that if they do not have any relation than there is no problem with going to his weddding as they all would be just guests. Sarla demands that she remain quiet than asks Preeta is she wants to go but when she also says that she has no interest in going than Sarla calms a bit, Preeta asks her to sit and she will bring the water, but when Preeta is poring the water Sarla heads back into her room.
Every one is shocked to hear that karan ahs invited Preeta to his wedding, Karina mentions that he has done a terrible thing, Preeta does not want that he get married to Maira and she came at every function and always caused trouble, she remarks that he has invited his destruction to the wedding.

Karina exclaims that Preeta would once again create a scene that would provide her with the opportunity to ruin his marriage with Maira. Ramona is also worried and she exclaims that he has ruined the life of her daughter.
karan responds that he is not ruining the life of anyone but he has to invite her no matter the consequence, he asks Maira if she has a problem than exclaims that nothing can happen now and he will not do anything to help her, Karan mentions that he cannot forget her after the hospital because he keeps remembering what she did to his family and how much they all have suffered but it is the only way to calm himself down which is why he has invited her so that she can also see that Karan Luthra doesnot forgive anyone who harms his family, she will now see his true face which no one has ever seen. He had a lot of girlfriends and she should not think that she has importance in his life.

Dadi comes forward mentioning that Preeta has importance in his life so much that he has to prove that she doesnot mean anything to him, she mentions that he still thinks of her even if it is in anger yet he remembers her which implies that he still loves her which means that he has some relation with him, he doesnot think what they all will feel when she comes into their house. Rishab is not able to bear it and leaves the hall. Karan exclaims that she will come and bear the same insult which they all felt when she destroyed their lives, she assures Ramona and everyone else to not worry as he has taken each and every step after making a plan.
Preeta is crying in her room thinking of how Karan came to invite her in his wedding, she thinks off him and is not able to forget the incident when he handed her the invitation card, she hears his voice but thinks of what is happening to her and she should be happy as Karan is marrying someone else which would mean that he is leaving her life. Shrishti thinks that she should not ask her as she would not say anything, but she has to plan.
Shrishti exclaims that it is good Karan is marrying Maira because now they would have no relation with them all, Preeta also agrees, but Shrishti says that they all are happy that karan is no longer in a relation with them and it is not their concern, Shrishti mentions that she knows Preeta wanted to help the Luthra’s because of her relation and that she is the wife of karan but also because that Mahesh is like her father and he has a strong relation with them both, she wonders how frustrated he will be knowing that he cannot help anyone.
Shrishti says that Rakhi who used to help them but now she also remains quiet, Preeta bars her from saying anything relating to her, she then turns towards Rishab who pretended to be mature enough but she thinks that he is also scared of his wife, Preeta stops her from saying anything, because she knows that he is not able to say anything, Shrishti then exclaims that they all including Bani Dadi blamed them for pushing Mahesh because they know that both of them would not do anything of this sort.
Shrishti exclaims that she knows Preeta cares for them all and still believes that they all are his family than she should stop pretending, Preeta mentions that she doesnot feel anything for them all, Shrishti asks her that they should then go to the wedding to stop Maira and Sherlin as they both are like parasites who would eat the roots of the family from the inside. Preeta mentions that she doesnot care and would go to the wedding to show that she doesnot care for anything relating to his wedding and that would show him she doesnot care a bit.

Shrishti thinks what would happen and that if anything wrong happens to her sister at the wedding she would not be able to bear, than she calls Sameer informing that her sister is coming to the wedding, Sameer thinking of what happens than tries to stop her from coming but Shrishti mentions that she knows her sister should come as his brother has done a lot to harm Preeta and they would not be able to bear it, Shrishti then plans to do all that they can to stop the wedding as she knows how evil Maira is and what she can do to the entire family, Sameer and Shrishti both agree to make sure that the wedding rituals are not fulfilled and they think that if both karan and Preeta will see them than they might realize how much they feel for each other and decide to live together, Shrishti and Sameer are optimistic about their plan. Sameer cannot understand what Shrishti thinks, he says that he told her to not bring Preeta as it will cause a lot of problem, Rishab knocks on the door from behind asking what has happened to him and why is he talking to himself, Rishab is about to leave when Sameer pulls him explaining that the Auroras have accepted their invitation and are coming to the wedding, He asks Sameer to stop them because if they come it will create a lot of problem.
Karan goes into his room and destroys the photos in anger, exclaiming that Preeta should come to see that he is ready to marry.
Preeta exclaims that she will go to the marriage function of karan, Shrishti explains that they should then convince Sarla, Preeta goes outside where Sarla is chopping the vegetables, she comes asking if Preeta came to talk about going the marriage, then Preeta mentions that she is not that weak and has the courage to see him get married to someone else, because she is her daughter and he gave her a challenge so she will show him that she can bear anything and has no interest if he marries anyone.

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