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These Streets September Teasers 2021

Shantanu is shocked to find out that Asmita had consumed sleeping pills to avoid getting married to Ridoy. Coming up on These Streets September 2021 Teasers.

Zeeworld These Streets September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 66

To avoid spending the night with Ridoy, Asmita requests to go to her father’s house.

Thursday 2 September 2021

Episode 67

Later, a guilt-ridden Ridoy apologises to Asmita and promises her that they will consummate the marriage only when Asmita is ready for it.

Friday 3 September 2021

Episode 68

Dadi Bua rescues Shantanu from Paromita and asks him to rush to the hospital. Meanwhile, Beauty decides to kill Dadi Bua for being a hindrance and blame Asmita for it.

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 69

Beauty informs Paromita that she has already set her plans in motion. Beauty and Paromita turn up at the Majumdar house and show everybody a picture of Asmita and Shantanu in a compromising position. Later, Asmita agrees to give a virginity test to give an ultimate proof of her innocence.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 70

Shantanu berates Beauty and Paromita for their narrow thinking and Ridoy questions Nivedita for putting Asmita through such an ordeal. Beauty warns Paromita to consummate her marriage with Shantanu before Asmita takes him away from her. Shantanu makes an excuse of taking a vow of celibacy for three months to keep Paromita away from him.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 71

Asmita corners Shantanu in his room and asks him to fill her forehead with vermilion powder. Nivedita gathers all the family members to announce that they are going to the court to register the marriages.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 72

Ridoy asks Shantanu to plan their honeymoon so that they can get away from the family hullabaloo. Later, Asmita convinces DSP Rane to allow her to bug Nivedita’s room. Shantanu is shocked to find out that Asmita had consumed sleeping pills to avoid getting married to Ridoy.

Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 73

The Majumdar family is in for a shock when Paromita introduces Beauty as her guardian in the absence of her grandmother. Beauty wants to know the truth behind Asmita and Shantanu’s relationship and spikes his juice with a substance that will loosen his tongue. However, Asmita spots the residue of the powder on the stove.

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 74

When the lights go out, Asmita takes advantage of the dark and brings Shantanu to his room. Meanwhile, Paromita reveals to Beauty that she has hidden a camera in the room to record everything. Ridoy, who had seen Asmita getting out of Shantanu’s room, confronts her. Later, Asmita hears Nivedita talking to Arindham through the microphones she had placed in her room.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 75

Paromita informs Beauty about being pregnant with Mohit’s child and refuses to abort it. Asmita overhears Shantanu and Nivedita discussing about getting a job done and decides to follow Shantanu. However, Paromita spikes his milk and puts him to sleep with an ulterior motive in mind.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 76

Beauty breaks the news of Paromita’s pregnancy to the family. Nivedita is unhappy with Paromita’s pregnancy. Feeling betrayed, Asmita is devastated and fears that Shantanu has changed for the worse. When Shantanu confronts Paromita, she emotionally blackmails him into accepting that he is the father by taking advantage of his memory lapse.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Episode 77

The next day, on the occasion of Sarasvati Puja, Asmita explains to the media about the ritual of ‘Hatey Khori’ and also taunts Beauty for preaching. Nivedita asks Asmita to fetch Ridoy’s walking stick, but she cannot find it. Paromita brings it and accuses Asmita of conspiring to humiliate Ridoy.

Friday 17 September 2021

Episode 78

Shantanu finds the bug planted by Asmita. Afterwards, an inebriated Ridoy manhandles Asmita and asks her why she doesn’t love him. Nivedita meets Asmita and asks if the want for a foreign location is what’s stopping her to go for a honeymoon. Later, Nivedita lays a trap for Paromita.

Monday 20 September 2021

Episode 79

Chanda summons Shantanu and asks him to swear that he is not behind Arindham’s disappearance. Later, Vani Kapoor, a criminal lawyer, comes to the Majumdar house. Asmita and Shantanu promise each other to give the unborn child all the love it deserves. Vaani Kapoor, a criminal lawyer, informs the Majumdar family that Arindham’s case has reopened and she is going to defend Shantanu in court.

Tuesday 21 September 2021 

Episode 80

Nivedita manipulates Shantanu into taking Paromita to the temple the next day. At the temple, Bijoy orchestrates a stampede to kill Paromita’s baby. When Asmita spots Mohit in the hospital, she quickly figures out a way to extract the truth out of him.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Episode 81

Asmita tries to reach the court by running. At the hearing, the judge refuses to give the next date and is on the verge of convicting Shantanu.

Thursday 23 September 2021

Episode 82

After a heated session of arguing, the prosecutor points out Shantanu’s past and accuses him of pushing a pregnant Nivedita to kill Ridoy in the womb. Asmita detests Nivedita for playing dirty and resolves to strike back by exposing her.

Friday 24 September 2021

Episode 83

Ridoy gets aggressive with Asmita for forgetting his birthday. Ridoy asks Asmita to prove herself innocent by going for a honeymoon with him but she flatly refuses. Later, Beauty reminds Nivedita that Neelambar, Arindham’s younger brother, is her husband and has brought a homecoming present by releasing Shantanu from jail.

Monday 27 September 2021

Episode 84

Despite his increasing hatred for him, Ridoy gives a statement in favour of Shantanu at the final hearing. The court acquits Shantanu but gives the police 24 hours to produce Arindham’s body based on which a final verdict would be given. Nivedita’s partner asks her to kill Arindham but she does not do so because she wants him alive to sign over the entire property to Ridoy.

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Episode 85

Asmita decides to tell the truth to Ridoy at the ‘Kali Puja’. At the ‘puja’, Nivedita overhears Shantanu and Asmita discussing their childhood friendship. She follows Asmita, who is trying to find Mohit, and learns that she is Puchki.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Episode 86

Shantanu comes to know about Paromita’s deception and promises Asmita to accept their marriage in front of the world. However, Nivedita and Shantanu have a talk after which he insults and throws Asmita out of the house when she comes dressed as a bride.

Thursday 30 September 2021

Episode 87

Later, it gets revealed that Nivedita had blackmailed Shantanu by threatening to burn herself and Ridoy. Shantanu renders Nivedita speechless for a moment when he asks her a pivotal question, but she recovers quickly and convinces Shantanu to not accept Asmita as his wife. Meanwhile, Beauty manages to recapture Mohit and plots to kill Asmita.

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These Streets Last Episode

Devika sits next to Krishi and says I hope Krishi gets well soon so everyone is relaxed. Nevi says Akira why aren’t you asleep? She says what’s happening in this house isn’t right. We can take care of Krishi. Why is Devika here? nevi says Krishi needs Devika. She handled her tonight. Please don’t sleep. Don’t take the stress. Akira says in the heart before Devika makes a place in Shan’s life I have to do something.

Krishi says I miss you mama, please come back. Devika comes to Krishi’s room and leaves a hot chocolate. Krishi says did you make papa eat last night? Devika says yes. I made your favorite breakfast. Get fresh. I forgot to turn off the gas. I am coming. Krishi goes to the restroom. Akira sees Asmita’s photo an says Krishi has this photo only. I will burn it. Krishi would think Devika did it. She burns Asmita’s photos and leaves. Krishi comes back and sits on her bad. She sees fire. Krishi screams fire. Krishi sees Asmita’s photo burning. She tries to pick it. The bed is burning.

Devika comes in and says Krishi are you okay? Stay there. How did this happen? Krishi says my photo. Devika picks the photo and gives it to her. Devika says stay there. Krishi screams. Shan comes there and extinguishes the fire. He picks Devika. Krishi says auntie are you okay? Shan hugs Krishi and says are you okay? She says I am fine but Devika auntie. Akira says you did this right? You came here only. Krishi says she saved me. She didn’t do anything. She also saved my mama’s photo. This photo would be completely burned. She hugs Devik and says thanks a lot. Krishi sees Devika’s hand burned. She says papa her hand burned while saving me and my photo. Shan says come with me. He takes Devika to his room.

Shan washes Devika’s hand. Shan says your burned your hand stop crying. Devika says I saw concern in your eyes. That’s why these tears. No one ever showed concerned or sympathy. She cleans her wound. Devika smiles. Nevi says apply this medicine. Shan says sit. He applies the cream on her burn. Krishi says mama, everything would be fine. Everyone is shocked. Krishi says I mean auntie. You’re brave. Krishi kisses her face and says everything would be fine. Nevi says you’re no less than Krishi’s mother. A mother could do this only. Krishi coughs. Devika and Shan pat her back together. Nevi says Krishi, come with me. I will give you the medicine. Shan and Devika are alone in the room. Shan says thank you for what you did. Devika says don’t say that. You look cute when you’re scolding. Shan leaves. Devika says I love you Shan in heart. Devika says we would be together soon.

Scene 2
Nevi asks Krishi how do you feel? She says good. Nevi says there’s something I want to talk to you about. Devika risked her life to save you and your photo. Do you like her? Krishi says she looks like mama. I can’t be mad at her. I didn’t like her first then I realized papa brought her. Nevi says I feel like your mama sent Devika to your and your papa’s life. She looks like her. Her heart is the same. She loves your papa. Your mama sent her. I wanted to part Shan and Asmita. No power on earth could part them. She sent Devika to your life then. Krishi says can she be my mama? Nevi says yes. Only you can convince your papa. I will get a daughter, you will get a mother and Shan, a life partner. Krishi says you’re right. Devika auntie can take mama’s place. I have to convince papa.

Krishi comes to Devika’s room. She says Devika auntie is like my mama. Bari ma was right. Devika gets scared. She says you scared me. Krishi says I am sorry. I got you food. Let me make you eat. Your hand hurts. Krishi makes her eat. She says did mama send you? Bari ma said that. Devika says your mom loves you a lot. She had to go. So she sent me. Krishi says mama wants you to be my mom? What does she want? Devika says what does your heart say? Krishi imagines Asmita asking her to make Devika her mom and marry her to Shan. Krishi said yes mama I will do it. Thank you for coming to my dream. Krishi says mama sent you to be my mom. I have to convince papa. She goes out. Devika says Shan would get so mad.

Akira gives Chahat chocolate. She says how did you know this is my fav? Akira says no one gives you attention here like they do to Krishi. I will make you my priority like your mama did. Krishi got her new mom. You’re sad and no one cares here. If I could be your mom I would give you love like Nandani. Your papa is sad and lonely as well. Chahat says please be my mom Akira auntie. She says for that your papa would have to marry me. Chahat says I will convince him. Akira hugs her.

Krishi says God, you needed my mama. So you sent a new mama. Please don’t take her away from me. I will talk to papa. She comes to Shan. Shan says to Chahat yes I will marry Akira and make her your mama. Don’t ever say you will go to hostel. I can never see you two sad. Krishi is shocked to hear this. Shan says never say this again. Chahat says I won’t. Shan hugs both of them. Krishi is confused. Krishi says in heart I can’t be selfish. Chahat is so happy. But mama sent Devika auntie. Chaht says Krishi come here. We will have a new papa. Papa will marry Akira auntie. Shan says aren’t your happy? Krishi says if Chahat is happy I am happy. Chaht says papa, let’s tell everyone.

Nevi says what is the news? Chahat says let me give everyone sweets. Bari ma you taught me to give sweets before telling a good news. Nevi says what is it? Chahat says our new mama is coming. We are getting our papa married. Nevi looks at Devika. She says Devika.. She hugs her and says I am so happy. I know you will complete this house. Chaht says it’s Akira not Devika auntie. Nevi is shocked.

Scene 2
Devika cries in her room. She recalls her moments with Shan. Devika says it’s all my fault. I never deserved Shan. Singers have their hearts broken. So this will make me a good singer. This heartbreak will make me a good singer. I will only focus on my dream. I will be away from Krishi. I felt like she was mine. But I have to move on and I will. Shan comes to her room.

Devika says we all have to move on. I will move on too. Shan comes to her room. Devika says I was packing. Shan says where are you going? She says home. Where I came from. This is what we decided that I have to be here till Krishi is normal. She got to know about her mother too. She accepted it too. There aren’t any complications. You can get her surgery done. Thank you for helping me with mom’s surgery. I have to go and take care of her. Our deal is over. You’re getting married soon so congratulations. Say the same to Akira too. Devika is leaving. Her saree gets stuck in Shan’s watch. He takes it out. Devika leaves. The song judaai plays.

Devika walks out of the house. She meets Nevi and says I am going. So I can’t keep this. She returns her Asmita’s mangalsutra. Nevi hugs her. Akira says let her go mama. NEvi says let me call Krishi. Akira says let it be. Kids get attached Krishi might get sad. You know her condition. Asmita says I want to meet her once. Akira says don’t you understand Devika? Krishi comes and says no. Krishi hugs Devika. Krishi says I won’t let you go. I can’t lose another mama. devika says I have to go. My mom is waiting for me. She had her operation done. she needs me. Devika says you can’t leave me. Devika ysays I will come to meet you. You can come to meet me as well. Krishi says can you stay till papa’s wedding? Please? Call your mama here as well. Right papa? NEvi says this is a good idea. You are a part of our family and you look like Asmita. We would feel like she’s here. Shan says yes stay Krishi would like it. Akira says okay then stay. We would need singer as well for our functions. You would have a career boost as well. Singing in such a high profile wedding. Krishi hugs Devika and says thank you.

Scene 2
Devika sits with Krishi and says let me tell you a story. Krishi says I don’t want any story. Please go and sleep. I would miss you when you leave. Devika says I would come to meet you. Krishi says but you won’t becoem my mama. Devika tells her a joke. Krishi laughs. They both laugh together. Shan comes in. Krishi says she told me such funny jokes. Shan says I heard. Devika says don’t pull my leg. Krishi tells a joke. Shan and Dvika laugh as well. Devika trips over Shan. They look at each other. Krishi takes their photo together. She takes a selfie with them. Krishi says I have recorded these moments. When I miss you I would watch them. Shan says sleep now. He makes her sleep. Devika says who would brush? Krishi laughs. shan says she’s so happy with Devika.

Nevi says what happened Shan? Why are you crying? Tell me? I am seeing you cry after so long? What’s hurting you? I know you have feelings for Devika and they’re confusing you. A mother knows everything. You aren’t accepting your feelings. Shan says what do you mean? She says you’re in love with Devika. You are neglecting it because you think you can’t love anyone but Asmita. But you’re running away from reality. WE have to move in life. Devika would be your wife and Krishi’s mom. Asmita wanted the same. Shan says I only loved Asmita. Devika can never be Asmita. Nevi says but you love her for who she is not because she looks like Asmita. Shan says I can never never love her. Nevi says I hope you don’t end up marrying Akira in these emotions. You have made many mistakes already.

Nevi tries to talk to Akira. Akira comes there and says what is wrong with you? You can’t take Shan away from me. Don’t dare to come between me and Shan. You know who my brother was. I can’t be mother Terresa. I won’t sacrifice my love. Nevi says in heart I have to talk to Devika.

Krishi says to Devika come with me to papa. I will talk to her. Nevi says you have to come with us before it’s too late. Let’s go please. Devika is confused. They come. Chahat and Akira are alredy there. CHahat is saying papa please marry Akira auntie in two days. I won’t be able to enjoy after that because of my exams. Akira says Mamo also said this is the right time. Akira says are you happy? If you don’t want to marry me then say it in front of Chahat. Shan says it isn’t like that. We will marry within two days. Chahat says thank you papa. Devika and Krishi are upset.

Scene 2
Nevi says Akira has brainwashed Chahat. She is manipulating him. I won’t let Shan marry the wrong girl. This is about Krishi and Chahat too. Krishi says what would we do? He isn’t confessing that he loves Devika auntie and that mama sent her. What would we do? Nevi says I have an idea. She says only Devika can make Shan realize that he loves her. Devika says but he doesn’t have feelings for me. Nevi says he loves you but he isn’t accepting his feelings. He is confused. Love can change that confusion. I know how much he loves you. He would be yours once he realizes his feelings. Krishi says you have to be yourself in front of papa not my mama. He will fall in love with you. Devika says I don’t understand. Nevi says you are dressed like Asmita. Be yourself. Devika says I am scared. Krishi says you would win for sure. Nevi says I won’t let Akira marry Shan.

Shan is asleep. Devika comes to the hall and sings mujhko iraday de. Shan wakes up and comes downstairs. Shan falls. Devika saves him. Shan goes back to his room. Devika says I know it isn’t easy for you. Akira says you think you would succeed with all this? Nothing can part me and Shan this time. Devika says you don’t know the power of love. Akira says I love him a lot. Devika says intention matters more. Akira says we will be married in 24 hours. Devika says I have an entire day. Anything can change in a moment. Akira says I can’t lose Shan. I have to do something with this Devika.

Shan says this can’t happen. I can’t feel anything for her. She only looks like Puchki. He recalls what Nevi said. Shan says was mama right? Am I in love with Devika? This can’t happen. Asmita says why can’t it happen? He says you. Shan says Puchki you.. She says yes. I had to come and help you. You’re in love with Devika. Shan says I only loved you. How can I love someone else. Asmita says that won’t stop our love. You love Krishi and Chahat too. Nevi and Chanda too. Love is a feeling. It has not end or rules. You can love anyone. Love is a faint. You can only feel it. Can’t measure it. If you love devika that doesn’t mean you’re giving her my love. That would always be mine. But you will give her your new love. Accept your feelings for her and tell her you love her. I would be happiest if you do that. She says you have to do it for yourself and your daughters. She disappears. Shan says Puchki.. He says you are right. I will give Devika love of her part not yours. I have to tell her I love her.

Shan looks for devika everywhere. She is nowhere in the house. Akira says who are you looking for? He says no one is in the house. Akira says Chahat and Krishi went to the temple with Nevi. Shan says and Devika? She says I don’t know. I only saw her in the morning. The kids come back. Shan asks them if they have seen Devika? They say no. Akira says she might have to her place. Let’s concentrate on our wedding. She had to go. Krishi says she can’t leave without telling me. Please call her. Nevi says her phone is switched off. Akira says in heart only I know where she is and she can only come out after the wedding.

Akira asked Devika didn’t you go to the temple? Devika said I would when your wedding is cancelled. Akira said you would if you are in your senses. She fainted Devika. Akira locked her in the room. Akira says I have hid her in this house and she will only come back once I am married to Shan.

Scene 2
Shan wonders how could she leave before the wedding? Krishi comes to Shan’s room. Shan says come sleep. Krishi says why did Devika leave? I really miss her. Can’t we bring her back? Shan says we need a reason to call her back. She might not want to stay here. Krishi says you like her right. Why aren’t you marrying her then? Why are you marrying Akira? Shan says because I have promised Chahat. I can’t hurt her. I hope you would understand. Krishi says she might be missing her mom. I hope she comes soon. Shan says yes please sleep.

Scene 3
Akira comes to the store room in the bridal dress. She says don’t even try Devika. Shan and I will be married in a while. Then you’re free to go. Nevi sees Akira coming out of the storeroom. She says what are you doing here? Akira says I came to pick something. Nevi says I also need something from the store. Akira says I will get you. Tell me. Devika is tied inside.

Akira says let’s go. I will wear something else. We have to go. Nevi says yes let’s go. She comes to the mandap. Shan says why do I feel like Devika is in trouble. Please take care of her God. I already lost my love once. I want her to get everything she wants in life. Devika says I have to stop Shan. I won’t let Shan marry a wrong girl like Akira. He’s marrying her for his kids. But she’s an evil person. Today is Valentine’s day and you have to unite us today God.

Shan sees a ring on the floor and says it’s Devika’s ring. That means she’s in this house. Krishi says Devika auntie where are you? Akira says why are we wasting time. It’s running out. She must have left this ring here. Nevi says I think her life is in trouble. We have to find her. Shan says yes I feel like she’s in trouble. We have to find her. Akira says but.. Shan says I am sorry. He runs upstairs.

Shan looks everywhere but Akira is nowhere. He says where did this ring come from? Akira says let’s get married first. Nevi recalls she saw Akira coming out of the storeroom. Nevi says I know where she could be. Shan and Nevi see Devika in the store. Shan picks her and takes her to the room. Shan says are you okay Devika? She says yes. Devika says I knew you would come to save me and God would stop you from marrying Akira. My love didn’t marry an evil girl. Shan says who did all this? How did you come here? What happened? Krishi says are you okay? Nevi says I have an idea who did this. Just take her name once then see what I do. Akira says I did all this. Ask me. Yes I did it because I love you Shan. I can’t live without you. If any third person comes between us I would do the same. Chahat you want me to do the same right? Krishi has Devika. She loves her. I will be your mama and love you. Ask your papa to marry me. Krishi holds Devika’s hand and gives it in Shan’s hand. She says you’re evil. What you did with her, you could do with me. It’s so wrong. You can’t be my mom. My papa will never marry you.

Akira says this is because of this Devika. I will kill her. She picks a vase. Shan says you showed who are you. You’re Shekhawat’s sister. She says yes I am. When someone takes what’s yours you do anything to stop it. He says you and your brother thought love is a thing that you own. Nevi says she belongs in the jail. I have called the police. She asks the inspector to arrest her. Akira says how can you do that? Please stop it Shan.

Nevi says God has shown you the way to Devika today and on Valentine’s day. Everything is ready. Chahat and Krishi say papa please say yes. Shan says Devika, would you hold my hand for life? Would you be my Valentine? She says yes. I love you. Shan says I love you too. Shan says will you marry me?

Scene 2
Devika and Shan get married. They take rounds around the fire. Shan fills her hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji says from today she’s your wife and your kids’ mother. Shan says Asmita, I am sorry. But I will never give your place to anyone. Shan sees Asmita’s imagination. He says your place will always remain the same in my life. I will never give your part of love to anyone. But in Devika I have a life partner and our daughters have a mother. I will always love you.