The heir Tuesday Update 5 November 2019


The heir Tuesday Update 5 November 2019

Amba says we will show place where we want to make women ashram, freshen up and have food, we will make your arrangements in guest house. Raj says its risky to stay in guest house alone. Mannu asks how will you encourage others if you get scared. Raj tries to manage. Raj tells a sad story. He says fine, we will stay in guest house alone. Amba says no, you will stay here in our house. Raj and Rohan get happy. Raj thanks her. Raj sees Mannu. Rohan sees Simran. Raj thinks we will soon find that girl and save Preet and her family.

Raj and Rohan hugging Mannu and Simran. They go to see room. Sukhi flirts with Raj. Mannu says this is your room, you will stay here. Rohan asks so many girls, did you open ashram already. Mannu says no, they are Gunjan’s friends. They go. Raj says that girl is going to do something to spoil Amba and Mannu’s image.

They see girls showing nightie and leave from room. Rohan says we have never slept with girls. Raj says she means to say like this way. Amba asks them to sleep in hall. Raj says we will sleep with your daughters, I mean in their room. Mannu says fine, and asks Laila to sleep in her room and Pramila to sleep in Simran’s room. Raj says its fine and holds Mannu.

A man comes to police station and meets Chandar. He says none knows you are ruining Mannu and Amba,
you are doing this against them. Chandar laughs and says now Preet’s destruction will happen. Mannu says we have less money, if panchayat doesn’t agree then… Raj says we have to make them agree, its karwachauth tomorrow, we should call panchayat people and their wives to get a chance to talk. Amba agrees.

The girl informs this to the man. He tells his plan. Raj tries to see the girl. The girl goes. Raj comes to Mannu’s room. Raj asks are you thinking of your husband, will you keep fast for him, I heard you have a fight with him. Mannu asks how do you know. Raj says its our work to have info, tell me will you keep fast. Mannu says no, sleep now. Raj says so much anger, it means your husband is a creepy dog, you are so sweet and beautiful, he will be a cheap mean man, men are such, they don’t value life. Mannu asks her why is she saying bad to Raj. Raj says so his name is Raj. Mannu asks her to sleep. Raj rests by her side and looks at her. Bolna …..plays…..

Simran thinks of Raman and cries. Raj holds Mannu. Rohan comes to Simran. She sits crying. Its morning, Raj wakes up and sees Mannu sleeping. He moves her hair strands off her face. Mannu wakes up and asks what happened. Raj makes a story. Mannu says an apple on the bed. Raj looks at himself and hides. Raj says I have apple in morning, its very good for health. Mannu says I don’t understand you. She goes. Raj doesn’t eat the apple.

Gunjan says I spoke to Aman, he said he can’t come, should I keep fast. Raavi says every wife should keep fast. Gunjan asks why so much food. Raavi says just we are fasting, everyone else will have food, I kept fast for Jagan. Amba says you can keep it if you want. Sukhi smiles seeing Raj. Simran says I m not hungry. Rohan looks at her. Amba asks did you keep fast for Raman. Mannu asks her not to say this. Simran says I kept this fast for Raman, he is not in this world, but he is alive in my heart. Mannu says I felt you kept fast for Rohan. Simran says I told you, none can take Raman’s place. She goes. Raj holds Rohan. Raj jokes on their husbands and laughs. Amba asks Mannu to have food. Raj thinks she won’t eat, she has kept fast for me. Mannu takes food.

Raj seeing Mannu. Mannu acts to eat food. Raj lies about the detox fast. Raj asks is panchayat people coming. Amba says yes. The girl thinks to end her game tonight. She adds something in the juice and serves. Amba welcomes panchayat members and their wives. Rohan says Preet and Simran didn’t keep fast for us, our love got incomplete, they don’t regard us husband. Raj says we will complete it.

Pandit chants mantras in puja. Everyone attends. Mannu makes excuse and goes. She goes to room and does her Karwachauth puja, thinking she can’t do her puja in front of everyone. Rohan stops Amba from going. She says it will be good if Preet doesn’t sit in puja, she will be hurt. Mannu applies sindoor. She sights the moon. Ghar aaja…..plays…… Raj comes there. Mannu gets shocked seeing Raj in front of her. Raj says she can’t lie now, as he knows she has kept fast for her, two signs can’t make them separated. She asks him to leave, they have no relation. He asks why did she keep Karwachauth fast if their hearts are not relation, why is she praying for him.

Amba calls Mannu. Raj doesn’t let her answer. Amba goes to check. Raj asks Mannu to drink water and break her fast. Mannu refuses. Raj says I won’t let Karwachauth stay incomplete, have water. He insists and breaks her fast. He says I m hungry since morning, break my fast too. Amba calls her. Mannu asks Raj to leave. Raj says she is not letting me see you well. Mannu asks him to go fast, Amba will be coming. Raj refuses to go, till she breaks his fast. She feeds him water. She asks him to go now. He says I will give this Karwachauth’s gift to you. He leaves.

Amba comes and asks what are you doing here. Mannu says I was feeling restless. Amba takes her. Raj climbs to room via window. He sees Mannu’s pic. Amba says panchayat and their wives should be happy today, we should win their hearts to win this battle. Raj says I will go fast and get the gifts from room. Raj hears them coming. He gets ready as a woman. He looks for his wig. He finds the wig stuck. Mannu and Amba come inside the room.

Raj covering hair with a towel instead wig. He lies to Amba and Mannu. All the women break their fast by rituals. Mannu recalls Raj. Raj asks are you missing Raj. Rohan sees Simran fainting. He holds her and asks her to get water. He feeds water to Simran. Simran thanks him. Everyone sits to dine. Raj talks to few girls. Mannu says I have a request, we want Shahni for Pavaniya, we want Amba to become Shahni.

The man asks how can a woman become Shah. Mannu asks why not, women have more patience and sense, women can do anything, women are not less. Sarpanch says yes, but woman didn’t become Shah. The man says you gave this feast to bribe us, we are leaving. Mannu says if you all support, a new history will be written. The man says no, she is a widow. Sarpanch asks is girl a heir, only boys can become heir. Amba says sorry, we didn’t mean this, wait. Raj thinks of an idea and takes the doll. Girl asks for her doll. Raj doesn’t give and refuses. The lady snatches the doll and pushes Raj.

Raj asks them till when will they fight for daughters, some day the girls have to become independent and fight for themselves. Mannu says a woman runs country, and we are not ready to make a woman a heir, if we make Amba a Shahni, we will try everything to make a woman independent, mum is first teacher, everyone can get good education, girls will know to fight and not call anyone for help, my mum told same thing many years ago and got permission for Simran’s studies, this will be next step. Amba asks them not to leave food, and apologizes.

Sukhi and others dance on dhol. The girl sees juice drinks and thinks they all will faint in some time. Raj gets shocked when the juice ignites more fire in diya. He tells Rohan about wine mixed in drink, so that Mannu and Amba get defamed, we have to stop them, check who did this, I will manage this drink. Rohan goes to check. Raj dances on baby ko bass pasand hai….He doesn’t let anyone drink. He drinks the juice. Rohan doesn’t get the wine bottle. Raj takes the drinks from everyone and drinks. Mannu gets wine smell. Amba says Pramila got mad, go and make more wine. Raj takes Mannu’s drink and finishes. Raj falls on her.

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