The heir Sunday Update 17 November 2019


The heir Sunday Update 17 November 2019

Simran calls Rohan. He gets glad hearing her. She says I called you to thank, you said Raj’s truth. He says no, it was my duty, if you need me, you can tell me. She thanks him and ends call. Simran sees Jagan. Chandar calls him and asks did you get Simran’s call. Rohan says yes. Chandar says just support me and then see what will happen, I have some work, we shall

meet. Rohan agrees. Chandar says Rohan will get all news of Raj and Mannu. He laughs.
Its morning, Raj gets tea for Mannu. He wakes her up and jokes. She hits him and hugs. He says your anger is gone. She says sorry, I was much angry. He says I got hurt. She asks where, show me. He show his heart. She beats him. He says I got a Jhalli girl and holds her close. Rohan comes and looks on. Raj says when did you come.

Rohan says you guys don’t think of anyone else, I mean did you just fill form, or is there any plan to win. Mannu says I spoke to sarpanch and requested him to give women their voting rights, I have a plan, sarpanch didn’t meet women, he doesn’t know their problems, I thought we will make these women tell their problems to sarpanch, they also need to choose their sarpanch.

Raj likes the plan. He says we will get women, you get the sarpanch. Rohan says be careful, this thing shouldn’t go out, what are you seeing. Raj says nothing and hugs him. Raj promises whatever happens, he will make him unite with Simran. Rohan thinks I had trusted you both before, now I will manage on own.

Raj asks Mannu to calm down. She says leave me, let me go. He says fine go and kill him, then get hanged and think what dreams did you show to that women. He scolds her. He says Chandar is ruling everywhere, you have to become sarpanch to change this, you have to bear Chandar if you want to win. She throws the knife angrily. Raj goes. Mannu thinks I will not let Chandar do this, its my promise.

Jagan telling Chandar about Mannu’s plan. Chandar says she is troubling me a lot, will you just tell me stores, keep an eye on them, we should know what they are doing. Jagan asks him to keep patience, we need someone whom they can trust, Chandar says tell Simran to call Rohan and thank him for help. Jagan says we don’t trust Simran and Rohan. Chandar says you didn’t understand, Raj and Preet trust Rohan.

Chandar says so this is Preet’s plan, go now, else anyone can make news. Rohan leaves. Chandar says kabootar is gone. Jagan goes. Chandar asks Jagan did you read about city women, who see big dreams, where do they get trapped, they know men are superior, they lay a trap of beauty, its like fire, Preet is going to get trapped, she can’t walk in pind with high head again.

Mannu asks the women to meet sarpanch. Rohan comes there. Mannu asks them to go with Raj and explain other women, they will explain sarpanch, but none should know this. Raj says it will be good if Mannu wins. Rohan asks Mannu her other plan. She asks them to go with Raj. Rohan thinks how will I give half news to Chandar, I have to find out. Mannu and Raj take the women.

Amba looks on. The woman asks Amba to learn from Mannu. She asks Amba to at least bless Mannu. Amba gets away. Mannu says mum’s blessing is always there with children. Amba smiles. Mannu says I m such because of mummy’s upbringing, we shall leave now, we have much work. They leave. Amba prays for Mannu’s safety and success. She turns and sees Raj.

Raj says blessings and tears don’t hide, you couldn’t hide this from me, I can see you are proud of Mannu, trust me, you and Preet are incomplete without each other, just hug her once, then see none can separate you two. Amba claps and says another game to become great, who are you, you thought you will rule on us, I have worked hard on Mannu, you cheated her. She scolds him. Raj leaves. Mannu thanks him for making this possible. Raj says I m big hearted, I trust you more than myself. He kisses her. He says trust me, we will win.

Mannu and Rohan leaving. Mannu meets Sarpanch’s wife and reads her love letter. The lady says I didn’t do this till now. Mannu says once I become sarpanch, you can meet sarpanch ji outside. Rohan thinks to inform this to Chandar. Sarpanch reads his wife’s letter and laughs. The man asks whose letter is it. Sarpanch says nothing special, I have a special work, I will finish it and come.

He leaves. Chandar comes there. He picks the letter and gives him. He says I came to get file. Sarpanch says I have to go for imp work and goes. Chandar smiles and thinks it will be fun now. Mannu asks Raj to come soon. Raj says I got some women along. She asks Rohan to drive. Rohan asks her to check the tyres. He takes her phone and messages Raj to divert him. They leave.

Rohan and Mannu come to meet sarpanch. Mannu says we will have a meeting here. Rohan says I will finish my work and come. He goes. Sarpanch comes there and says you here. Mannu says yes, sit. Someone throws a smoke can and shuts door. Mannu says I have to talk something imp. He says you should talked to me straight. She asks him to sit. He starts coughing. Smoke spreads. She also coughs. She says something is wrong. They fall down unconscious.

The man calls Chandar and informs him that work is done. Chandar says great and smiles. He says no one can win over me. Raj reaches the place and says why did Mannu not come here, is she in any problem. He calls Mannu. The women say we can’t wait now. Chandar comes and asks where did Preet go, she was with sarpanch. Raj raises hand on him. Chandar holds his hand.

Raj looks for Mannu everywhere. He finds the place locked. He worries for her. Its morning, Raj scolds Chandar’s man. The man says I can just show the place where I have seen Preet for the last time. He gets them to the place. Raj says I have checked this place, Preet was not here. Mannu comes out in dizzy state. Raj runs to her and asks are you fine. Chandar comes. Raj asks what happened. Chandar says thank God we got Preet. Sarpanch ji comes out. The people get shocked. Mannu asks what’s happening here. Chandar asks sarpanch ji what is he doing here. The man defames Sarpanch and Mannu for spending night. Raj gets angry.

The man scolds Mannu for ruining everyone’s respect. Raj asks him to shut up. Sarpanch says stop your nonsense, Preet is like my daughter, I came here to meet my wife, I have her letter, read this. The man reads the letter from Preet. Sarpanch ji, Raj and Mannu get shocked. Mannu cries. Chandar recalls changing the letter. He says its kalyug. Sarpanch shouts this is a lie, its a plan against me, this letter is changed. The man argues. Raj beats the man. He asks the people are they doubting Preet, did they go mad, Mannu is fighting for their rights. He defends Mannu. He says Preet is my wife, I believe her, she can’t do wrong, I m standing with her and will always stand. Chandar signs the man. The man asks Raj who is his wife, they are divorced. He asks Raj how do they stay together without marriage. He talks ill about Mannu.

Mannu asking Raj to leave the man. She says I m not ashamed of anything, I have spent a night with sarpanch in one room, when a daughter stays with a father, why don’t you all think such, I have similar relation with sarpanch, a father and daughter relation, some mean people don’t get back from making such relation defamed, you didn’t listen to sarpanch who gave his life to this village, you all didn’t listen to him. They see sarpanch gone. They all look around. The man says sarpanch has run away, he had some shame, Mannu has no shame. Mannu says even Devis has to give Agnipariksha, I m a human and I will prove my innocence. Chandar says everyone does mistake, I know Mannu got stained, but we should give her a chance. Mannu cries. Raj gets angry. Mannu says don’t say

anything, they will not believe us. Chandar talks cheap. Raj says I will kill you. Mannu takes him. Chandar smiles.
At home, Mannu stops Raj and reminds him how he stopped her that day from doing wrong. She cries. Raj pacifies her. He says I was wrong, if anyone talks cheap about you, you didn’t think what will I go through, my heart gets hurt. They hug. Mannu says Amba would have known this, don’t know how to make her believe my innocence. Raj says no need to make her believe, mum’s heart knows everything, mum understands everything, she will never believe this. She hugs him.

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