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kindred heart Saturday Update 13th July 2019

Jhanvi says last request about Adi to God, I will go far away from his life, so far that he wont be able to find me, If I remain near him then It will [...]

kindred heart Thursday Update 11th July 2019

Kaka says to Kaki that you kept trying to tell me truth but I was blinded by this Nisha’s lie, forgive me if you can, Kaki shakes her head. Kaka comes [...]

kindred heart Friday Update 12th July 2019

Nisha says to Adi that we have been married for 8 years and these things happen, give me one more chance, Baba comes there and sees this. Adi pushes h [...]

kindred heart Monday Update 8th July 2019

Nisha thinks that Jhanvi will know what fear is to lose your most precious thing. Maa says to Jhanvi that I am scared, Nisha can go to any length, [...]

kindred heart Tuesday Update 9th July 2019

Nisha comes in lounge and sees recorder. Kaka says once they test Nisha’s voice sample then it will be clear who complained against Baba. Nisha thinks [...]

kindred heart Wednesday Update 10th July 2019

Nisha cries and says Adi i didnt want to hit you, i don’t know yoyr condition now, she cleans car’s bonnet and says Adi I didnt want you to bring my t [...]

7th July Sunday Update on kindred heart

Baba says to Jhanvi, Adi and Maa that if Nisha can blame me for having an affair with Jhanvi at this age then she can put that blame on you too, when [...]
4th July Thursday Update on kindred heart

4th July Thursday Update on kindred heart

Nisha’s mother comes to Adi’s house. She sees expansive watch on table, she is about to steal it but Jimmy barks at her, she falls down on couch. Nish [...]

5th July Friday Update on kindred heart

Jhanvi comes home. Maa says bindi is looking good on you but you dont apply it? Jhanvi says kids applied it. Jhanvi says i want to talk to you, Maa as [...]

6th July Saturday Update on kindred heart

Nisha calls her mother and says you have to do this for me, i want to destroy Jhanvi’s reputation so much that she cant enter my house again and i wil [...]
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