kindred heart Tuesday Update 9th July 2019

Nisha comes in lounge and sees recorder. Kaka says once they test Nisha’s voice sample then it will be clear who complained against Baba. Nisha thinks Adi is smart but I am not going to give my voice sample. Nisha gets downstairs but acts like slipping, Raj is on stairs too, she nudges Raj and he falls down from stairs, all are shocked to see Raj in blood at end of stairs, all run to him. Adi sees Nisha standing in stairs, he glares at her, Adi and Kaka takes him to hospital. Nisha have sigh of relief, she smirks that she didnt have to give voice sample.

Jhanvi and Maa sees Survi sleeping. Maa says Nisha should get punished, Adi is right. Survi starts yelling in sleep, she shouts to let her go, I want to go home, Maa tries to wake her up but Survi cries and screams. MAa hugs her and says see everything is fine, Jhanvi is here, Jhanvi is in tears seeing Survi’s mental state, she wipes her tears and looks determined.

Raj is brought home with bandages on his head and hand. Nisha asks Raj if you are fine? my foot slipped, I didnt do it deliberately. Adi says nobody asked you, we all know your intentions. Nisha says voice recording expert left. Adi says you wanted that right? but dont worry, i will prove you guilty. Jhanvi comes there and says I have solution for that, all look on. Jhanvi says Nisha you are very smart but you are bad human, you put someone’s life in danger so skip voice testing? it wont matter to you, i just came to say that only two women were in house that house, Nisha and Me. Jhanvi says to Adi’s family that if I give my voice sample and they test it with their sample and it doesnt match then it will be proven that I didnt call police and Nisha did, Kaka says I dont have problem with it, I am ready, he asks Adi to prepare to arrange Jhanvi’s voice sample, Nisha gets tensed hearing all this, she glares at Jhanvi.

Nisha calls her goon and says I cant bear hurdles in my way, this time you have to kidnap Jhanvi and makes sure to kill her, you can do something inbetween kidnapping and killing, i want you to torture her so much that her soul shivers down, do anything you want with her but just finish her, Nisha ends call and says Jhanvi didnt want to involve her family so I have found way to solve my problem, I hate you Jhanvi.

Nisha’s goon comes to Jhanvi’s house dressed as deliver boy. Maa asks what he wants? goon says I came to deliver things to your neighbor, can I get a glass of water? Maa looks at him suspiciously. Jhanvi comes there and says I have closed Survi’s room door so she can sleep easily. Maa goes to bring water. Goon sees Jhanvi’s back to him, Goon points gun at Jhanvi as she has back to him, he pulls trigger and is about to shoot her.. but someone calls Jhanvi’s name, goon hides gun.Jhanvi sees guards standing on door, they say we are your bodyguards,Adi have sent us for your and your family’s safety. Jhanvi says okay. Jhanvi calls Adi, Adi asks did bodyguards reach? she says it was not needed, Adi says Nisha can do anything so your family’s safety is most important, I cant let anything happen to you people. Jhanvi thanks him and ends call. Maa comes there with water and says where did dlivery boy go?

Jhanvi comes to Survi and says eat something, you know time is best healer, you wont remember all this, you have to do some effort today, lets go. Survi doesnt move. Jhanvi calls Maa and hints at her. Jhanvi and Maa starts dancing on itni si hasi funnily, Survi finally smiles. jhanvi brings, Survi starts dancing with them, Jhanvi twirls and is about to fall back but Adi comes there and holds her, they get lost in each others eyes.

Jhanvi asks Sameer why he is crying? he says nothing, nothing. Suddenly a van comes infront of their car. Some goons come out, Jhanvi asks what is this Sameer? take car back, Sameer looks away from her. He opens lock of car, Jhanvi is stunned and looks at Sameer, goons open door and tries to grab Jhanvi, Jhanvi kicks them and beats them with tool she got from car, she screams for Sameer, Sameer is in pain seeing her like that but doesnt help her. goons grab Jhanvi and puts blindfold on her eyes, they put her van and leaves. Sameer sees this kidnapping and says Adi forgive me, i am sorry, forgive me please, he cries.
Jhanvi is trying to free herself, goons tie her hands too. Adi is driving car on same road as goons van, Jhanvi is fighting against goons in van but they hold her still.
Adi stops car at signal, goons van is beside his car on signal. Adi doesnt notice it. Jhanvi looks out of van and sees Adi’s car, she helplessly looks at her and cant scream as they have put cloth on her face too. She keeps looking at Adi but Adi is busy in calling Sameer and says why is not picking call. Jhanvi pulls cloth from her mouth and screams for Adi, Adi turns to look at her but some biker comes inbetween them and Adi doesnt see her. Adi calls Jhanvi and says she is not picking up too, there is some problem, i should go to Sameer’s house, he drives away from there while Jhanvi helplessly sees him going without noticing her.

Nisha gets call from her goon. She comes in corner of house, goon says girl is in our trap, Nisha says to goon that good, you know what you have to do but make sure it looks like suicide and not murder. She ends call and smirks. Kaka comes there, Nisha says today is Jhanvi’s voice sample test, I dont think she will reach there, Kaka asks why? it was her idea then why would she not go? Nisha says they say something and do something else, truth will come out with this voice testing that Jhanvi did that call so I dont think she will reach there, she leaves, Kaka looks on.

Adi comes to Sameer’s house and sees goons there, goons runaway. Adi sees Sameer’s parents tied, he asks what happened? father says some goons took Sameer with them, they said that if Sameer didnt do their work then they will kill us, Adi asks what work? Adi calls Jhanvi’a maa and asks who took Jhanvi for voice testing? Maa says your friend Sameer came to take her, Adi is stunned to hear it.