Sunday Update on The heir 4th August

Jagan and his family facing problems in the godown. He scolds Raavi and Sukhi. Sushila says your mum made you leave, think of something, calm down now. He asks how to calm down, Bebe will make Mannu Shah in 15 days. Sushila says 15 is much time, I will change everything, let me think. Amba asks Bebe whats the hurry for Mannu’s Shahposhi. Bebe says I have done it when he was 6 months old, now I have to tell everyone that Mannu will take decisions from Pavaniyas side, Jagan declared he will take decisions and I have to deny it, tell me what is your worry. Amba says I m not scared, I m thinking Mannu is young. Bebe says you should know his capabilities, he knows right and wrong. He saved your respect and my life, he saved Simran also, he has Lord’s blessing, trust Mannu, he has
taken tough decisions like a Shah. Amba holds Bebe. Bebe says I m fine, don’t worry. Mannu deserves this. She goes.

Simran asks Amba what did you think, its good thing. Amba says yes, Mannu did right, but he did not think he is Shah, he did to help family, when Bebe gives him Shah powers, he has to listen problems, think and solve, everyone will eye him, I m worried of problems, and if he does any mistake, his truth will come out.

Jagan looks around and sees no one. He goes to bath near the tap on the road. The men look on. Jagan sings aaj mausam….. More people come. Sukhi comes and says mummy wants water to cook. The men joke. Jagan gets angry. Sushila asks Amba to help, Raavi has ache in stomach. Raavi cries. Amba asks Mannu to call doctor.

Amba asks Bebe to call them back home. Bebe says they are paying for their deeds, what kind of soil are you made of, you will regret a lot. Amba says I know, they did bad, Raavi is unwell. Bebe says I don’t care. Anba says you care as you are not like them. Bebe says Raavi and Sushila have poison in them. Amba asks Bebe to permit just Raavi. She calls Raavi to come inside the house. Bebe stops Jagan and says you and Sushila are not permitted to come inside the house, just Raavi can come. He says she is my wife. Bebe says I m not getting her as bahu, you are not my son, you lost this right, I m getting her for humanity. Jagan says I don’t want to be your son, what did I get, you made Charan Shah, and then Mannu, you cheated me, you see you will get cheated by this Amba. Amba worries. Bebe says Amba will die, but not cheat me, you tried to kill me, be scared of Lord, Amba will never cheat me. Amba looks at Mannu.

Bebe kicks out Jagan and Sushila and shuts door. Jagan argues with Sushila for risking Raavi’s life. Sushila says don’t shout, I m her mum and care for her, I knew Amba will not let anything happen to Raavi, just have fruit, don’t count the seeds.

Mannu says I will do pind work as Charan did. Bebe and Amba smile. He asks about Charan. Amba describes Charan’s great virtues. Bebe gives Charan’s sherwani and asks him to wear it fast, don’t be shy like girls.

Mannu thinking what to do. He sees Charan’s ink pen and applies ink to face. Bebe asks Mannu to go and wash face. He takes clothes. Bebe says he has grown up and will not wear clothes infront of everyone. Amba worries thinking of Jagan’s words. Mannu comes wearing sherwani. Everyone smile. Mannu takes Charan’s coat and Pagdi. Amba says it will be bigger. Charan used to wear it even now. Bebe says its been 7 years now Amba. They get sad. Mannu comes wearing the long coat and pagdi. They laugh. Amba sees a paper falling from the pocket.

Amba goes out and reads the letter. She sees Charan’s letter for Gauri. Charan writes Gauri, I m your culprit, I just gave you sorrow, I have two daughters and family, I can’t think of leaving them, Lord knows I think of you and my
son, my heir. Amba cries. She thinks Charan had another family, wife, son…..He apologizes to Gauri for not making his son his legal heir. She runs inside the home.

She checks Charan’s old suitcase and gets Gauri’s letters. She thinks of Charan. She cries and says no, Charan used to love me a lot. Its morning, Amba goes to Bebe. Bebe talks to her and asks who was Gauri. Bebe says he was Charan’s friend, did he not tell you, she was my Maayka’s neighbor’s daughter, Charan and Gauri used to play a lot, they once reached temple and said they want to marry. Bebe laughs. Amba says then why did he not marry.

Bebe asks what, why did you ask her. Amba says I was going to your village, my friend stays there. Bebe says go, I will manage kids, who is your friend. Raavi hears them. Amba says my childhood friend. Raavi tells this to Jagan and Sukhi. Jagan asks why is Amba going there. Amba asks Simran to take care and asks Mannu to listen to Simran, Mannu’s truth should not come out. He asks her not to worry. Amba says Raavi is at home, Jagan and Sushila are close, they would be thinking some new plan.

Sushila says I will follow Amba, Jagan you keep an eye on Mannu. Raavi says what are you doing, my baby will get affected. Jagan calls her fool. Amba takes ticket. Sushila follows her. Amba calls landline and says who is talking on landline for long. Mannu talks to Raj on phone and asks him to talk to Harjeet. Raj says Harjeet is not talking to anyone and being alone. Mannu says we will meet and think what to do. Simran asks Mannu not to go, mummy stopped you, I can’t leave you alone, secret will come out.

Bebe asks what secret. Mannu and Simran get shocked. Mannu says we were talking of Jagan. Simran says yes, truth has come out now. Bebe says don’t know what will Jagan do now, Sushila is with him. Amba reaches the village. Sushila follows her. Amba recalls Bebe’s words. Sushila gets a call. Amba hears the ring and turns to see. Sushila hides. Amba says I thought its Sushila. Sushila talks to Jagan and says yes, I m after Amba, I will call you. He says I will manage Mannu, he will come out, I will not leave him this time.