Sunday Update on Gangaa 9th December

Amma ji reprimands Ganga for talking to Sagar like that. Madhvi diverts the topic. Help me in making sweets if you have washed your hands. Sagar makes an angry face. Amma ji has plans for Janamashtami. I have got a beautiful crown for you. He heads upstairs showing no interest in any of it. Amma ji is irked with Ganga for spoiling Sagar’s mood.

At night, Amma ji scolds Ganga. It wont work the way you talk to Sagar. She tries to tell him everything but Amma ji is in no mood to listen to her. She blindly takes Sagar’s side. I wont listen to anything against him. Ganga reasons that she loves him blindly, which is why he has become spoilt. He stays in the wrong company. Amma ji retorts that she is no one to tell her about how much she should love her grandson. You will compare yourself to him! She mutters to herself as she lies down to sleep. Ganga makes up her mind to defeat Sagar.

Raghubir is sure they will win. We have selected a new song. Cancel the old one. We will perform on Vande Mataram. The girls are participating on the same song. They are doing very good. I will book this song on our team’s name. No team gets to repeat the song. We will perform before them. It will be fun to watch them lose! The organizer stands helpless.

The girls practise their dance steps. Gunwanti applauds them. We will win if we continue working this hard. Gunwanti has to go to Principal Madam’s room for some urgent work. The girls resume practice.

Gunwanti tells Principal Ma’am that the girls are doing very well. They will win if they continue doing so. Principal Ma’am declines. You will have to go home right away as your mother has expired. Gunwanti is in tears. Principal Ma’am comforts her.

Ganga tells Bulbul that she is doing it wrong. Bulbul refuses to follow her. Ganga says I am only doing what Madam ji has taught. You can ask her when she comes. Principal Ma’am comes to inform them that Gunwanti Ma’am cannot come now.

Sagar tells his dance teacher that he has mastered all the steps. You will be very happy to see it. Raghubir plays the new song on which they will be now dancing. The kids look puzzled. Sagar points out that this isn’t their song. Raghubir tells them that they will perform on this song only now. We have to defeat those girls. Don’t you want to teach them a lesson for their bad behaviour? The kids cheer in unison.

Principal Ma’am shares that it is important for Gunwanti ji to be at her home at the moment. Ganga is worried about their dance practise and victory. Bulbul is happy though.

At home, Ganga thinks of Principal Madam’s words as she folds all the clothes and keeps them nicely. Madhvi notices the plate of fruits. Why dint you eat anything on your fast? Ganga isn’t hungry. She shares the problem with Madhvi. Sagar too hears her. Now your team will lose surely! Madhvi tells him not to talk negative. Ganga is already sad. Madhvi suggests Ganga to pray to Kanha ji. He always listens to kids. Ganga agrees. I will surely pray for help as even I don’t like losing! Ammaji notices Sagar’s sad face while entering inside the room. Did Ganga say anything? Sagar denies but Ganga accepts it. I said something but dint fight. You (Sagar) don’t have to lie for me. I will do everything. Let us go Bahu ji. We have to do preps for the puja. Ganga leaves followed by Madhvi.

Maharaj ji is humming a bhajan while working in the kitchen. Ganga asks him to sing more. Madhvi ji comes to tell him sweets in the boxes. Ganga tells her to rest for a while as she looks tired. I have to take care of you in Babu’s absence. Ganga seeks Madhvi’s permission to go to school in the evening. Gunwanti Ma’am isn’t there so we need to practise more. Madhvi agrees but Amma ji tells her against it. Don’t forget that you have to give utmost importance to the rules of a widow life. Praying to God is most important thing for a widow! Ganga gives in. Madhvi asks Ganga about it. Ganga cannot make Amma ji upset just to go for dance practise.

Janamashtami puja is going on. Reena comes there as well. She throws a flower at Ganga. Ganga is too occupied with the puja so she does not notice her initially but goes out to talk to Reena on the second time. Reena had followed her all the way till here. Ganga cannot join her for practise as she has come with everyone for the puja. She sends Reena as Amma ji might get upset otherwise.

Sudha is dancing on a bhajan. Ganga watches her keenly. Everyone does puja one by one. Amma ji talks about Sudha. She makes so many preps for Janamashtami every year. She dances so beautifully that people get smitten. Pishi Ma adds that Sudha is very talented in music and dance. Ganga is glad as Bahu ji was right. Kanha ji listens to kids real soon. Thank you!