Sunday Update on Gangaa 20th January 2019

Niru closes the room from inside. Everyone requests him to open the door. Ganga says I am at fault. Please don’t be upset with others. Sagar too requests his father to listen to them once. Madhvi calls Ganga inauspicious for her house / family. Amma ji is right about you. You have always done what you like and brought problems at home. But I wont forgive you today. Niru has never bent down before anyone. He folded his hands and bent down before someone because of you! He has been so proud of you. This is how you repay him? It is enough. You cannot stay in this house now. You will have to go to Ashram! Everyone is shocked. Madhvi tries to take her from there but Sagar stops her. Ganga wont go anywhere. Madhvi and Amma ji look at each other. Madhvi asks him what he is saying. You will argue with me for this girl? Sagar denies. I am only saying you should punish me. I supported Ganga. We both are equally at fault. Madhvi walks away. Sagar tells Ganga he said the right thing. I agree you made a mistake but I too supported you in this. Amma ji hopes her and Madhvi’s doubt should never come true. It will be wrong if they both unite. Sagar’s fate is changing. It is wrong for him to go towards Ganga. Save him. Ganga regrets thinking Saloni loves Pulkit Bhaiya. I made you agree. Sagar knows her self-respect won’t let her share her punishment with anyone. I made a plan without knowing the complete story. I am also at fault. He yet again calls out for his father. Please open the door. Ganga feels bad to have hurt her Babu.

In his study room, Niru thinks of how MLA insulted and taunted Pulkit. Madhvi knocks at the door. He opens the door finally but stays mum. She closes the door from inside. She apologizes to him. I made a mistake by not telling you. I should have told you back then only when Ganga went to meet Saloni. I thought you will be disturbed so I kept quiet. I did not know Ganga will take such a big step. I tried to make Pulkit understand, he should not meet her. I thought he will understand it but! Niru says I feel as if I know nothing about my son. I did not know he loved Saloni till date! You knew yet you hid it from me. She says sorry to him again. I got scared. I dint want your relation with Pulkit to get more bitter. Your thoughts clash already. Niru says it can never end now. I had to bend down before a man like MLA. This will haunt me for life. I am not embarrassed for myself alone. I am pained that an outsider called my son useless. I can call him anything as he is my son. But when that MLA questioned him about his status, I was completely shaken. It will hurt me forever. I know my son isn’t settled yet but he is doing something. He manages his expenses. He does not ask me for money. This only will one day make him stand on his own feet without using my name. But he wont get any good alliance from any good house after what happened today. MLA was right. Pulkit wont get married now. Madhvi refuses to accept it. It wont become true just because MLA Srivastava said so. Our son is not a criminal. He did fall in love. I will get a better girl for him than Saloni. He calls it a dream that will never complete but she stays put. I will prove everyone in 2 weeks. My son will get a girl better than Saloni. He shakes his head. Don’t be so proud of yourself and your son. Learn something from my mistake. My pride broke today. She promises to live up to her words in 2 weeks.

Ganga asks Pulkit if he will forgive her. I made the mistake and Babu got upset with you. He knows she did it for him. You tried for me only. Only your way was wrong. She cannot understand how Saloni could do this. Pulkit too feels sad for being a fool to think she still loves me. Ganga says I don’t know how people can forget their love. Madhvi adds it is called moving on in life. Past stays in past. It is better to leave the past in past. It can never become present or future! She shows the photos of a few girls to Pulkit. Ganga says Bhaiya is still in a shock. Marriage? Madhvi asks her if she is still not happy. You have to keep quiet now. I know what’s right for my son. I will handle it. Pulkit supports Ganga. Sagar asks him why not. If Saloni can move on then why can you not? Janvi too asks Pulkit to move on. Madhvi seconds them. She intentionally appreciates Sagar and Janvi. I am glad to see that you both think alike. Pulkit repeats he isn’t ready for marriage right now. Sagar agrees to talk to him. Madhvi leaves.

Pulkit asks for some time. I am not interested for wedding right now. Pulkit leaves. Ganga reprimands Sagar for pushing Pulkit Bhaiya for marriage against his wish. Sagar says Bhaiya is after a girl who does not love him. I know he is in shock. He will forget his pain if he moves on in life. I only want him to be happy. She asks him if marrying someone else will solve that problem. We marry the one who we love. Sagar asks her to come out of her dream world. Why chase someone who does not love you! I have decided to get Pulkit Bhaiya married. Ganga says why push him when he is asking for some time. Janvi tries to say something but Ganga stops her. I am talking to Sagar. Sagar tells Janvi this is how Ganga gets irked when something does not happen as per her wish. They both challenge each other for doing what they have decided. Janvi shares that Sagar always lives up to his words. Ganga replies that she knows him better than her. We will see who wins now!

Janvi, Sagar and Sahil are brainstorming together on what to do. Ganga brings tea for them. Maybe you will get a good idea by drinking tea. You know I don’t like a weak opponent. Make sure your idea is great. Ganga leaves after giving them tea. Janvi tells Sahil to talk to Ganga. She is always so hot headed. Say something to her that will cool her down. We have to help Sagar. Sahil worriedly leaves. In the corridor, he compliments her on the tea. She gives him uninterested and straight to the point answers. She mutters to herself about the two samples that Sagar brought home with him!

Sagar and Janvi tell something to Madhvi. She asks them if Pulkit will agree. Sagar offers to talk to him. Ganga notices them talking. She asks Sagar his plan. He tells her to find out on her own. You think of yourself as James Bond after all. He leaves with Janvi. Ganga decides to spy at any cost now. I have to find out what they are planning!

Niru sits lost on the dining table. Everyone notices him thus and feels bad. Amma ji tells Niru they will go to her Guru ji’s Ashram. We will spend the day together. it will be a picnic. Ganga finds something fishy in the idea. This has never happened over all these years. Niru tells them all to go. I wont come along. Pulkit too says no as he has meeting with a few clients. She tells him to postpone them for tomorrow. Niru leaves from there. Amma ji follows him.

Ganga is sure everyone has made some plan. Madhvi assures Sagar and Janvi that Dadi will make Niru agree. Sagar and Janvi talk amongst each other. Ganga notices them intently. Sagar is planning something big. I have to find out. My name is Ganga. Nothing can be hidden from me.

Amma ji comes to Niru’s room. He picks up his file seeing her. She keeps them aside. Will you hide from me? I am your mother. I can see you are pained. Sagar and Ganga were wrong. They don’t deserve to be forgiven. Pulkit needs your support. If being a dad you wont guide him then who will? This is why I am asking you to come with us. You know why we are going there? He nods. Madhvi told me. She says you can understand. You can see what Pulkit is going through. Saloni left him. He will forget her some day. You too should forget it. We have to take care of Pulkit. We all are trying but it cannot happen without you. Please say yes. He cannot understand anything. So much insult! She understands what he is trying to say. I am your mother. I get pained to see you in pain. You are a father. Pulkit needs you. Fulfil your responsibilities. This big task cannot accomplish without you. We aren’t going there for a picnic but for a good deed. He agrees. She leaves from there. He is still lost in deep thoughts.

Ganga decides to find out the matter by taking milk for Sagar. She almost collides with Sahil on the stairs. She thinks not to scold him. He might help me. Sahil says sorry to her. She asks about tomorrow’s plan but he has no clue. She tells him to move aside then. Sagar stops talking upon noticing Ganga. She tries to find out from Sagar what he is up to but he knows her too well.

In her room, Ganga thinks of another idea. She offers to massage Amma ji’s feet. It will be too hectic tomorrow. I don’t understand how you came up with this plan suddenly. Amma ji allows her to massage her feet. Amma ji tells Ganga that a girl’s family will come to meet Pulkit tomorrow. She stops talking as she notices the surprise on Ganga’s face. Sagar had told me not to tell Ganga. She scolds Ganga. You are too smart. You fooled me and made me talk. Ganga thinks everyone is trying to make Pulkit Bhaiya meet a girl stealthily. I will ruin this plan anyhow. Amma ji sends her away.

Sagar tells Janvi their plan is perfect. I will make sure Bhaiya meets that girl, understands her and get married. Janvi tells him that Madhvi asked her about them. Sagar is surprised. She lies that she told her everything. He is relieved to know she was lying. She points out that they wont be able to hide it for long. He says we haven’t thought about marriage yet. We are just dating right now. My family will get upset hearing about dating only. Just wait for some time. She reluctantly agrees. We can atleast tell your best friend. Sagar is in thoughts. Janvi notices Ganga at the door. Sagar wonders if Ganga heard everything. Ganga walks up to Sagar. She says you thought I wont know anything. I am not that fool. Janvi tries to say something but Ganga tells her off. I am talking to Sagar. We know each other since childhood. I understand your thoughts and feelings without you telling me about it. How did you then think that I will not know anything? Janvi yet again says I too was telling Sagar we should tell you. You will understand. Ganga talks about their plan for Pulkit BHaiya. Why are you all trying to force him against his wish? Sagar asks her if she was talking about this plan. She nods. Sagar and Janvi look at each other. Ganga asks them why Janvi was saying you should tell Ganga. Since when did she start worrying about us? Sagar stops Janvi from saying anything. We were discussing the plan for tomorrow only. I enjoy teasing you! You are very sharp. Nothing can be hidden from you. Ganga says I will fail your plan. He says it isn’t going to happen. She isn’t ready to back off. Amma ji calls out for Ganga so she heads downstairs. Sagar heaves a sigh of relief. Janvi asks him why he lied. We could tell her. He points out that he should be also mentally prepared for marriage. We are still trying to understand each other. We will tell family once that happens.

Sagar notices Ganga coming to Pulkit’s room. He tries to divert Pulkit’s attention so Ganga cannot tell him anything. Pulkit gets a call. Sagar knows Ganga came to tell Bhaiya about their plan. It wont happen. Pulkit excuses himself for a meeting. She challenges him that she will tell Bhaiya the truth.