Strings of Love September Teasers 2023


Strings of Love September Teasers 2023

Santosh struggles to keep the truth from the Brars and later discovers that Seerat has eloped. Below are Starlife Strings Of Love September 2023 Teasers:

Starlife Strings Of Love September 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 September 2023

Episode 26

Kiara shows Angad the jewellery designs she bought from Sahiba and pretends that she made the designs herself. Later, Angad and his father share a close moment.

Saturday 2 September 2023

Episode 27

Gary delays Angad for his date. He appoints goons to harass Seerat so he can pretend to be her saviour. However, Keerat comes to rescue Seerat.

Sunday 3 September 2023

Episode 28

Garry tries to impress Seerat and gifts her the ring Angad had bought for her. Elsewhere, Santosh faces tough questions about her family from the Brars.

Monday 4 September 2023

Episode 29

Santosh lands in trouble when Mandeep decides to visit her house to fix Angad and Seerat’s wedding date. Elsewhere, Sahiba gets furious when Angad insults her.

Tuesday 5 September 2023

Episode 30

Santosh gets restless and blames Ajeet for their financial condition. She also fumes in anger when Sahiba gives her shocking opinion about Angad.

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Episode 31

While Santosh attempts suicide, Seerat decides to disclose her love for Garry. Meanwhile, Jasleen devises a nefarious plot against Angad.

Thursday 7 September 2023

Episode 32

Sahiba goes all out to satisfy the Brars when they come to meet Seerat. However, Seerat gets anxious after visiting her aunt’s lavish house.

Friday 8 September 2023

Episode 33

Seerat gets confused as Garry invites her to become the chief guest of the event. Later, Santosh sobs before her sister and convinces her to welcome the Brars.

Saturday 9 September 2023

Episode 34

Seerat makes up an excuse and gets permission from Santosh to leave the house. Later, the Brars come to meet Seerat, and Santosh gets worried when she fails to find her.

Sunday 10 September 2023

Episode 35

Santosh struggles to keep the truth from the Brars and later discovers that Seerat has eloped. Meanwhile, Garry uses flattering words to entice Seerat.

Monday 11 September 2023

Episode 36

Ajeet informs the Brars that he has two more daughters besides Seerat. On the other hand, Garry’s appealing assurances place Seerat in a quandary.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Episode 37

When Seerat admits that she likes Garry, Sahiba shows up and catches her. Elsewhere, Santosh manipulates the Brars by spinning a web of lies.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Episode 38

Just as the Brars are about to leave, Sahiba suddenly brings Seerat back. Later, Angad is surprised to see Sahiba and accuses her of Seerat’s disappearance.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Episode 39

Mandeep announces her decision to fix Seerat and Angad’s wedding. Jabjot desires to conduct the Roka ceremony in a grand way for the couple at the Brar mansion.

Friday 15 September 2023

Episode 40

Seerat gets desperate to stop her engagement with Angad, and she holds Garry’s hand in front of all the guests. However, Garry quickly comes up with an excuse.

Saturday 16 September 2023

Episode 41

Santosh gets worried and falls unconscious when Mandeep confirms Seerat and Angad’s marriage plans. Later, Sahiba and Keerat enter the Brar mansion in disguise.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Episode 42

Santosh asks the doctor to lie about her illness in an attempt to make the Brars prepone Seerat and Angad’s wedding. Will the doctor agree to lie?

Monday 18 September 2023

Episode 43

The Brars are fooled by Santosh’s act and decide to move up the wedding. However, this news makes Seerat desperate as she wants to marry Garry instead of Angad.

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Episode 44

Santosh requests Sahiba to take a loan in order to arrange money for Seerat’s grand wedding. When she refuses to do so, Santosh plans to sell the house.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Episode 45

Seerat confesses her feelings to Garry and he promises to spend his life with her. Later, Seerat gets caught by Sahiba while trying to sneak into the house.

Thursday 21 September 2023

Episode 46

Santosh mortgages the house and lavishly spends on Seerat’s wedding preparations. She also asks Sahiba not to interfere when the latter questions her.

Friday 22 September 2023

Episode 47

Sahiba decides to not attend Seerat’s wedding because of Angad. However, she faces a conundrum when Veer requests her to design Angad’s Sehra.

Saturday 23 September 2023

Episode 48

While everyone is busy preparing for her and Angad’s wedding, Seerat decides to run away with Garry. Elsewhere, Santosh worries about Seerat’s fate.

Sunday 24 September 2023

Episode 49

Sahiba is shocked to discover Angad and Seerat’s wedding banner while doing the decorations. Later, Seerat requests Garry to escape with her before the wedding.

Monday 25 September 2023
Episode 50

Imlie attends Seerat and Angad’s sangeet ceremony and praises their love bonding. Further, Angad and Seerat exchange their rings and give a dance performance.

Tuesday 26 September 2023
Episode 51

Sahiba is delighted to meet Sai at the wedding; the latter makes a prediction about Sahiba’s future; a mishap occurs at the Haldi ceremony.

Wednesday 27 September 2023
Episode 52

Angad learns about a fire in one of his stores and Garry offers to go there on his behalf; Garry plans to use this as an excuse to elope with Seerat.

Thursday 28 September 2023
Episode 53

Santosh is shocked to find Seerat’s letter and learns that she has eloped with someone else; Santosh decides to commit suicide, but Sahiba stops her.

Friday 29 September 2023
Episode 54

Jasleen barges in on Santosh and her daughters and threatens them; Jasleen makes a shocking demand to Sahiba.

Saturday 30 September 2023
Episode 55

Tensions rise among the Brars as the media questions them about Seerat; Santosh asks Sahiba to be Angad’s bride.

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Santosh asks Seerat if she revealed Garry’s name to Samrat. Seerat nods no. Santosh says its good that she had entered her room in the morning and recalls Seerat subconsciously asking Garry not to leave her alone. She thinks Seerat had eloped with Garry; if this secret is out, Angad and Sahiba’s relationship will be at risk. She wakes up Seerat. Seerat asks who saved her. Santosh says Angad and Sahiba saved her and god gave her a chance to save their relationship and repent ther mistake. She asks if she had eloped with Angad’s cousin Garry. Seerat accepts and apologizes her. Santosh curses her and warns her not to reveal anyone that she had eloped with Garry or else Sahiba’s relationship with Agnad would get into trouble. bottle. Manveer stops him and warns him to dare not touch alcohol again. She asks Sahiba or her sister said him something, they are determined to trouble her son. She asks what did they say. Angad breaks down and cries lying on her lap and says he never troubled or misbehaved with anyone, then why fate is troubling him. He says he truly loved Seerat, but she left him for someone else. She asks if Seerat revealed whom she eloped with. He says no, but she just said sorry; why is he thinking about her when she doesn’t love him; he was in a delusion and it broke down. She hopes if she cout reverse time and protect him from both Sahiba and Seerat. He then as usual blames Sahiba for his problems and determines to punish her.
Ajith asks Seerat why did she try to commit suicide. Keerat asks if she met her boyfriend after leaving home, did he force her to commit suicde, who that boy. Seerat says she doesn’t want to talk about it, she will not return home if they don’t want her to and will hide her face somewhere. Sahiba asks her to stop talking rubbish, she will return to her home, and requests her parents to let Seeat stay at their home for her sake. They nods okay. Seerat asks why she is so sacrificial and kind hearted. Sahiba says let us go home, nobody will question her again. They reach home. Seerat recalls her parents kicking her out of the house. Family serves her food. Seerat finishes it hurriedly revealing how hungry she was and breaks down. Sahiba comforts her and determines to find a boy because of whom Seerat is suffering. Seerat continues to cry even while sleeping. Sahiba wakes up and asks her to forgive herself first and live peacefully. Keerat wakes up and says she can’t tolerate her lecture. Sahiba asks her to calm down and not forget that Seerat is their elder sister. Keerat says Seerat is a shame to sisterhood and even if god and everyone forgive her, she will not forgive her for her heinous acts. Next morning, Santosh serves black tea to Taiji and says she couldn’t bring milk as she couldn’t wake up early and bring milk. Taiji tells Ajith that Santosh didn’t sleep while night. Sahiba says she will prepare butter parantha and they all will enjoy black tea and pranthas. Someone knocks door.
Sahiba tells Ajith and Taiji that they all will enjoy butter parathas with black tea. Neighbors walk in and say Sahiba forgot them after going to her in-laws’ house. They forcefully offer her milk. They taunt Santosh that she didn’t inform them that Seerat has returned home, her all 3 daughters are their dear ones, they are worried when they learnt about suicide attempt, did she attempt suicide because of the boy she eloped with. Santosh thanks them for coming and asks them to leave as she is not in a position to speak. Neighbor says they are friends and want to help her punish a culprit. Santosh says we will decide what to do, so they can leave. Sahiba confronts them to stop mocking them instead of criticizing them, they are mud slinging on Seerat instead of supporting her.

Neighbors cuss and walk away.


Angad sits in garden sadly. Inder walks to him with tea and says Manveer told himx what happened at the hospital, he should take a break from work and live his sorrows instead of hiding from them. Angad says its like running away from his problem. Inder says its not his mistake that he loved a girl and she betrayed him. Angad recalls Seerat telling that she didn’t accept his love. Inder insists him to take a break from work until he finds peace and live for himself. He says he ruined his life because of his father’s adamancy and can’t see his son suffering like him. Angad says his work is everything for him and over time, everything will be alright. Seerat hears their conversation hiding.

Sahiba, lost in thoughts, burns her hand while cooking. Keerat notices that and dips her hand in cold water and asks her to stop thinking about Seerat as she deserves what she is going through. Sahiba says its that boy’s mistake who provoked Seerat to elope with him and then dumped her. Keerat asks why don’t Seerat reveal that boy’s name. Sahiba says maybe due to some fear or pressure from someone, they will have to find out that boy’s name at any cost. Keerat promises to help her. Santosh hears their conversation and thinks she shouldn’t let Sahiba know that Garry is that boy.

Santosh in lieu of braiding Seerat’s hair warns her not to take Garry’s name at any cost. She gets Chawla’s message reminding her of first installment in 2 days. She asks Seerat about the jewelry she eloped with. Seerat says she lost it. Santosh gets more angry on her and says she took 20 lakhs loan for her marriage from Chawla and has to pay its first installment in 2 days. Sahiba walks in and asks why she is misbehaving with Seerat, she knows they both were discussing something. Santosh refuses and asks her to return to her in-laws. Sahiba refuses. Ajith walks in and says she should take care of her in-laws and Angad and leave after finishing breakfast. Sahiba gets ready to leave. Santosh says she doesn’t know how Brars will behave with Sahiba after yestrday’s incident. Taiji says Angad saved his SIL and will be kind towards his wife. Ajith says Taiji is right and offers sweeets to Sahiba. Sahiba asks Keerat to take care of herself. Ajith asks Keerat to drop Sahiba till an auto. Keerat takes Sahiba towards Kulcha’s auto. Sahiba tells Keerat that Seerat and Santosh were talking suspiciously and changed the topic when she entered, so Keerat has to keep an eye on them and find out what it is, she should inform her if that boy tries to contact Seerat again. Keeerat assures her and asks her to take care of herself. Sahiba leaves in auto. Keerat realizes Sahiba left sweets.

Angad visits his office and asks his secretary to set up a meeting with his clients as he wants to make sure nobody tries to betray him. He recalls Sahiba revealing that she spoke to him over Seerat’s phone and thinks her one lie ruined his life. Veer hears that and sends secretary away. He asks Angad if he was talking about Sahiba, why he is still holding a grudge towards Sahiba, he should go home and rest. Akaal enters and says Angad will not go home, he knows Angad well whose job is his meditation and prayers, Angad should realize that Sahiba is his wife now and should stop thinking about Seerat.

Prabjyoth serves tea to Hansraj. Hansraj says Angad spent a night with Sahiba and is saved Seerat, he is lucky to have 2 girls in his life. Manveer warns him to think well beforespeaking out the dirt in his mind, her son is stuck between 2 fraud sisters and don’t know when will he get rid off them. Japjyoth walks in and warns her to stop speaking ill, Akaal had asked her to check where Sahiba is, Sahiba is their family member and its their duty to find her whereabouts. Manveer says she must be blackening her face somewhere and hopes she doesn’t return again in Angad’s life. Japjyoth asks her why she is holding so much grudge on Sahiba, why don’t she accept that Angad is married to Sahiba. She ask her to give Sahiba’s number and let herself call Sahiba.

Jasleen says there is no need to call her favorite DIL as she is back home. Manveer asks Sahiba if Seerat revealed whom she had eloped with. Sahiba says she didn’t. Jasleen says Seerat must have got intimate with a boy she eloped with and got pregnant and when he dumped her away, she trie to commit suicide; Sahiba saved her sister but couldn’t save the baby. Sahiba claps and says she cooks up a good story. Jasleen asks her to accept the truth. Sahiba says she would expose truth soon and leaves from there after challenging her.

Sahiba walks to her store room. Angad walks in. Sahiba asks why did he return to his abandoned wife, does he want to force himself on her and is he intoxicated now. Angad says he came to expose her planning. Sahiba asks what kind of planning. Angad says her planning started the day he met her and started rich-poor game, got her sister in his life, then replaced her sister and married him, she hid her sister cleverly and her plan failed when Seerat tried to commit suicide. Sahiba asks what does he mean. Angad says there is no boy in Seerat’s life at all, Seerat was just acting on Sahiba’s instructions. He continues that she spoke to him over phone and made him fall in Seerat’s love, she is the mastermind behind all this, etc.

Seerat looks at Angad and Sahiba’s wedding pics in a mobile and thinks she would have got all this if she had not blindly trusted Garry. She further checks Garry’s social media account and girl’s comments on his pics. She recalls Garry luring her with his sugary talks. Santosh snatches phone from her and asks what is she doing with Taiji’s phone. She hands over her a broom and asks her to broom the floor. Seerat says she has never done this in life. Santosh says she wrongly pampered her till now, it will not continue from hereon. Seerat brooms floor weeping.

Sahiba warns Angad to mind his tongue. Angad says Seerat is not revealing a boy’s name as per her instructions, asks why did Sahiba replace Seerat instead of Keerat or some other girl, it was all her planning to marry him. Sahiba warns him to keep his filthy thinking to himself and challenges to find out the boy who provoked Seerat to elope and to leave the house if she fails. She requests to keep their challenge between themself as her sister is also involved in it and his family will start their blame game again, etc.. Angad agrees to keep it between themselves. Manveer enters and asks what is it?

Sahiba tells Angad that she will search a boy who manipulated Seerat at any cost, it would be better if he keeps this discussion between them. Angad agrees and says he will not discuss it with anyone. Manveer enters and asks what is it. Angad says he can’t say anything at this time. Manveer asks if he will hide secret from his mamma and reminds this promise to never hide anything from her, says he proved that he values Sahiba more than her now, and walks away. At Mongas, Taiji asks Seantosh to teat Seerat affectionately. Santosh says Seerat misused her affection and eloped from her marriage, whole Ludhiana knows about her heinous act and now nobody will marry her. Seerat thinks if really nobody will marry her now. Santosh notices Sahiba’s gift and asks Keerat if she forgot to give gift to Saiba. Keerat says Sahiba forgot it. Santosh requests her to go and give it to Sahiba. Keerat leaves. Seerat watches silently.


Angad walks behind Manveer requesting her not to go. Family stops Manveer and asks what is happening. Manveer says she should have left long ago, Angad promised to share every secret with her and is breaking it now for his wife. Angad and Sahiba say she is mistaken. Jasleen asks if she will go and stay in their farmhouse, she should understand that her son is married now and can’t follow her instructions, but other family members care for her. Manveer tries to leave. Sahiba holds her hand. Manveer verbally abuses her as usual.

Keerat enters and says its amazing that Manveer is creating a scene even here. Sahiba tries to stop her. Keerat says aunty was verbally abusing Sahiba at their home and even here. Sahiba asks why did she come here. Keerat says her mamma has sent sweets for them so that they can’t blame Sahiba that her parents sent her empty handed. She advises Manveer to change her view to stop thinking negative and stop talking bitter. Angad shouts how dare she is to misbehave with her mamma. Keerat says she is speaking truth and continues that Manveer’s face is not that frowning and she was smiling during wedding, she should keep that smile. She tries to feed sweets to Manveer. Manveer throws it away and continues to shout.