Strings of Love full story Starlife


Strings of Love full story Starlife

Strings of Love is a romantic drama television series, It’s a story of three brothers and how their fate is intertwined with that of three sisters. To be premier on 8th August 2023 and run for a limited number of episodes. The show was produced by Snigdha Basu and was directed by Jaideep Sen, who is known for his work in the Indian television industry. The story of the show revolved around the love story of the lead characters, and it captured the hearts of the audience with its relatable plot and strong performances by the cast.

Strings of Love full story Starlife

The story of  The fate of the three Brar brothers – Angad, Garry, and Veer is intertwined with the three Monga sisters – Sahiba, Seerat, and Keerat. But whose bond will form with whom, the decision lies in the hands of God. Angad and Sahiba get married under family pressure and hate each other. From there Angad and Sahiba’s love-hate story starts.

The cast of “Strings of Love” includes some of the most talented actors in the Indian television industry. Angad and Sahiba, and it captured the hearts of the audience with its relatable plot and strong performances by the cast.

In the Upcoming story

Sahiba finds Simran missing and panics at this, while Angad asks her calm down. Sahiba accuses that someone from the family may have kidnapped her, while Angad denies it.
Angad was initially calming down Sahiba but soon realise that it’s too late that Simran isn’t found anywhere. Angad too starts to panic and tries to find her everywhere, Manveer is least bothered about it.
Angad’s this fear of losing Simran brings pain to him and now Simran returns back and hugs Angad.
It was all Sahiba’s plan to make Angad and family realise importance of Simran and how she is important part of family.
Will Sahiba’s plan get successful and will Angad take stand for Simran?
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Brief Information and Details on Strings of Love full story  Starlife 

  • Genre: Romance
  • First Episode: 8 August 2023
  • Total number of episodes: 216
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  • Channel: Starlife Africa
  • Original name: Teri Meri Doriyaann
  • Last Episode: Nil


Main Cast on Strings of Love full story 

  • Vijayendra Kumeria as Angad Singh Brar: A diamond businessman; Inder and Manbeer’s son; Simran’s half-brother; Garry, Veer, Ekam, Prince and Kiara’s cousin; Sahiba’s husband (2023–present)Angad Singh Cast on Strings of love Starlife
  • Himanshi Parashar as Sahiba Kaur Brar (née Monga): An artist; Ajeet and Santosh’s second daughter; Seerat and Keerat’s sister; Angad’s wife (2023–present)Sahiba Kaur Cast on Strings of love Starlife
  • Tushar Dhembla as Garry Baweja: Jasleen’s son; Kiara’s brother; Angad, Simran, Veer, Ekam and Prince’s cousin; Seerat’s husband (2023–present)
  • Roopam Sharma as Seerat Kaur Baweja (née Monga): Ajeet and Santosh’s eldest daughter; Sahiba and Keerat’s sister; Garry’s wife (2023–present)
  • Jatin Arora as Veer Singh Brar: A musician; Jaspal and Gurleen’s son; Ekam’s brother; Angad, Simran, Garry, Prince and Kiara’s cousin; Keerat’s friend (2023–present)
  • Prachi Hada as Keerat Kaur Monga: A wrestler; Ajeet and Santosh’s youngest daughter; Sahiba and Seerat’s sister; Veer’s friend (2023–present)
  • Lubna Salim as Santosh Kaur Monga: A greedy woman; Ajeet’s wife; Seerat, Sahiba and Keerat’s mother (2023–present)
  • Sagar Saini as Ajeet Singh Monga: A Jewellery Designer; Santosh’s husband; Seerat, Sahiba and Keerat’s father (2023–present)
  • Surendrapal Singh as Akaal Singh Brar: Brar family’s patriarch; Japjyot’s husband; Jasleen, Inder, Prabhjyot and Jaspal’s father; Angad, Simran, Garry, Kiara, Veer, Ekam and Prince’s grandfather (2023–present)
  • Amardeep Jha as Japjyot Kaur Brar: Akaal’s wife; Jasleen, Inder, Prabhjyot, and Jaspal’s mother; Angad, Simran, Garry, Kiara, Veer and Ekam and Prince’s grandmother (2023–present)
  • Avinash Wadhawan as Inderpal “Inder” Singh Brar: Akaal and Japjyot’s elder son; Jaspal, Prabhjyot and Jasleen’s brother; Manbeer’s husband; Gayatri’s ex-lover; Angad and Simran’s father (2023–present)
  • Anita Kulkarni as Manbeer Kaur Brar: Inder’s wife; Angad’s mother; Simran’s step-mother (2023–present)
  • Puvika Gupta as Simran Sachdeva/ Simran Kaur Brar: Inder and Gayatri’s daughter; Manbeer’s step-daughter; Angad’s half-sister; Garry, Veer, Ekam, Prince and Kiara’s cousin (2023–present)
  • Vaishnavi Ganatra as Ekam Kaur Brar: Gurleen and Jaspal’s daughter; Veer’s sister; Angad, Garry, Prince, Kiara and Simran’s cousin (2023)
  • Sharhaan Singh as Jaspal Singh Brar: Akaal and Japjyot’s son; Inder, Prabhjyot and Jasleen’s brother; Gurleen’s husband; Veer and Ekam’s father (2023–present)
  • Anshu Varshney as Gurleen Kaur Brar: Jaspal’s wife; Veer and Ekam’s mother (2023–present)
  • Gauri Tonk as Jasleen “Jassi” Kaur Baweja (née Brar): Akaal and Japjyot’s daughter; Jaspal, Prabhjyot and Inder’s sister; Garry and Kiara’s mother (2023–present)
  • Rose Sardana / Vaibhavi Mahajan as Kiara Baweja: Jasleen’s daughter; Garry’s sister; Angad, Simran, Veer, Ekam and Prince’s cousin (2023) (2023–present)
  • Neetu Wadhwa as Prabhjyot Kaur Sandhu (née Brar): Akaal and Japjyot’s daughter; Jasleen, Inder and Jaspal’s sister; Hansraj’s wife; Prince’s mother (2023–present)
  • Shailesh Gulabani as Hansraj Singh Sandhu: Prabhjyot’s husband; Rewa’s brother; Prince’s father (2023–present)
  • Ruhani Roy as Rewa Kaur Sandhu: Hansraj’s sister; Prabhjyot’s sister-in-law; Prince’s aunt (2023–present)
  • Shivya Pathania as Shanaya: Garry’s ex–fiance (2023)
  • Priyamvada Sahay as Hostel Warden (2023–present)
  • Unknown as Gayatri Sachdeva: Inder’s ex-lover; Simran’s mother (2023)(Dead)