Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 2nd Feb 2019

Pragya comes to room and thinks he is pretending to be sleeping seeing me. She rests on couch and pretends to sleep. Abhi thinks she is sleeping like Pragya, and thinks one more similarity. He thinks to prove that she is Pragya. He thinks if that was a dream or if this is a dream. Pragya smiles as Abhi looks at her secretly.

Purab taking Disha to bed and asks her to think it as his love gift. He gets intimate with her. Kuch toh hai plays…..

In the morning, Tanu calls Robin and collides with Simonika. She asks why did you come early. Simonika says she don’t get sleep since. Tanu asks what? Simonika says if I tell you then you will also can’t sleep. Tanu says nobody will get sleep seeing your scary eyes and asks her to be just secretary. She tells her that Pragya is her sautan and not her. Simonika says I bear your misbehavior as you are not my target, I have to focus on Pragya first, I will make her leave from the house, and Abhi from this world. She looks at Abhi’s pic and breaks it.


Abhi is sleeping in his room. Pragya comes out from washroom and sits at his side. Bheegi

bheegi… sanam re…song plays…Pragya smiles. It turns out to be Abhi’s dream. Abhi looks at Pragya and says she is like his fuggi, innocent and beautiful. He says if she is my fuggi, then I shall kiss her and feel, if I feel the same. Inna Sona plays…He comes to her. Pragya is sleeping on couch. He comes near her and is about to kiss her. He is about to kiss her when she opens her eyes. Abhi acts as if he got hurt and falls down. Pragya asks what happened and she falls over him. Allah wariyan plays….
Pragya asks if he is feeling pain. Abhi says so much. Pragya gives him water. Abhi drinks water. Pragya asks him to drink more water. Abhi thinks he is fuggi for sure and has all the qualities of Pragya. He says he is seeing positive results, but needs certificate. She goes to changing room. Pragya asks if he wants to make her fall. He recalls the past incidents and thinks she is Pragya. He says he is confused what to wear and asks her to choose. He keeps the dumb bell on her way. She slips, Abhi holds her. Allah Wariyan plays…Pragya says what this dumb bell is doing here and says you kept it intentionally to make me fall. She says do you want to make me fall, then hold me and says I know you very well. He thinks their moments. Abhi says same touch and feelings and says she is Pragya.

Pragya says I will not say sorry and says she will take out his clothes. He recalls telling her that he has to go to meeting and asking her to bring his lucky jacket. Pragya gives him lucky jacket. Fb ends. Abhi says he needs his favorite jacket for the meeting. Pragya goes to bring it. Abhi thinks if she is Pragya then she must be knowing. He thinks why she is taking so much time and thinks she shall reply and give her his favorite jacket. Pragya searches for his favorite jacket and gets it. She gives to Abhi. Abhi gets happy and thinks she is my Pragya. Dadi calls Munni. Pragya goes.

Disha searches for coconut oil and says her skin is dry. Pragya promotes Vaseline intensive care. Disha applies it on her skin. Abhi thinks you are my fuggi and have passed in all tests. He says I kept you away thinking you to be Munni and couldn’t understand you.

Dadi telling Pragya that she thought to take her suggestion and says some guests are coming from Punjab. Dasi says they thought to make something different from usual Punjabi dish. Pragya says we shall change our perspective and asks her to make them have Mumbai food. Dadi and Dasi likes her idea. Dadi says who will make the food. Pragya says she will manage. Simonika comes there. Pragya asks her to keep some papers in room. Simonika thinks she came to take revenge and not to do work. Tanu hears Dadi and Dasi talking to each other and telling that she is Pragya.. She thinks to keep an eye on them and enquire about Pragya. Aaliya asks what she is doing and asks her to come. Tanu says she will get something from her room. Aaliya sees Purab and Disha coming downstairs happily.

They touch their feet. Dasi asks if there is any good news. Purab and Disha get shy. Aaliya thinks I became history in their life. Abhi thinks he wants to hear from her mouth that she is his Pragya.
Pragya comes there and asks if he have food. He says no and asks if she have food. She says no. Abhi says when I am hungry, you are also hungry and asks why? Pragya asks him to go to meeting else he will get late. He holds her hand and says he wants to hear from her mouth that she is Pragya for whom he was waiting since long. He asks her to tell. Tanu hears them. Abhi says what do you think that I will not identify you and says I have identified you, but took long time and is happy that you are Pragya, this thing is told by my heart. Tanu peeps inside the room and says she is Pragya, then where is Munni. She thinks to hear fully from Pragya. Abhi says I was waiting for you and says when you went last, I took months to recognize you. He says I made you prove that you are Pragya. Pragya is surprised.

Abhi says when I touched you and saw in your eyes, then I saw my Pragya. He says you have chosen my lucky jacket and asks her to say she is his Pragya, who loves him so much. He asks her to tell. Tanu gets shocked. Abhi and Pragya hug each other. Tanu thinks if she say that she is Pragya then I am gone. Pragya sees Tanu standing and tells that she is Munni and not Pragya. Abhi says what do you think that you will fool me and says I will find out the truth. Tanu hears her and goes relaxed.

He holds Pragya closely and says did you remember, when you told me I love you. I touched your face and felt you from close, like I am feeling you now. He asks her to say she is his Pragya. Pragya moves back and says she is not Pragya, this is truth. Abhi says if this is truth then why she is not looking in his eyes. He holds her closely again and says your eyes can’t lie to me. She asks why you are asking when you have all the proofs that I am Munni. Abhi says my heart is telling me that you are Pragya, when your eyes can’t lie then why you are lying. Pragya says she is not Pragya. Abhi asks why you do all the things which only his fuggi can do. Pragya says she is not Pragya. Abhi asks why her and his heartbeat are increased. He calls her fuggi and asks her to say it once. He kisses on her forehead and cheeks. Boldo Na zara plays….

Tanu thinks who is she? Munni or pragya. She collides with Simonika. Simonika says don’t say sorry and says I am forgiving you without sorry. Tanu gets angry. Simonika asks her to take out her frustration on Aaliya. She thinks I know you don’t want to see Abhi and Pragya together. She goes towards their room and see Abhi and Pragya about to kiss each other. She thinks she can’t see them close and goes inside the room. Abhi and Pragya looks at her. READ NEXT/SUNDAY FEB 3RD ON TWIST OF