Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate 3rd February 2019

Abhi’s guitar breaking when Simonika enters his room. Simonika says sorry. Pragya asks him to use other guitar. Abhi says he got this guitar made for this concert. Pragya says she will get it repaired by Khan Chacha. Abhi asks how do you know? Pragya says Aaliya told her. Abhi thinks why will Aaliya tell her about khan chacha and thinks she is his Pragya. She comes down. Purab asks what happened? Pragya tells that she is going to repair Abhi’s guitar. Purab says he will go and get it repaired. Pragya says now Disha needs you and asks him to be with her. She says it seems you have accepted my advice and that’s why Disha is looking happy. Aaliya hears them. Disha thanks pragya for her advice. Pragya gets emotional and takes Bulbul’s name which makes Aaliya doubtful.

Aaliya follows Pragya. Simonika thinks Pragya made her Servant.
Pragya takes guitar to Khan Chacha and says she wants it at the earliest. Khan Chacha says he will repair it. A girl comes running to Khan Chacha. Pragya gives her money and asks him to buy something for her. Girl thanks him. Pragya asks him to repair it nicely. Khan Chacha says he will make it fine. Simonika thinks about Dushyant and tells that she can’t bear anymore, she didn’t come to see Abhi and Pragya’s love story, but to end it. She says Abhi has reached his love, but I am far away from my love Dushyant. She recalls and a fb is shown, Dushyant showering flower petals on her and he says his happiness are hers and her sorrows are his. Simonika says this is not right. Dushyant says he wants her to remember him always. Simonika says my life starts and ends with you, and promises never to leave him. Fb ends. She gets an idea and thinks Abhi’s guitar. She cuts the strings of guitar and says if this is Abhi’s life then it can take his life. She says if Abhi plays this guitar then he may lose his life.

Purab comes to Disha and asks what is she doing? Disha says she is doing work. Purab says Pragya asked him to be together. Disha asks him to help her. Purab says I am habituated to fold the clothes. They hold the clothes together and look in each other eyes….lejaye kahan hawaye plays…….He holds her hand. Abhi comes there and smiles. He asks what is happening. Purab says I was helping Disha. Abhi says I like your idea of romance to find happiness. Disha says Pragya and your love story is inspirational for us. Abhi asks Purab to come with him to musical room. They leave. Simonika talks to goon and asks him what they can fix in guitar. He says we can fix time bomb. Simonika says then Abhi will know and says we shall think about light weight. She asks him to think.. Abhi and purab come there.

Goon says first I have to see the guitar and then can tell you. Simonika says she will come to him and asks him to fix it in the guitar today itself. Purab and Abhi come inside and hear her. Abhi asks who has broken my guitar. Purab asks with whom she was talking to and what will be late tomorrow. Simonika says I was cleaning your room and guitar was broken by mistake. Purab asks whom you were talking to. Simonika says Khan chacha. Purab asks you know him and asks her to give the phone, says he might have got angry. Simonika thinks Vikram is on call and gets worried. Abhi takes the phone and says Khan Chacha, I am Abhi. Vikram disconnects the phone. Purab tells her that Khan Chacha made all Abhi’s guitar and says you are not supposed to talk to him. Abhi says I am not using this guitar in concert and asks not to make an issue. Simonika thinks time supported me and thinks to meet Khan Chacha.

Abhi calms Poorab down. Poorab asks Abhi what he was about to say. Abhi says he has a confusion about Munni, firstly when she came as Munni they all knew. But this time he can’t accept she is Munni. Poorab says he understands he also thinks she is Pragya. But he wonders why she doesn’t accept it or share any of her plans this time. She has been an elder sister to him and DIsha, which only Pragya could do and understand. Abhi says he only wants to hear from her that she is the real Pragya. He requests Poorab to share with him anything if discussed between them. Abhi says Pragya always take a step for some reason, but she hasn’t shared any reason yet. Poorab promises to share anything with him, he owes a lot to Pragya
Pragya tells Aaliya to get away, she wants to get to her room. Aaliya

says she isn’t worth living in this house. If she thinks herself to be the real Pragya, which she isn’t. She must not forgive she is Munni, and not Pragya.

This family when comes to know the truth, will hurt her badly. Pragya says they are well aware who is hiding their real faces; she is Munni and is living as Munni. Its her family which turned her into a family member. She has bind every member in the family; but Aaliya as a daughter of this house always break the relations. She is fed up of Aaliya’s stories of being deprived of love, but actually she has a devil nature. She twists Aaliya’s arm as she attempts to raise a finger over Pragya.