Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World August 18

Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

August 18 Episode

Sumer asks Indira to mind her own business. At that moment, Rishi arrives at the spot. He is surprised to see that the rings which went missing from his pocket were with Sumer. Sumer points out that the thief had handed over the robbed items to him. Sumer arrests the thief and leaves from the spot. An irritated Indira begins to complain about the Inspector Sumer’s dishonest nature. Rishi reminds Indira that they had to go to the court for their wedding. Meanwhile, Munna orders a certain person to go according to his order. Rishi and Indira arrive at the court in a decorated taxi. The couple is excited about their wedding. While heading towards the court, Rishi accidentally runs into a vendor who is selling bangles. Rishi apologizes to the vendor and assures to pay the price. He adds that he would also purchase bangles from him. Before heading inside the court, Rishi remembers that he had forgotten the rings in the taxi. He decides to bring the rings and asks Indira to go ahead. Meanwhile, Lalan and his aides arrive at the spot. The Sharmas had already arrived at the court. Indira arrives at the court and informs them that Rishi would soon come. After waiting for a while, Indira decides to go and check where Rishi was. She gets apprehensive when she fails to find neither Rishi nor the decorated taxi. She enquires with another taxi driver whether he seen a decorated taxi or the person who was along with her. The taxi driver points out that she came to the court in his taxi and she was not accompanied by anyone. Indira gets irritated and slap the taxi driver. The taxi driver proves his point by showing the rings which Indira had left in the taxi. By now Inder and Radhe arrive at the spot. Indira tries her best to prove that she was along with Rishi. She recollects that Rishi ran into a vendor before entering the court. She goes to the vendor and questions him. Indira is left shocked when the vendor too states that Indira had arrived alone at the court. Indira is unable to understand why the taxi driver and the vendor were lying. She gets apprehensive about Rishi.

The Sharmas patiently wait outside the court for Rishi’s arrival. Kutumb and Mandira decide to leave along with Ishaan. Kutumb reasons that Ishaan was unwell. She also tries her best to convince Inder to leave along with them. Inder asks Kutumb to leave if she wanted. He adds that he would not leave Indira all by herself. Indira gets happy on hearing Inder’s statement. Ishaan too wants to stay back with Indira; however Kutumb and Mandira forcibly take him home. Indira tells Inder, Vidit and Radhe to leave. She tells them that she would come home along with Rishi. The guard forces Indira to leave from the spot. Indira asserts that she could not leave as she was going to get married in the court. Inder asserts that Rishi would not come now and hence they must leave. Inder tells Indira that he did not want to shout at her. He states that the family has been waiting for Rishi since afternoon. Inder, Vidit and Radhe convince Indira to leave. Before leaving home, Indira spots a piece of cloth from Rishi’s kurta. She also spots a blood stain around. She immediately brings it to Inder, Vidit and Radhe’s notice. Radhe fears some mishap must have occurred with Rishi. It is later revealed that Lalan had kidnapped Rishi. Jhumpa and Lalan rejoice on the success of their plan. Jhumpa asks Lalan whether he took care of Rishi’s body. Lalan assures Jhumpa that no one would doubt her. Munna talks to a certain person over the phone. The caller asks Munna to pay his remaining dues. Munna fears that everyone would doubt him for his act. Indira, Inder, Vidit and Radhe report Rishi’s missing complaint in the police station. They tell Inspector Sumer that they found a piece of cloth from Rishi’s kurta near a certain spot. They take Inspector Sumer to that certain spot. Indira gets shocked when she fails to notice the blood stain.

Inder expresses her bewilderment as the blood stain was no longer there. Inspector Sumer tells Inder that once must not listen to women as they usually create confusion. Before leaving, Inspector Sumer points out that Rishi was missing and Indira could lodge a missing complaint after 24 hours. Indira tells Inder that she would go to any extent to look for Rishi. She decides to look for Rishi not only throughout the city but also at Diwan residence. However, her search proves futile and she fails to find Rishi. In the middle of the night, Lalan secretly enters Sharma Niwas and tries to murder Indira. Inder stops Lalan. By now Lalan’s aides enter the house and attack Inder. Lalan asserts that after he had managed to get Rishi out of his way. He adds that it was time for Indira to meet her end. Indira angrily throws a vessel on Lalan’s head. Lalan unconsciously falls on the ground. On hearing the commotion, the family members gather and begin to attack Lalan’s aides. Indira brings Lalan to consciousness and asks him where Rishi was. Inder stops Indira from questioning Lalan as he believes that the police would compel Lalan to inform them about Rishi’s whereabouts. Indira and Inder forcibly take Lalan to the police station. Indira complains to Inspector Sumer that Lalan not only tried to kill her but also kidnapped Rishi. Inspector Sumer enquires with Lalan whether he kidnapped Rishi. Lalan pretends to be innocent and accepts the accusations which Indira charged against him. He smartly mentions that he kidnapped Rishi when he was at the district court. Inspector Sumer believes that Indira had threatened Lalan to accept that he had kidnapped Rishi. He reasons out that if Indira was supposed to get married at the registrar office, how Lalan could kidnap Rishi from the district court. Indira and Inder are left shocked on hearing the statement.