Saturday Update on Iron Lady 15th December 2018

Zara puts Rishi’s SIM card in her phone and sends message to Indira which says, don’t try to call me again, I don’t want to talk to you again. You proved that your house matter more than this house. Your house needs you and I don’t need you anymore. Indira gets surprised as she thinks Rishi sent the message. She again calls him and Zara picks it up this time.

Rishi returns to his room. Zara puts the call on hold and plays a game with him. She tells him, I will say a word and you will tell me whatever comes first in your mind. When Zara takes her own name, Rishi says, “hate”. Zara then puts the phone near Rishi and asks him what he just said. Rishi says, hate, I hate her. Indira listens this and thinks, Rishi is telling this to her. Zara then hangs up. Rishi and Zara hug.

Indira blames Ammu and Jamna for provoking Rishi against her. She doesn’t give up and decides to solve all problems between her and Rishi very soon.

In night, phone rings and Zara runs to pick it up, thinking it may be Indira’s. She picks it up and it’s from mental hospital where Ammu sent to Zara. They ask for Ammu, but Zara says she’s sleeping and asks them to tell her what the matter is and she will tell Ammu in the morning. They inform her that Zara never reached to their hospital, so it seems like she ran away again.

Zara thinks how to solve this problem. She sees her face in mirror, and then laughs as she comes up with an idea.

Munna calls Indira and reprimands her for lying in front of the whole family at the Pooja. Indira is confused of what Munna is saying and asks if she can talk to RK. Munna directs the phone to a calf, Indira apologizes to RK for leaving in haste without taking his permission and so , A cow mows and Indira is boggled that she was talking to a cow all along . She hungs up and she decides to return to the Chandilla Guard. She packs her bag. Sugandha joins Munna, he offers to give her alcohol but she turns his offer down. She begins to flirt with him.

Scene shifts to Indira who is looking for Kutumb so that she can say bye. She sees an adorned woman in her door and asks who she is. it is Kutumb who has dressed up for Inder (cos he always considers her old) She asks Indira how she looks, some boys outside tease her, that she looks like Katrina Kaif in her 80’s, Indira shoos them away by her slippers! They go in to the lounge and Indira tells her she looks like a cartoon and those boys were teasing her. Kutumb sees Indira ‘s bag and asks what is the bag for, Indira tells her she is going back to her Sasural. Kutumb complains that she should go (she does thamasha) She gets an asthma attack and Indira helps her sit and removes her pump and gives to her. She declares that she won’t go back until she says so. Surprisingly Kutumb recovers is super excited Indira is not leaving. Indira starts telling her mother her problem with RK but ironically she heads to the mirror and adorns herself. Indira sobbs and considers herself to be a money machine of her family (very sad seeing this scene)

Outside SN
Meher is very hungry wants to break in SN to steal food. She is pulled by a woman who she refers to Indira. She says she is sorry and pleads with her not to call the police. The woman says she is Zara, Meher can’t believe as Zara is in a mental hospital. Zara manages to prove she is Zara to Meher after reading a paper. Zara narrates to Meher that they have to frame Indira to be a Zara who will be taken to the mental asylum on her behalf. They hear someone coming and drags Meher on the side its Indira who is there to drink water. The paper which Meher was holding falls in SN kitchen. but Indira doesn’t see it. Zara tells Meher she has to go before someone suspects her.

RK wakes up and is stunned not seeing Indira by his side and he starts to look for her.

Jamuna is cleaning the cow shed.she hears payal jingling and she thinks its Zara and calls her she starts to look for her and she pokes the hay with her stick revealing its Munna, She questions how and why is he wearing payal, he says its not mine but Sugandha ‘s! Jamuna is shocked, she pulls out Sugandha and slaps her a couple of time. She drags Sugandha to Ammu and complains to her. Rk says its impossible! Jamuna does drama that because she is a servant that ‘s y she is treated like that and not believed, Ammu says its not a matter of Class. Jamuna asks for Indira so that she protects his brother like always. She asks where Indira is RK, says he was looking for her before she screamed. Zara comes amd ask Munna to give her his belt. Munna praises Indira as she is wise! Zara whips him leaving everyone stunned.

On one side, Zara beats Munna very badly with the belt, and other side, Indira feels the pain. Munna tries to justify himself, and even Sugandha says that nothing happened between them, but Zara is unstoppable. Jamna is happy while others are surprised. Munna takes swear of Indu, but Zara still doesn’t stop. Rishi tries to stop, but Zara doesn’t listen to him either. She asks Beera whether he thinks if Munna is right or no. Beera says, nothing should have happened else he wouldn’t take swear of Indu. Zara finally stops.

Zara tells everyone, I stopped Sugandha and Beera’s marriage and I couldn’t bring a child for Nanda and Beera. I realized my mistake and now proposes their marriage again. Nanda, Rishi are shocked. Ammu supports Zara and declares marriage will take place in a week. Ammu is proud of Zara/Indira and finally sees Zara/Indira becoming somewhat like her. Jamna is happy.

Other side, even though Indira is upset, Kutumb just cares about herself. She reminds Indira of her promise of taking her to the parlor for her makeover. When at the parlor, Kutumb rushes to return home so she can impress Inder. They return and Inder goes crazy seeing new look of Kutumb. Kutumb also gives response to him and feels shy, but Indira tells her to show some attitude.

They come in their house and sees Meher washing the clothes. Meher apologizes to them and says, I have no one in this world beside you and I have no other place to live. She tells them she will do all the housework, but let her stay in their house. Indira doesn’t want her to stay, but Kutumb keeps her to take the revenge. Kutumb changes her look and makes her ugly so she looks like a maid, and no men in the house get interested in her. Meher speaks to herself, Zara for you what all I have to do. Indira finds something fishy and Meher is not saying a word.

Rishi is applying medicine to Munna’s would and he tells him, I don’t know what has happened to Indira. Zara comes there and sees bags there. She asks Rishi if they are going anywhere. Rishi is surprised as Indira doesn’t remember it’s her parents anniversary. He says, after coming here, you’ve forgot your family. We are going to your house. Zara gets worried. She acts of being unwell and falls unconscious. Rishi takes her to the bed.

Inder and Kutumb are romancing. Meher is cleaning the floor. She cannot see them romancing and throws garbage on them, and runs from there. Indira catches her. Meher apologizes and says, I made a mistake, won’t happen again. Indira lets her go. In garbage, there is Indira’s letter as well which she wrote for Rishi before leaving Jwala Niwas. Kutumb reads it and Indira is surprised to find that letter in her house.

Everyone is in Rishi’s room. Zara says, I am fine, no need to call doctor for the checkup. Doctor comes and Zara is afraid as doctor may find she is not pregnant. After checkup, doctor asks her how many months it has been to her pregnancy. Zara doesn’t know and struggles to say anything. Rishi answers on her behalf and she is relaxed. Doctor takes Rishi outside to tell him something.

Zara gets a cal from Meher. Meher tells her that Indira found the letter. Indira hears it and takes the phone from Meher. She asks, who is this? But Zara doesn’t reply anything. Rishi comes back and says, Shrimatiji (that’s how he calls Indira). Indira hears that on the phone and is surprised.