Sunday Update on Iron Lady 16th December 2018

Zara on the bed and the doctor is presents to examine her. She looks at her phone while Meher is calling her but is not able to answer.Meher sees Indira and decides to end the call. Indira calls again and Rishi says Shreematiji, which Indira overhears.Indira thinks to whom Rishi is addressing as “shreematiji” and asks Meher who’s trying to escape. But finally she was she spits the truth and tells Indira Zara is in her in laws.
Indira calls again but Rishi takes the phone from Zara and Zara has a flashback of Rishi struggling her as he gets to know that Zara has replaced Indira.
She comes to reality , ammo asks Rishi what the doctor said as Jamuna bought the doctor he says Indira/Zara is not taking care of her pregnancy.
Ammo suggest that Zara should not leave the bed she must take great care of herself and the baby and orders the servants to stay with Zara 24 hrs. Everyone’s leaves the room and Zara gets angry on the servants and asks them to leave. They leave, closing the door behind.

In Sharma Niwas, Meher tells Indira whatever Zara did and tells her that she’s living with Rishi as his wife.
Indira says she’ll have to pay for all the deeds she committed, as for her own purpose she did not even spare Indu nor her unborn baby. Meher says to Indira she already tells everything to her now and to let her leave but Indira slaps her.

Zara is aghast in the lonely room and is waiting for Meher call. Indira tied Meher in a chair and she sees Indur coming she tries her level best to woo him so that he will untie her. Indur goes to untie her…
Sugandha is trying to run away from the marriage with Kulbushan and she tries to jump with the help of the bedsheets from the window. Munna arrives over there he’s also hanging and they both jump when Jamuna arrives. The latter beats Munna who run away… Sugandha is stubborn on her decision and thinks who’ll save her when Indira enters, she has no clue why the preparations and decorations of the house is going on. She meets Munna and gets to know Zara beats him as well as Indu.
Indira thinks she must keep it to her that Zara is in the mansion otherwise she will escape easily using her police tricks… Zara also on the other hand is searching for Indira and she thinks Indira will enter from the back entrance and she needs to use her brain like her. Zara thinks Indira must be hiding somewhere, She sees the reflection of Indira in the mirror and she comes to check. She thinks it is only her mind which is playing with her and laughs thinking now she’s getting afraid with her own shadow, this is so ridiculous…
Finally she realises that Indira is in fact present in the room and she’s scared. Indira says she’s well in front of her as she was indeed searching for her.

Zara and Indira face off
Intense face off between the two. Zara tells Indira that Rk is hers and only hers but Indira tells her that she(Zara) is living under her shadow, using her identify. Zara pushes Indira and Indira fights back by twirling her hand behind. Zara removes herself and twirls Indira ‘s hand and tells she is a cop and can fight anyone. Indira manages to pin Zara on the wall and tells her she is hitler!!! Indira holds Zara’s hair and hits her head on the wall. Zara cries, Jamuna sees the confrontation between the two and becomes worried especially because of Sugandha and Beera’s wedding!!! She hears Rk asking/looking for Indira and becomes very worried she manages to divert Rk from looking for Indira by sending him Ammu”s medicine, which he goes for. Indira slaps Zara for mistreating Indu, whipping Munna, wanting to kill Chiku, destroying her sasural house. She tells her she is going to destroy her (Zara) and expose her. She drags her inside a room and locks her in a room. Jamuna sees this and goes to Zara’s rescue but she is stopped by Ammu who calls her. Indira is looking for Rk, she asks around but no one has seen him. Indira sees him boarding a car but she doesn’t reach him on time. She shouts his name and Ammu comes and asks what is wrong with her shouting! Indira tells Ammu to cancel this wedding because it was not her who proposed this but Zara. Ammu gets shocked and Jamuna pretends to be shocked.

Indira tells Ammu she will show her Zara who she has locked in a room. Indira leads the way, Jamuna tells Ammu that she is lying as they sent Zara to the asylum. Ammu says this is serious and they have to see if its TRUE. She follows Indira. Indira opens the door and tells Indira here is Zara but the trio are shocked to see Sugandha and Munna embracing. This shocks Indira as she left Zara there. Jamnuna hits Munna and Sugandha for their immoral act. Indira asks where is Zara! Munna is shocked as Indira looked them here. Ammu scolds Munna for his act and she leaves dragging Sugandha from there. Indira remains there alone and RK calls her, she hopefully answers thinking its Rk but its Zara who took Rk’s sim card. She tells her she will send her to the the asylum, make sure that Sugandha ‘s marriage happen! Indira opposes her and tells her she will see who will win RK, his real wife or a retard.