Saturday Update on Gangaa 9th February 2019

Sagar wakes up with a start and says Ganga. Pulkit asks Sagar why he woke up with a start by saying Ganga. Sagar feels she is in some problem. Pulkit says you only did not bring her back with you! Sagar says she did not listen to me. Pulkit is sure he only made some mistake. Sagar says I did not do anything. I asked her to tell me once she did not anything. She walked away without saying anything. Pulkit says this is why she did not come with you. You both are so close since childhood yet you could not understand her. You are anyways leaving for London in a few days. Why do you care? His words ring in Sagar’s head.

The guy holds Ganga’s hand. How dare you hit me? Who do you think you are? A college official asks the students what’s going on here. The guy leaves Ganga’s hand. She walks up to the official and tells him that no one here can speak up. They have no guts. I will tell you. the students, who have come to study law here to help people get justice, are watching a girl getting insulted by people. A lawyer checks proofs and then calls anyone guilty. You all called me bad names without even finding out the truth behind the video! The one who cannot respect a woman cannot get anyone justice. Who are you to call anyone good or bad? I will not give any explanation about the video or myself. I haven’t done anything wrong. Why should I sit in my house? I am innocent and will walk with my head held high. Because of your bad thinking I will not sit at home and cry. I am feeling bad as not even a girl stepped forward to help me. She notices the photo from the video on the wall and tears it up. This is not me. This is the cheap mentality of educated people like you. No one can stop me from doing things. I will come to college daily and work hard towards a better future. You all can do anything you want. I am not scared of anyone! Everyone claps for her. Even the college official says he is proud of her. she walks ahead with her head held high. The guy (who had been harassing her) looks away when she walks past him. Yash has seen everything from a distance. My idea flopped. She fought like usual but my next attack will set everything right.

Janvi is confused to see Yash’s text. She sends a reply to him. Don’t just say. Do it. Ganga should not be saved this time.

A few people stand outside the ashram. They refuse to let any facilities be made available to them if Ganga continues to stay there. Sudha speaks in Ganga’s favour. She did not do anything. Someone throws a stone at her but Ganga steps forward in time. She gets hurt though. Chaudhary (the leader) repeats he will close down the ashram if Ganga will stay in the ashram. Ganga agrees to leave. She tells Sudha to let her go. I wont let anyone create problems for you because of me. The world is big. Not everyone in the world has such a cheap mentality. Ganga knows how to make way for herself. I will find my way! Sudha refuses to let her go but another guy warns the ladies of the consequences.

Ganga picks up her bag. She seeks Sudha’s blessings. Sudha calls out after Ganga as she turns to go. I will also come along. When a woman wont support a woman then nothing will change in the society. Ganga denies. This is my fight. I will have to handle it alone. Sudha is concerned for her. Ganga asks her to let her go. You trust me, right? The people here need you. They don’t know how to stand for themselves. Someone should stay here to help them. I am fine. they share a hug. The ladies feel bad. The guys also leave from there. Yash too has been watching it all. Bhabhi’s work is finished, now it is my turn!

Ganga is sitting at the ghaat. Pundit ji asks if she does not have to go home. Supriya notices her there. What are you doing here? Ganga says those who don’t have a home come here. Supriya says everyone at home thinks you are in ashram. Ganga shares that she cannot stay there. Surpiya requests her to come home with her. Ganga replies that she is new in the house. She does not know that Ganga never compromises with her self-respect. What’s the point of going to a place where all the old relations, friendship has changed with time? I have to speak up to make someone believe it! it comes from the heart and soul. Why should I use words to prove my innocence? Supriya understands that she is talking about Sagar. Ganga diverts the topic. There is nothing left for me in this town now. I will go from here. Supriya calls out after her but in vain.

Sagar has kept his head on Amma ji’s lap. She pats at his head. don’t be sad. This is how long she was going to stay here. We raised her with so much love yet she had to leave this way. Madhvi and Janvi see it from far. Amma ji advises Sagar to think about himself. You have to become a big man. Janvi affirms. I am also telling him the same thing. He should think about his future. She gives him their tickets to London. He looks at it sadly. Janvi asks him what happened. He says nothing and leaves. Amma ji is not happy to send him so far away from them. Madhvi says he had to go. We will all be pained to see him go but it is good. Amma ji nods. Janvi is happy to think she will separate Sagar from Ganga finally. Ganga is leaving the town and I am taking Sagar away with me.

Sagar is pacing worriedly in his room. Supriya comes there. Will you take me to bank tomorrow? I want to keep my locker in jewellery. He suggests her to give to his mother. All the jewellery is kept there. She wants a personal locker. I cannot trust anyone. what if tomorrow they say that they have no jewellery? He says it wont happen.

 People trust their loved ones. She refuses to believe him and his words. We trust people by heart and soul. He thinks of his brother’s and of Ganga’s words. She says I am new in this house. I don’t know people well but you have spent your childhood with Ganga.
You still did not trust her? He is confused. She explains that one does not ask for proof to trust someone.