Saturday Update on Deception 2 May 2020


Saturday Update on Deception 2 May 2020

Naren says I will sleep there only when you come there. Pooja says ok and asks him to come. He says I will hold your hand all day. Bela calls Pooja and asks how is she? She says I know you are upset with me, and tells that she cares her husband’s heart and have nothing to do with Naren.

Friday Update on Deception 1 May 2020

She tells that she is sending laddo to her house for bhagawat gita paath. Later she comes home indisguise and gives laddo to Anuj and tells that it is sent by Bela. Anuj smells it and asks Rachel to hold the box and goes. Rachel also keeps the box and goes. Bela picks the box and keeps outside naren’s room, and knocks on the door. Naren comes out, don’t see anyone and takes the laddo box inside.

Anuj tells Pooja. Pooja tells that they have to stop Naren from eating it. They come out and search for the box. Pooja says Naren likes laddo and realizes it is with Naren. Pooja runs to stop him. Naren have bhang laddoo and gets under its influence. Bela makes the ropes and says everyone will be punished.

Pooja coming to Naren and asks if he had laddo. Naren says no and hides the box. He drinks water with jug which surprises him. She asks him why is he smiling. He says I am not smiling, but you are smiling. Naren goes to get ready. Dadi ji tells about the paath. Pooja tells Anuj that they have to search the sweets box. Harish asks Pooja where is naren? Pooja says he must be getting ready.

Naren gets in Praveen’s character and talks in Bhojpuri. He tells gardener that he wants to do wrestling, but with whom. Gardener says I don’t know wrestling/boxing. Naren asks him to fight with him. Pooja sees Naren outside fighting with the gardener and is shocked. Neelima and Rahul look at Pooja’s reaction and come to the window, and are surprised too. Rahul says Naren is someone else

now. Neelima says it is tacky, lets have some fun. Naren gets Bela’s call and picks her call. He says I knew you can’t stay without me. Bela says I made Prasad with you and tells that it seems you have eaten it. Naren says he experienced tripti. Bela invites him home and offers to give him special pan. Naren says Pravachan will start now. Bela asks to decide if he wants pan or pravachan.

Pooja comes out and asks with whom he is talking to and makes him wash his hand. After she goes inside, Naren checks Bela’s phone which she disconnects.
Pandit ji gives pravachan and says nobody asks you to light diyas in temple and says God shall be in everyone heart. Naren comes and says you said right. He asks Guru ji to start pravachan and end it soon. Harish asks him to sit with them and not to sit with Guru ji. Pooja asks him to come with her. Naren makes her sit with him and asks Guru ji to start. Guru ji starts pravachan. Naren throws flowers on Pooja. Everyone is surprised.

Bela ties rope to the tree and thinks three people guilty of her mayka will be hanged here. Naren tells Guru ji that pravachan is of old people and asks him to let him and his wife go to room and romance. Guru ji says I will not stay here anymore. Supriya apologizes to Guru ji. Dada ji says Naren has to apology. Bela tells that she will hang her sasur, saas and Praveen’s heart.

Naren tells Dada ji that he don’t understand why husband and wife shall stay separately and that’s why he has decided to stay with his wife like before. Rahul smiles. Pooja asks Naren what you are saying? Naren asks her to come to room and holds her closer. Harish asks him to leave Pooja. Naren asks what is your problem? Pooja tries to free herself and falls down. Harish slaps him and asks him to leave before he slaps him again. Naren is shocked.

Bela gets ready and thinks Naren will come, as Pan is his weakness and her strength. Naren comes to Bela and asks for Pan, and says he will go after that. Bela shows her small cup and asks him to wait for 9 pm. She asks him to wait for her outside his old room near the tree, and says she has made special pan and the enjoyment will be doubled. Naren says I will wait.

Harish tells Supriya and Dada ji that that day Naren misbehaved with board of directors. Supriya says you know him. Pooja says she is surprised with his behavior. Naren comes home and asks Rahul to come out of room. Pooja tries to stop him, he pushes her and goes. He calls Rahul and asks him to vacate the room. Pooja comes and says we have given room to Surbhi and Rahul with our wish. Naren says now Naren Vyas will stay in room. Supriya says it is not good to fight over a room. Naren says if I don’t get room then I will not sit in bhagwat path. Rahul says you will not get this room and says you are not Vyas. Naren says I will get this room before 9 pm.

neelima telling Harish that naren vyas is showing his true colors. Naren says it is enough of you chachi. Bela waits for Naren and says your heart will pulled you towards Pan. Naren asks everyone to vacate the room if their nautanki is over. Rahul gets angry. Naren beats him. Rahul asks Pooja to handle her husband. Surbhi tells that she was thinking to shift to their room as she has problem to climb up and getting down the stairs. Naren says atleast someone shows maturity. Pooja is shocked. Naren asks Supriya to get his stuff from the room. Pooja asks why did he get his stuff only. Naren says you will stay with Maa for next 7 days. Pooja goes out of room. Naren thinks of bela’s pan and closes the door. He looks for Bela’s call. Dada ji looks at Pooja who sits on stairs shockingly.

Everyone is shocked. Supriya runs to her and asks her to have water. Harsha says what happened to Naren suddenly. Harish says may be it is new driver’s effect and says I fear that he fed him something wrong.
Pooja thinks about Bela. Surbhi tells Rahul that she likes their room. Rahul keeps hand on her mouth and tries to scare her. He tells her that she will not be saved to see her baby. Surbhi says she will save her baby from him. Rahul slaps her and makes her fall on bed. Surbhi feels pain in her stomach. Naren comes to his room balcony and thinks he needs pan. Supriya gives water to Surbhi. Surbhi tells her that Pooja and she is not different. Supriya says she is worried about Rahul’s anger. Harsha asks Surbhi to end Rahul and Naren’s distance. Surbhi says she will try. Supriya says she is worried for naren. Harsha says he needs love and care and will be fine soon.

Naren gets down from the balcony using rope. He comes near the tree and thinks Bela took the pan. Bela sings song and shows him pan. He tries to get the pan. She hides. Naren comes to her. Bela shows her pan bag. Harish tells that he will fire the driver. Pooja stops him and says she will talk to Naren. She thinks we will solve the trouble together. Bela says I thought you will not come. Naren asks her to make him have food for last time and make him feel tripti.

Bela feeds pan in his mouth. Naren chews it. Pooja knocks on the door and finds it locked. She opens the lock with her pin and sees Naren not there. She thinks where did Naren go. She comes to balcony and sees rope. She thinks where did he go? She sees Naren lying in the garden.

Naren tells bela that he will feed apple to her. He asks her for another pan. Supriya sees Pooja running out and wonders where is she going? Pooja comes out and calls Naren. Naren is sitting on tree and throws apple on her. Bela hides.

Naren asks her to pick the apples and says he will kiss her equivalent to the number of apples she catches. Pooja gets upset and asks if he met Bela or have something with her hand. Naren says I will answer and asks her to sleep in his room tonight. Pooja asks him to answer.

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