Friday Update on Deception 1 May 2020


Friday Update on Deception 1 May 2020

Pooja comes out of room and sees Rahul. He asks who is singing song piya tore…and tells that bela is singing song to woo Naren. He says wife is in mood and husband is enjoying with Bela, and I am getting blamed. Pooja gets tensed and goes. Bela dances on the song Piya tore and don’t give him pan.

Thursday Update on Deception 30 April 2020

Pooja runs to come there. Bela tries to feed pan to Naren with knife. Pooja comes there and is shocked to see them closer. She makes Bela get up and throws knife with pan, and slaps her hard. Naren gets up and gives a tight slap to Pooja. Bela looks on angry. He then realizes and goes behind Pooja. Pooja says she don’t want any clarification.

Naren says I don’t know how did I come here and why? Pooja pushes him and says she didn’t understand him or his dreams. She goes to room. Naren tries to stop her from closing the door, but Pooja tells him that her heart is pained, and she can’t give him any more chance. She says your heart is drawing towards Bela and tells that her love is less for him.

Bela fumes and says now she has to make Pooja as her enemy. Naren tells Pooja that he loved her only and swears on her. Pooja asks her not to swear on her falsely. Naren asks her to hear him once and then close the door. He says I can feel that you are here, as she hides. He says if you don’t understand me then who will understand, and knocks on the glass door, and hurts his hand. Rahul enjoys their fight. Naren cries and tells her after operation, his heart is getting drawn towards Bela, although he is trying hard. He says he will take out this heart and accepts to die rather than hurting her. Pooja cries.

Bela burning wood with Naren’s name on it, and swears on her mayka that she will burn Praveen’s heart. Pooja opens the door and tells Naren that she loved him very much, and says he would have given a better accuse. She blames him for falling for Bela. Naren says it is only his heart’s fault. Pooja doesn’t believe him. Rahul hears them and thinks Bela is successful to create rift between them. He comes to Pooja’s room and asks for tool box, and tells Naren kept it in bela’s room. He teases them. Pooja bluntly asks him to leave and closes the door. She tells Naren that today one guy is teasing us, and marks a line with sindoor and asks him not to cross the line. Naren is shocked and tells that he is innocent. Pooja says I loved you truly, and asks him to let her go.

Naren bends down and tells that it all started because of Pan. Pooja realizes seeing Bela asking him to have pan.
Naren gets up and tells her everything. He says Pan has become his weakness. Pooja says do you have pan now. Naren shows dried pan which he kept in his pocket. He tells that he will always belong to her. Pooja unpacks her clothes and tells Naren that she will wipe out reason of the line between them. She comes to Bela’s room holding suitcase and says if you don’t mind, shall I make pan. Bela is making pan and says Praveen ji knows its taste. Pooja says Naren is my husband and heart is just an organ.

Bela tells her that Praveen’s heart is calling his Bela and tells her that she can’t stop Naren from coming to her, even if she locks him. Pooja holds her hand and takes her to room. She tells that a wife can’t share her husband and asks her to return her mayka. Bela says even if I go to Mayka, or if you lock me, then also you can’t stop Praveen’s heart. Pooja says she will take care of his dhadkan and asks her to take money and leave. Bela says she is leaving Praveen’s heart with her, but will soon take it from her. Pooja thinks if I did a mistake by bringing her here and thinks she didn’t see her avatar before.

Bela is walking on road. Pooja comes in car and offers to drop her to her mayka. Bela acts mad and tells that she will go to her mayka with Naren and will sit beside him. She asks her to call Naren, and says he will come running to his Bela. Pooja gets down from the car and tells that she is letting her go alone. Naren worries for Pooja as sindoor is about to fall. Bela takes out hammer and breaks Pooja’s car front mirror. She tells Pooja that she will take everything which she got from her mayka, diamond necklaces etc, and also Praveen’s heart. She will return. She turns and sees Naren standing. She smirks. Naren looks at her. bela goes smiling at him. Naren comes to Pooja and lifts her, takes her home. Pooja apologizes for not believing her. Naren says when I couldn’t believe myself, how can you believe. He takes out glass pieces from her forehead and bandages her head. She feels pain and smiles. Oh Piya song plays…She tells Naren that tomorrow will be a new morning and Bela will not return in our life. Just then Naren sees Bela standing.

Naren calling Doctor and telling about his problem. Doctor says this is a phase and will soon pass, and tells about the old heart transplant effects. Bela comes to her house and sees her father’s house locked. She hears the voice and opens the window with hammer. She finds her father on the bed. She breaks the door.

Supriya asks Pooja about her injury. Naren tells that she got hurt while closing the window. Supriya turns to inhouse temple. Naren holds Pooja’s hand. Supriya turns to them and tells that for the next seven days, all ladies will stay together. Naren says ok. Supriya asks him to call Bela and says she will give her some responsibility. Bela asks her father what happened? She helps him get up and asks him to drink tea. A woman calls him and says she brought food for him. Bela finds him not seeing anything. Woman tells her that her father tried to committed suicide, but they rescued him, but he got blind.

Dada ji asks Pooja why did Bela leave? Rahul asks if she left or thrown out of house. Pooja asks him to concentrate on Surbhi. Naren sees cardamom and eats it. Harsha tells Pooja that she should have checked Bela before she went and says she must have went to stolen something. Naren breaks the cup and asks them to respect Bela atleast now when she is gone. Naren comes to room and searches for the pan. Pooja comes there and asks if he wants to have pan. She feeds him pan with kishmish, mishri etc. She also eats with his hand and asks him to tell whenever he wants. She tells him about the Paath at home in the evening.

Bela tells Praveen ji, now you are accused to make my father blind, and blames him for her mother’s death. She recalls Praveen’s mum asking her parents to give bike on Praveen’s birthday. They agree. Bela sees Praveen laughing while his parents ask for the bike. She demands diamond necklace etc. Later during Bela and Praveen’s marriage, they ask Bela’s parents to give gold coins to all guests. They plead infront of them, but they don’t listen. Praveen asks bela not to interfere in elders’ talk and think about their wedding night. Someone else does her kanyadaan. After marriage, Bela’s mum dies. Fb ends. Bela tells that she will hurt Praveen’s heart.

Dada ji asks Pooja and Naren to begin the puja. They do the aarti. Naren imagines bela and gets shocked. Pooja goes. He imagines bela again shockingly. Pandit ji starts Bhagawat Gita’s paath. Everyone sit to listen. Naren sees Pooja coming and sits towards her side, holds her hand. Pooja thinks how to make him understand not to hold hands when puja is going on.
Later Pooja comes to room to take her stuff. Naren holds her and ties her hand. Pooja says they shall follow the rules. Naren says he will tell everyone she can’t stay without him. Pooja tickles him. He asks her to go. He thinks to sleep and hopes he don’t see bela again.

Bela comes to Naren’s room. Naren says I know that you can’t stay far from me and says when you are with me, I will not think of bela. He turns and sees Bela next to him on bed.. He gets shocked.

Naren imagining Bela and gets tensed. He decides to go to Pooja. He manages to come to the room where Pooja is sleeping with the ladies. All ladies look at him surprisingly. Naren asks them to let Pooja stay with him. They go out of room. Pooja asks Naren why he don’t understand. Naren says I am restless and felt bela’s presence in our room. Pooja says Bela is gone, and asks him to trust on their love and sleep peacefully.

Mora Piya albela.. Bela serves roti to her father. He tries to eat it and asks about Praveen. Bela asks him to have food first. She thinks she will bring Praveen’s heart there. She thinks how can I forget that day and recalls, after her mother last rites is done, Praveen and his mum asks Bela to come home. Bela says she will stay there. Praveen says if your mother will be alive if you stay here. She sees money lenders troubling her father. Bela folds her hands and asks Praveen to let her give her bangles to her father, but he refuses. Fb ends. She plans to kill Naren.

Naren gets Bela’s flashes and that’s why come to car and sleeps there, after blindfolding himself. Pooja comes there and asks why you didn’t sleep in room.

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