Ring of Fire Saturday Update 29 February 2020


Ring of Fire Saturday Update 29 February 2020

Shristi goes to exam venue and finds her hall ticket missing. Peon does not let her in without exam. Shristi requests Shekhar to let her in. He scolds her how can she be so irresponsible, he cannot break rules for anyone. Shristi calls Chutki bahu and asks her to search her hall ticket in her room.

Chutki searches with Vishu. Divya comes and Chutki asks also her to search. Vishu unfills dustbin and hall ticket falls down. Chutki picks it and asks Divya what is it. Divya checks and says it is Shristi bhabhi’s hall ticket. Vishu says he will go and give it to her and runs taking Chutki’s mobile.

Parag with Narad boasts in front of hotel manager that his Vikral Singh’s son and came here for some work, nobody should are stop him. Narad sees Ragini and Anurag leaving hotel and signals Parag to sand silently. Ragini notices them from back, walks in front and asks what are they doing here. Parag nervously stammers. Narad says they came for a business meet. Parag is meeting is over and they are going home. Ragini says then they will go together. Anurag says they cannot in single taxi. Parag says they will take 2 taxis and orders manager to book taxi. Ragini travels with Anurag, chattering in her usual style. Ragini sees fruit vendor and stops car. She leans over Anurag and buys litchi. Anurag’s heart softens for her. Ragini enjoys litchi. Anurag thinks even he is hungry. Ragini shares her bitten litchi and he eats silently and asks if she is hungry. She nods yes. He asks driver to stop car at a dhaba. Ragini thinks how come he changed today.

Vishu continues running and tries to take lift, but nobody stops. Shristi on the other side requests officer again to let her write exam. Offer does not permit. She calls Chutki. Vishu picks call and says he is bringing her hall ticket. She asks to reach before 9 a.m. He asks not to worry and continues running.

Shristi tensely waits for Vishu to get her hall ticket. Vishu runs all the way from home and hands over her hall ticket. She thanks him. Shekhar asks her to meet Vishu later, go and write her exam first. She rushes in. Vishu collapses. Shekhar holds him and asks if he is fine, asks peon to bring water and sprinkles it on Vishu’s face. Vishu does not react. Shekhar thinks if he informs about Vishu to Shristi, she will not write her exam. He asks to get glucose water and shakes Vishu. Vishu opens eyes and says he is fine.

Ragini and Anurag stop their car at a dhaba. Ragini says this is called a restaurant and he will not get his luxury chairs here, but tasty food. They both sit on table and she orders aloo paranthas and curd for her and her mister. Anurag sees men staring at Ragini and
sees her blouse hook open. He dorns his blazer on her and says it is very cold. Ragini feels good that her mister is caring for her. Hotel owner comes and asks if she is Vikral Singh’s daughter. She asks if she should call her father for confirmation. He says Parag babu told him. Men who were staring Ragini silently walk out. Anurag thinks at least gun power worked here. A romantic song starts..kyun aata hai seene me..Ragini smiles at Anurag. She removes blazer and touches her back and realizes hook open. She wears blazer back. They both get into car. She asks him to fix her hook. He does shyingly. She asks to tie lace. He does. Romantic song continues.

Revati and Dulari eagerly wait for Shristi to return without writing exam. Shristi with Shekhar returns holding Vishu. Vishu thanks Shekhar for helping him. Shekhar says it is nothing in front of what he did, if he had not brought hall ticket, Shristi would not have written exam. Revati scolds Chutki why did she sent Vishu to give hall ticket, she knows Vishu is weak, what if something had happened to him, why will she bother as she is not Vishu’s mother. Shristi tries to comment, but Revati shuts her mouth. Chutki cries that she always considered Vishu as her son, if Revati feels she can harm Vishu, she will leave this house. Brij says if she walks out of house, she cannot return. Anurag and Ragini return. Ragini thinks if she speaks, she will be blamed again, so she keeps silent. Anurag requests Chutki to stay. Even Vishu and Divya cry and plead her not to go. Chutki says he has grown up and can take care of himself. She says if they all think she served this family selflessly, they should let her go. She walks away. Anurag angrily looks at Revati.

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