Ring of Fire Sunday Update 1 March 2020


Ring of Fire Sunday Update 1 March 2020

Anurag confront Revati and asks why did she force Chutki kaki to go away, he respects kaaki like her. Vishu also cries why did they let kaaki go. Revati asks Dulari to take Vishu to his room. Vishu says no need and walks into his room. Dulari suggests Revati to stop being Lalita Pawar and go and console Vishu.

Anurag stands sadly near window in his room. Ragini says he should go and bring kaaki home. Anurag says he will go for sure, but he knows kaaki will not come as kaaka did not support her. Ragini says he is right, her amma says a woman can fight with whole world if her husband supports her, but if he does not, she shatters. He says she is right and holds her. She pampers his face. He asks what is she doing. She realizes it was her imagination. She goes to bed saying even sasumaa
is not wrong, why did kaaki send Vishu to give Shristi’s hall ticket, nothing would have happened if Shristi did not get hall ticket one day. Anurag thinks Ragini will not understand value of hall ticket.

Vidhvan returns with daadi and scolds Revati that she broke his house. Chutki does not have children and considers Anurag, Vishu and Divya as her children and loves them more than Revati. Daadi also scolds that she did wrong and asks Brij how could he break agniphera with his wife, like he broke relationship with his wife, she will break their relationship. Brij is shocked and pleads Vidhvan to explain mom.

Parag asks Vani to serve breakfast. She serves and asks where did Vikral go early morning. He says he does not know, he was asking about Ragini, so he told she went to Patna with her husband and is very happy. Vaani says he must have gone to meet Raginni then.

Ragini wakes up in the morning and sees Anurag already left room. She thinks when will the day come when her misterji will wake her up and pamper her. She imagines Anurag bringing tea for her and pampering her to wake up and get him ready, without her , he cannot do anything.

Ragini comes down and asks Anurag where did he go, she will serve him breakfast. He says he went to meet kaaki, but she did not return, she needs some time. Shristi serves breakfast to Revati and Revati scolds till when she has to eat her tasteless breakfast. Shristi says she will try to cook properly. Vidhvan asks Anurag what happened to his investor meeting. Ragini comments meeting went well and investor was ready to invest more. Anurag asks her not to intervene when she does not know anything. He tells until he gets government approval, his effort is waste. He gets call that he got government approval.

Vidhvan say it is a good news. Vikral enters and asks to include even him in their celebrations. Ragini is surprised seeing him, rushes and hugs him, asks why did not he inform before coming. He says he would not have seen her facial expression if he had informed her. He then greets Vidvhan. Vidhvan replies and leaves seeing he has to prepare for his court case. Vikral asks if Anurag’s business is going well, if Vani.. Ragini acts as slipping and twisting her leg to garner his attention. He asks if she is fine. She says yes.