My Heart Knows Tuesday Update 22 February 2022


My Heart Knows Tuesday Update 22 February 2022

The terrorist calls Mugdha and asks him to divert Malhar’s attention else Malhar’s family and her factory workers will be killed. Pallavi asks Atharv to drink milk. He refuses to drink behaving childishly. Mugdha asks did you see Malhar? Pallavi says no. Sarthak calls Anupriya and takes her to room. Anupriya sees saree clad Malhar and gets surprised. She asks what is all this? Malhar says see what helplessness made a man do. He says Kalyani is thinking herself as Atharv and don’t know what she will do. he says I have to sit with her so that she does all the vidhis rightly. He tells that he didn’t eat anything since morning and have kept fast for Kalyani. Anupriya says I wish every mother shall get a son in law like you for her daughter.

Atul comes there and sees Sarthak and Anupriya in room and a lady (Malhar) standing. He taunts them for being in the locked room. Anupriya says it is not like that. Atul asks who is she? Anupriya says she is Kalyani’s friend Meenakshi and she is the newly married. He asks why she is wearing ghunghat. Anupriya says it is her custom to wear it for a year after marriage. Atul asks Sarthak what are you doing here? Sarthak asks Meenakshi, can I tell him about you. He tells that Meenakshi was telling about her mother in law who is torturing her and she needs assistance regarding what to do. Atul comes near Malhar.

 Atul telling Sarthak that Anupriya and him are alone in the room. Sarthak tells that Meenakshi (Malhar) needs legal advice as her inlaws are troubling her. Atul comes near Malhar and says atleast your husband is good, my daughter’s husband is bad. He leaves. Anupriya asks Malhar not to feel bad of his words. Malhar says I know that I am doing all duties of a husband. The terrorist thinks to kill the persons coming in their way. Kalyani comes there and asks what is the bags? The goon hides the gun behind him. Atul and Anupriya come there. Anupriya takes her from there. She shows her Malhar on video call. Kalyani says bhao is looking pataka in saree. Malhar says I will call Mugdha then you will be jailed. He asks her to behave as if he is Kalyani infront of everyone. Kalyani says ok and asks him to go and meet Kalyani once. Malhar ends the call. Kalyani says constable has gone mad.

Aao Saheb has made arrangements for puja. Sarthak brings Malhar there and says she is Meenakshi, kalyani’s friend. Aao Saheb asks did I ask you? Atharv comes there playing football and collides with Malhar. He sees him and calls him baba. Sarthak says baba is outside and takes him. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya why Kalyani was behaving like Atharv. Anupriya says you know that she jokes. She asks Kalyani to sit with Meenakshi. Atharv comes to the store room and sees the terrorists keeping the bags. He claps.

The ladies start the program singing a song. The lady praise Kalyani for keeping Mangal Gauri puja for Malhar. Kalyani tells Malhar that the lady is good and asks shall I whistle. Malhar asks her to be quiet else he will send her to lock up. Atharv says I know you have kept chocolates in the bags and asks them to give. The lady asks them to see the idol. Kalyani and Malhar come forward to see the idol. Malhar talks in female voice and asks her to do the rituals. Aao Saheb scolds Anupriya for not teaching values to Kalyani. The goons push Atharv out. Atharv says I will tell my Malhar Baba. Kalyani does the rituals as told by malhar.

Malhar prays to God and says I am not here to complete Kalyani’s fast, but also because I have kept fast for Kalyani. He says only ladies have done this puja for their husband, just like wife worry for husband, husband shall also worry for wife. He asks Gauri maa to accept his fast. Atharv comes there and calls Kalyani and Malhar as Aai and baba. He tells Malhar that goons have beaten him. Aao Saheb asks him to go and says this is Meenakshi. Terrorist calls his boss and tells that a mad man had come there and threatened to tell his father. Boss asks them to be careful and contact Mugdha. Terrorist says she is not picking the call. Boss asks them to kill Malhar if he sees them. Malhar asks him to go in low tone.

Atharv asks him to come. Anupriya takes him. Atharv tells her that the bad uncle has pushed him. Vaman comes and tells her that he will handle Atharv. Anupriya asks him to go with Vaman. Atharv complains to him about the goons. Vaman sees the terrorists from window and hears them. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to start the mangala gauri paath. Anupriya starts the paath. Malhar gets Vaman’s call and thinks to talk to him later. Vaman turns and finds Atharv missing. He thinks where did he go? Anupriya asks Malhar to go as puja is completed. Aao Saheb stops him and says after the puja, you all shall play the game. Anupriya says Meenakshi can’t play in ghunghat. Aao Saheb says if you have kept the fast then you have to play the game, says everyone is ladies here. The ladies play the game. Malhar and Kalyani also play. Anupriya thinks if Malhar’s veil is moved then Aao Saheb will take his life.

the ladies playing the games after the puja. Anupriya hides Malhar’s face with veil when the ladies are dancing and singing. The terrorist calls Mugdha and says I asked you to divert Malhar and asks how dare you to run. He threatens her and says if you reveal about 15th August plan to anyone then you won’t be saved. The lady sings the religious songs while the other ladies dance. Atharv comes there and hugs a lady calling her baba. Aao Saheb asks Pallavi to handle her brother and take him from there. Kalyani laughs. Aao Saheb tells everyone that Atharv is unwell and treatment is going on. She asks Meenakshi and Kalyani to play the game. Anupriya thinks if his veil moves then Aao Saheb will take my life and his also. Malhar’s veil is removed from his head. Everyone sees Malhar and gets surprised. Kalyani becomes normal and asks Malhar what is he doing here? Aao Saheb asks what is this misbehavior? Anupriya tells everything that Kalyani got hypnotized and that’s why Malhar sat with her to make her complete the vidhis. Malhar says Kalyani has kept Mangala Gauri fast for me and I want her to complete it. He says I have kept fast for her and don’t want to lose a chance to do something for his wife. Kalyani says you have kept fast. The ladies praise Malhar and tells Kalyani that she is very lucky to have such a husband. Malhar apologizes to the ladies.

The lady tells that their husband shall learn a lesson from him. Kalyani asks did I become Atharv? Anupriya says yes. Kalyani asks did I behave odd? Malhar says yes. Kalyani asks did I tell anything wrong to Malhar ji. Anupriya says no and tells that Malhar is so understanding and wouldn’t have scolded her. Malhar says I will leave. The lady asks him to wait and complete the last rasam. Kalyani asks what rasam. Aao Saheb taunts her and asks Malhar to complete this rasam also. Anupriya explains to Kalyani about the rasam. One of the lady tell her husband’s name in the riddles and tell. Kalyani says this rasam is very interesting and says I will do it too. She says I stick to you to like a chewing gum to irritate you and says thank you Malhar ji for bearing me and calls him Aurangabad ke singham. Everyone claps. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar don’t appreciate her. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani has so much respect and love for her husband. Atharv comes there and bites Pallavi’s hand as she stops him. He comes to Kalyani and asks her to scold and beat the men beating him.

Kalyani tries to stop him. Atharv takes her forcibly to the storeroom and asks her to beat the goons who has beaten him. They push and make him fall down. Kalyani gets angry and asks if they don’t see that mental health is bad. She sees bomb falling out of bag and gets shocked. She asks Atharv to go and calls Malhar. Atharv says Aai. The goons try to run. Kalyani tries to stop them. They run out. The bomb gets activated. They drop the bag and go in the van. Kalyani shouts asking Atul to throw it, says there is bomb in it. Atul is shocked. Malhar runs to Atul. Kalyani is also running towards him. Malhar takes the bomb in his hand before Kalyani could take and runs away from there. Kalyani shouts at him asking him to throw it. Malhar runs and throws the bomb in the well. It bursts. Kalyani is coming there. Malhar hugs her and they fall down, The well breaks as the bomb explodes. Atul is shocked.

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