My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 23 February 2022


My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 23 February 2022

Malhar finds the RDX in the outhouse. Pawar says how did so much RDX is brought here. Vaman says I was doubtful on you so called you. Malhar asks Pawar to seiled the RDX and says the goons might want to spread terror. Atul is in shock. Aao Saheb asks him to drink water. Kalyani asks Atul to relax and tells that everyone is fine. Aao Saheb blames Malhar and asks from where the RDX came in my house. She says they must be having enmity with you. Vaman says they don’t know Malhar and says they must have a big plan. Aao Saheb scolds him for talking. Malhar says I can arrest you right now and asks who gave them permission to keep the bags in the outhouse. He says I can arrest you…

Aao Saheb scolds Malhar and says you have always compressed me using your uniform. Atul asks her not to blame Malhar. He says this is not Malhar’s mistake, I am alive today because of him. Kalyani cries happily. Atul says if he had to take revenge from me then he wouldn’t have saved me risking his own life. He folds his hand before Malhar and says how to repay your favor. Malhar holds his hand and says what are you saying? Aao Saheb and Sampada are shocked. Atul asks for forgiveness. Kalyani and Anupriya smiles. Pawar says RDX is loaded in the temple and says I need your sign. Malhar goes.

Malhar telling that the terrorists may have more RDX. He says they can plan more big blast and says it is high alert in Aurangabad. Atharv comes to Malhar and tells that he is very afraid. Malhar asks Pallavi not to beat him and tells him that he will be with him after his return. Anupriya doubts on Atharv and shares with Malhar. Malhar says we got RDX because of him and tells that the reports is showing that he has become a child and forgot his memory. Kalyani comes and asks him to stop. She says she is orange belt so she will be with him all the time and will protect him. Malhar and Pawar laugh. Anupriya asks when she will grow up. Kalyani says I am grown up and will protect him. She says you told me about Savitri and Satyavaan and says I am his wife and will protect him. He is Aurangabad Singham and his life is in danger. He says Malhar ji might be thinking how I will become your body guard and says I have a way to prove this. She asks him to fight with her and says when I defeat you then you will become sure that you can’t get a good bodyguard than me. Anupriya asks her to stop it. Kalyani says I am serious and asks Malhar to fight with him. Malhar says I have one more idea to know how much powerful you are and asks Pawar to bring the bricks. He asks Kalyani to break it.

Kalyani says you underestimate me so much and says it is her left hands work. Anupriya says your hand will break. Kalyani keeps another brick and says she will break two bricks at once. She asks them to move back and says bricks pieces might fall in your eyes. She says I am professional and hits the brick to break it, but she feels pain. Anupriya gets worried. Malhar asks did you get hurt? Kalyani says brick is impure. Malhar breaks brick with his hand and goes smilingly. Kalyani says she can break three bricks altogether. She sees Aparna going and asks where is she going? Aparna says she is going out. Anupriya asks her to go. Kalyani says she is hiding something. Anupriya says I am sure that she went behind the Vada to meet Vaman and feels bad for her. Kalyani says hitler is in our house.

Vaman tells Aparna that he wants to stay with her and Sampada and says if anything had happened to us in blast then what would have happen. Aparna says even I want to stay with you. Sampada comes there and blames Vaman and holds him responsible that she lost Moksh because of him. She takes Aparna inside the house and pushes her down. She tells Aao Saheb that Aai and Baba are planning to unite. Aao Saheb scolds Aparna. Atul tells that Aparna wants to go with Vaman and asks her to let them go. Aao Saheb scolds him. Kalyani asks do you always scold your children? Aao Saheb asks her not to interfere and asks Aparna not to go with Vaman. Kalyani asks really? She holds Aparna and Vaman’s hand and takes them to her house. She gives Aparna’s hand in Vaman’s hand. She says she respects them much in her house. Sampada asks her not to interfere in her parents’ life. Kalyani says I am standing as the wall between you and your parents and it will not move until I get them married. She tells that she will get Aatya and Mama’s marriage in 2 days right infront of her eyes and asks her to stop it if she can.

Pawar comes and asks Aao Saheb and Atul to come to PS and says Malhar wants to question you both. Atul gives the description of the men. Malhar asks Aao Saheb if they show you any receipt? He asks her to help the law and says if you don’t help us then you will be doubtful. Aao Saheb asks what do you want to say that we support terrorism. Atul tells Malhar that he has seen owner’s name in the truck and the name of the owner was Dinkar Patwardhan and the address was of Vilasvadi. Malhar asks Pawar to get the info.

Kalyani tells Billu that she will dance in Aatya and Mama’s marriage. She gets Malhar’s diary when it falls on the floor. She asks Billu not to tell him and says this is our secret. She reads his diary and sees his pic. She says he is looking bad and his dressing sense is bad. She says it is good that I didn’t meet him then. She sees Malhar’s pics with the girl and finds the flower in it. She reads that her name is Ketki and reads his diary. She thinks if he has written this. Anupriya comes there and asks why did you tell that you will get them married in 2 days. Kalyani asks her to chill and says nothing is impossible. Anupriya asks did you talk to Malhar? Kalyani says she will talk now and is sure that he will not refuse.

Pawar brings malhar to the house. Kalyani says I want to tell you something and says she wants to get Aatya and Mama married. He says he will talk later. She asks him to say yes. He says yes. She keeps the phone down and says he can’t refuse me. Malhar says we will talk later. Pawar says door is one. Malhar and Pawar hear the gun sound and goes inside the house. Malhar sees a girl sitting there and says Ketki.

Malhar coming to Dinkar Patwardhan’s house and finds a lady sitting infront of the dead body. Malhar calls her ketki and says you are here. Ketki says you came today, but you are late. She tells Malhar that the goons were dangerous and asks him to bring Dinkar back. Malhar checks Dinkar and finds him dead. Pawar tells Malhar that the goon left, but it is the same face which is made by sketch artiste. Kalyani reads his diary and tells Moksh that Malhar and Ketki used to call each other as ketki chai ki ketli and black chai. Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani to come and see what Aao Saheb is doing. Aao Saheb threatens the sweets shops and flower shops owners and ask them not to give sweets and flowers to kalyani for aparna’s marriage. Aparna asks Kalyani to leave the matter. Atul asks Aao Saheb to let Aparna and Vaman unite and says whenever I see her alone, I feel guilty. Kalyani comes to Aao Saheb and falls on her feet, pretends to cry and folds her hands and asks her to tell the sweet shop and garland shop guys to give that to us. She says I am your grand daughter. Aao Saheb gets happy. Kalyani says she thought to tease her and calls Atharv. Atharv brings sweets box. Kalyani says I have understood you well so had bought everything online. She says they have sent this sample and will send flowers, garlands, sweets and everything required for the marriage. Atharv tries to make Aao Saheb eat it. She throws the sweets and asks Kalyani from where she will get mother and pandit. Kalyani says what is the need of kanyadaan and says Aatya is mine, we will not do kanyadaan as this will be her house always. She says about the Pandit, my Malhar ji has much knowledge and he will become Pandit also. She says she will get the marriage done tomorrow morning.

Later Kalyani tells Atul that Malhar helped her do Madhuri’s Shradh else Aao Saheb wouldn’t have let her do it. Atul says I thought him wrong. Kalyani says he is very nice guy. Atul says he will feel good when Aparna gets married. Kalyani says she has kept haldi in the evening and asks Malhar to chant all the mantras for marriage. Sarthak says I will get the marriage done as I taught everything to Malhar. Sampada comes there and scolds Kalyani for arranging her parents’ marriage. Aparna scolds Sampada and says I have done wrong with her and then also she is fulfilling daughter’s responsibility. Atharv says she is bad aunty. Sampada says you have snatched my son and Aai, you will never be happy. She curses her to be unhappy. Everyone gets shocked.