My Heart Knows Thursday Update 6 January 2022


My Heart Knows Thursday Update 6 January 2022

Keshav thinking he couldn’t take revenge from Kalyani’s Aai and baba, but now he will take revenge on her for ruining Anu’s life. Kalyani is about to step on the wire. Anupriya shouts asking her to move. Kalyani keeps her foot on the wire and gets electric shock. Malhar shouts Kalyani and runs to save her. He takes workers equipment and breaks it, takes the wood and saves Kalyani. Kalyani faints. Malhar and Anupriya ask her to open her eyes. Kalyani opens her eyes and touches malhar’s face and holds Anupriya’s hand, asks if they didn’t feel the current.

She says she has seen in films that whoever touches the person getting electrocuted feels the electric current too. Malhar asks Anupriya to handle her and says if she needs brain doctor then call me. Kalyani says I have seen in films and also read in comics. Anupriya says we were worried and you are joking. She says lets go home. Kalyani says I am fine. Anupriya scolds her and asks her to come home. Kalyani says bye to Malhar.

Aao Saheb tells that nobody is ready to help them and tells that they have helped the villagers, but they don’t want to help her. Pallavi asks Vivek to ask Aao Saheb to do Atharv’s aarti. Aao Saheb says she is sure that someone will help her for sure. Just then they hear temple bell sound and go out. Atharv is sitting on the cart with his face covered and asks them to do their aarti and get money. He asks Aao Saheb to do his aarti and says God will give you money in return. Sampada and Aparna come in car. Sampada asks her to do his aarti and says if I was on his place then would have asked you to rub your nose on my feet. Aparna asks what are you saying and to whom? Rao Saheb says you have changed and tells that Ahilya is your Aaji. Sampada says she has ruined my life and she deserves this insult.

Anupriya comes there with Moksh and says you said right, and says Aao Saheb did many mistakes, and says when your baba kicked you and your Aai from home, then Aao Saheb supported you and gave shelter to you. She says she used to love you so much then others used to get jealous. She says you have done many mistakes and says you refused your sindoor and embrace your heart’s dirt. She says Aao Saheb is great and you are evil. She asks Aparna, how she can let her daughter speak badly with her Aai. Atharv asks Aao Saheb to do his Aarti and asks if she don’t want money to save her business. Aao Saheb picks the coin plates shocking everyone.

Pallavi smiles. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb not to do this and says I won’t let you bend down infront of this rakshas. She says if you think this is the only way to save our business then I will do the aarti. She takes plate from Aao Saheb’s hand. Kalyani takes dry chillies kept there and tells that she wants to do this new God’s aarti. She puts red chilli in the diya and blows on it. She does his aarti. Atharv coughs and feels spicy. Sampada smiles vanishes. She asks someone give her water, he is feeling pain. Aao Saheb holds her hand. Kalyani asks why the new God is feeling pain. Sampada goes to Atharv. Atharv tells that he likes her cleverness and says they will be ruined if they don’t take money from money. Kalyani says she will not let Aao Saheb or anyone bend down infront of him, and will arrange the money. She tells that she will not let the factory get closed.

Kalyani talks to someone about money. Keshav comes and loosen the screw so as to make the pot fall on Kalyani. Aao Saheb tells anupriya that they will not bend down infront of atharv and Sampada. She thinks don’t know what Keshav will do. Keshav throws the stone on the workshop. Kalyani comes out and thinks who has come here. She shouts asking who was here? Keshav is hiding and smiles seeing pot is about to fall on her. Anupriya comes there and asks her to come inside. She ties mauli on her hand. Keshav thinks move Anu, that iron can fall anytime. Anupriya is going and finds the fallen screw. Keshav smiles seeing the iron about to fall on her. Anupriya turns and sees the slab falling on Kalyani and saves her at right time. Aao Sahev comes there and asks how did it fall down? Anupriya sees Keshav there. Aao Saheb scolds the Servant. Anupriya comes to the backyard and gets the chit left by keshav.

Anupriya reading the chit leaving by Keshav asking her to meet at the well. She recalls Keshav’s attempt to kill Kalyani. She comes to the well. Keshav says you can’t save Kalyani for forever. She says he will come to my hand one day. Anupriya gives him sweets. Keshav says I know that you will remember. He asks if there is any poison in the sweets and says you can do anything to save her. Anupriya says this sweet doesn’t have the poison, but I will forget everything to save my daughter. Keshav says you don’t have any strength to forget everything. She asks Keshav to promise that he will not do anything to Kalyani. Keshav refuses and goes.

Kalyani thinks she didn’t think that the day will be so interesting. Malhar comes home. Kalyani asks if he knows? Malhar says I know iron shelve was about to fall on you. Kalyani says he is not concerned. She tells him that Aai took care of her and saved her. Malhar gives her ointment to be applied to her and says he went to doctor. He asks her to keep the money which they have taken from Atharv’s factory. He gets a call and goes. Kalyani takes out money from the money bag and looks on.

Anupriya comes to Aao Saheb and sees her crying. She says if you get weak then who will give us strength. Aao Saheb says I have failed today and says my business stopped, and my heart is broken. She says I am more pained with Sampada’s words. Kalyani comes there and says no business will get closed. She gives the money bag to Aao Saheb and says Malhar gave. She thinks if I told the truth, then Aao Saheb will not take the money. Next morning, Malhar is getting ready and asks Kalyani to give him handkerchief. Moksh is crying as Kalyani is lost in thoughts and not feeding him. Malhar asks where is your concentration? Kalyani says she is worried about her exams. He asks what happened, and says you talk so much. She says she is feeling weakness. Malhar says milk. Kalyani says I will drink moksh’s milk. Malhar takes the bottle out and wipes milk from her forehead. He tells that courier guy will come and give Anupriya’s pics. He asks her to receive it. He asks her to keep the money bag safe and says nobody shall know. Anu comes to Keshav and asks him not to harm her daughter, else she will not see his face. Keshav threatens her and says you can’t stop me, and says I will take revenge from Kalyani and then with the person who has separated us. He says then I will take you very far from here, and you can’t stop me. Anupriya thinks how to stop Keshav and save Kalyani.

Kalyani tells Moksh that once Aao Saheb returns the money to her, then she will tell truth to everyone. Keshav comes to house in disguise of a courier guy and recalls taking courier from the courier guy. Kalyani hears him and tells Moksh that Aai’s pics have come. She happily comes to take the pics. Keshav is holding the small knife or sharp instrument and is about to stab Kalyani, when Aparna comes and takes Papers from Kalyani’s hand. Anupriya comes there. Keshav goes. Aparna says she will see the courier. Kalyani says it is Malhar’s confidential papers. Aparna opens the envelope and the pics falls down, but she don’t see her pics. Kalyani takes the pics and acts to talk to Malhar. Aparna gets tensed and goes. Anupriya asks if it is criminal’s pics. Kalyani says yes and says she will give to malhar. Atharv brings a rally with Malhar’s big pic and says he is a corrupt policeman. He tells the people that Malhar is a corrupt policeman. Kalyani asks them to stop his drama. Atharv tells Malhar that if he doesn’t know that the police shall not take the seized money home, and shows the receipt saying that the money which he seized is white. He asks him to return his money. He tells slogans against Malhar. Kalyani gets tensed.

Aao Saheb starts her factory. Anupriya thinks don’t know why Kalyani went to Police station. Malhar comes home and takes the money bag from almari. He opens it and couldn’t find the money. He thinks where the money goes from bag. Atharv comes with the rally and tells that corrupt Malhar. He asks Anupriya and Kalyani to call Malhar. And says I will not leave until I get money from Malhar. Kalyani says Malhar didn’t steal any money. The people get angry on them. Atharv says Malhar is very corrupt, but I am a good man. Malhar comes to Kalyani and asks where is the man, and asks who can take out the money from the almari. Kalyani gets tensed.