My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 5 January 2022


My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 5 January 2022

Pawar gets a call and tells Malhar that Atharv is hiding in the jeweller’s shop. Malhar keeps the phone on loudspeaker. Constable tells that Atharv was hiding in the shop and called lawyer there, laughs. Malhar says ok. Sampada gets tensed. Kalyani asks the jeweller if the ring is Malhar’s choice and asks him to give ring to her and says I will wear this ring now. Jeweller gives ring to Kalyani. Kalyani tries to wear it and forcibly wears it. She sports her finger. Sampada gets upset.

Anupriya tells the workers that Aao SAheb got a big order and they have to complete it in 2 days. A worker sees red color on Anupriya’s forehead and tells her. Anupriya wipes her forehead with water. Aao Saheb and Pallavi come there. Pallavi asks with whom you got your maang filled. A man takes out his hand from the well. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya what is the meaning of this sindoor in your maang. Anupriya tells that color fell down on her in college and says she washed her face, but color got stuck in her forehead. Pallavi asks whether you were playing holi. Kalyani tells that Aai is lying and tells that she had a fight with someone and Aai got hurt on her head. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani not to fight with anyone and tells Pallavi that she knows that she wants to insult Anupriya.

She says I will break your head and then you will know how blood comes out from the head. Kalyani laughs. A man gets down from the well and says this wound will be healed only after taking revenge from you…Kalyani Deshmukh. He breaks the pot angrily.

Kalyani asking Anupriya if she liked the saree. Anupriya says it is good, it will suit you. Kalyani says it is for you and asks her to wear this saree for Billu’s admission. Anupriya says she don’t want fashion. Kalyani says red color suits you. Anupriya gets sad and says even Atul used to say the same. Atharv asks Sampada to have food. Sampada says she is insulted because of him and says I think you are afraid of Malhar. Atharv keeps the plate and holds her mouth and forcefeeds food into her mouth. He says he is a tiger and is not afraid of insects. He asks her to take care that sarees are not delivered and s

ays he will take care of the rest. Kalyani tries to take off the ring and thinks her finger is getting swollen. She applies oil and takes out the ring. The ring falls near Malhar’s hand on the bed. Kalyani gets the ring. Just then Malhar holds Kalyani’s hand in sleep and asks why did you do this Sampada and asks why did you tell me that my ring was nothing for you. He asks why did you do this with me and threw me out like this ring. He says he made a mistake by loving her. Kalyani thinks why he can’t move on and thinks she will not let Sampada come in his dreams. She throws a glass of water on his face. Malhar gets up and tells that rain is coming and asks her to close the window. Kalyani says she slipped and the water glass fell on him. She slips on him and tells that she will bring towel. Kalyani sees someone peeping in their room and tells Malhar. Malhar comes out and says there is nobody here. He asks her to bring towel for him.

In the morning, Kalyani tells Anupriya that she saw someone peeping in the room through window and says she really thinks someone was there. Anupriya says who will dare to peep inside. Kalyani gets Palak’s call and goes from there talking. Anupriya finds the cloth outside Kalyani’s room and smells it. She says it is the same smell and thinks if he has returned. She finds the foot marks and thinks if he entered home. She comes to well following the footsteps and finds the cloth there. She sees the cloth matching to the piece. She peeps inside the well, but there is nobody inside. A man comes and puts cloth on her mouth.

Anupriya is shocked and calls him Keshav. She says if he was outside Kalyani’s room. Keshav says yes, I was there. Anupriya says you were in jail. Keshav says I want to take revenge from them and take you from here. He calls her Anu. Anupriya says no, this is my world now. Keshav says I will take revenge from Kalyani first and then will take you from here. Anupriya says no, says you will not do anything to Kalyani, says she is my daughter and she regards me as my mum. Keshav says I don’t accept these namesake relations and tell that he will take revenge from Kalyani. He jumps in the well. Anupriya thinks what to do, and thinks how to protect Kalyani now, as she can’t tell anyone about Keshav. Kalyani tells Malhar that she saw someone surely outside the door. She tells that there is one thing, and says she thought to get Anupriya’s pics by a professional photographer. Malhar asks her to click pics. Kalyani says I am pro in taking selfies. She takes their selfie with Moksh and tells malhar that he would have smiled. Malhar says he will make arrangement of photographer. Aparna comes and asks Kalyani, when she is returning from college. Kalyani says Aai and I have to go to Moksh’s school for his pre admission. She asks Aparna to handle Moksh. Aparna thinks I will see how you go?

Anupriya and Kalyani come to college. Anupriya sees Keshav and is scared. Kalyani tells that nobody will come to spy on her, and look how hot she will look. She takes her to washroom and asks Anupriya to get ready. She keeps make up stuff. Anupriya says I will not apply make up. Kalyani says Moksh will not get admission seeing your look as they will think that he is from poor family. Anupriya agrees to get ready for Moksh. Kalyani does her make up and makes her wear saree. She asks her to come. They come out of washroom. Everyone gets surprised seeing Anupriya’s new look. Music plays…Kalyani smiles. Anupriya says if anyone identify me and tell at home then…Kalyani says nobody will know and asks her to go to class. Anupriya says not alone. Kalyani says if you don’t go, then I will tell Aao Saheb. She gets Malhar’s call and he tells her that photographer will come to college and click maayi’s pic. Anupriya thinks of Keshav. Praveen, the photographer clicks Anupriya’s pics secretly. Anupriya thinks family members shall not see me in this avatar. Sarthak sees photographer and asks him about his dept, and asks why is he taking pics secretly. Kalyani gets worried thinking photographer might tell Sarthak everything.

Sarthak asking the photographer why is he taking the students’ pics hiding. Photographer says no, and tells that Kalyani asked….Kalyani comes and asks photographer how dare he to click her and Aai’s pic. Sarthak takes the camera and deletes the pic. He says lets go to principal. Kalyani asks him to think about his career and tells photographer not to do this again and leave. Photographer leaves. Kalyani tells Sarthak that he is a boy and tells that they are famous and people take their pics due to paparazzi. She asks him not to tell Aai as she will get tensed. Sarthak says Anupriya has a good daughter. Kalyani thinks how a new photographer will come, and thinks Malhar will scold her. She calls him and tells him about kaka deleting the pics, and asks him to click Anupriya’s college by coming there, and says you had clicked candid pics of Moksh. Malhar says your idea is very stupid. Kalyani says please for Aai. Malhar says ok. Kalyani asks him not to come in uniform. Malhar thinks he got a pagli.

In Sarthak’s class, Palak tells that she made 2 mins noodles yesterday as she has never done cooking before. Students laugh. Sarthak tells that atleast she tried to make something. He asks Anupriya to come and tell what she didn’t do until now. Anupriya is silent and tensed. Kalyani comes to class and says my Aai has worn fancy saree and make up for the first time. Sarthak tells Anupriya that she is looking very beautiful and asks who thinks that she shall wear such sarees. Kalyani asks students to compliment her. Palak says you are looking gorgeous. Aao Saheb asks Vivek to call Anupriya and says she has numbers of the contacts who can give us loan. Vivek says I already talked to them, but nobody is ready to give money. Pallavi asks shall I ask Atharv, if you say? Aao Saheb asks her to stop. Atharv comes and throws coins on the floor. He asks Pallavi to collect all the change from the floor. Pallavi gets the coins and keeps in the plate. Atharv asks Aao Saheb to do aarti of Atharv Bapat ki and calls himself as God. He rings the temple bell and sings aarti Atharv bapat ki….Aao Saheb throws the plate and asks Vivek not to take loan from this wicked man if she dies and if he don’t have money for her last times.

Malhar comes to the college wearing casual clothes. He hears two guys teasing Anupriya telling that she might be going on a date. Malhar scolds them for teasing her and says he will arrest them. Anupriya tells him that she has worn the saree due to Kalyani’s insistence. Kalyani asks Malhar why he was scolding students and tells that Anupriya shall deal with them. He tells the students to tease her, says Anupriya has no strength to take a stand for herself. Anupriya asks what are you saying and asks Malhar to say. Malhar says I have work and will leave. Kalyani asks them to tease her and says she will not say anything, but will cry when she is alone. He says mistake must be yours, but she thinks it is her mistake that she worn good clothes. She says no girl will let you tease her, it is a good opportunity and asks them to tease her. The boys sing song ladki aankh maare and tease Anupriya. Anupriya hits their heads with each other heads and makes them fall. Malhar claps and asks them to remember this learning always. Kalyani asks her to learn to stand for her self respect. She says nobody has the right to give judgement on your clothes and looks, and says it is your decision, how you want to live your life. She says I am proud of you Aai. Anupriya smiles. They come out of college.

Anupriya calls rickshaw. Kalyani says we will have pani puri first. She signs Malhar. Anupriya says we will go to Moksh’s school after having pani puri. She asks Anupriya to look at something. Anupriya asks what is it? Malhar clicks her pics secretly. Kalyani says there was a bird there. Kalyani feels the pani puri to be spicy and is about to drink water, but Anupriya tells that she will get water for her from the shop. She goes to get water. Malhar gets worried for Kalyani seeing her tasted spicy pani puri. He gets chocolate from the shop and runs towards her. He comes to her and asks if she is fine. He makes he have it. Tere Naina Re plays…..Palak and other girls see them and smile. Palak says you both are Raj and Simran. Kalyani says it is not like that. Malhar says I was taking good pics and asks why did she have spicy pani puri. Kalyani asks him not to feel bad about Palak’s words. Malhar says I didn’t feel bad. Tere Naina plays…..Malhar says I will go, Aai might be coming. Keshav is near the electricity pole and throws an open wire near Kalyani. Anupriya sees Keshav throwing wire and shouts asking her to move. Kalyani doesn’t hear her. Malhar hears Anupriya. Kalyani puts her foot on the wire and gets electric shock. Malhar shouts Kalyani….

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