My Desire Sunday Update 12 November 2023


My Desire Sunday Update 12 November 2023


Samrat drags Mansi out of his house. Mansi acts as feeling weak and collapsing. Samrat says it doesn’t matter to him whether she is alive or dead and shuts the door on her face. Mansi thinks Nayan made a big mistake by revealing truth to Samrat, she will show Nayan now what she can do. She calls Nayan and shouts at her for revealing truth to Samrat and getting her out of the house. Nayan says she really didn’t inform Samrat. Mansi says she must have informed someone who must have informed Samrat, now she will viral Aaliya’s video. Nayan rushes to her and requests her not to upload that video. Mansi says she already ordered to viral it after 2 hours, but Nayan can stop it if she convinces Sam to let her stay in his house. Nayan agrees and leaves.

Samrat tells Ishani

and Mohit that he could have helped Nayan beforehand if she had informed him that Mansi is blackmailing her. Nayan enters and asks him if he trusts her. He says yes. She asks him to bring Mansi back inside home. He asks even after what she did. She says Mansi is blackmailing to upload a video. He asks which video. She says he promised not to question her, she will inform him later. He walks out and asks Mansi to return home. Mansi starts her drama that he will kick her out again if Nayan provokes her. Nayan promises to take blame on herself and requests to return in. Samrat asks her to return in for Prem’s sake. Mansi grins and thinks that is what she wanted.


Nayan asks Sam to give a spiked coffee to Mansi and make her reveal her a location from where she is uploading video. Sam walks to Mansi’s room with coffee and lures her with his sugar-coated words. Mansi gets happy. Sam offers her coffee mug. She gets suspicious and acts as throwing her mobile away. Sam goes to pick it up. She exchanges mug. Sam finishes coffee and returns to Nayan intoxicated. Nayan asks if he finished his task. Samrat says their plan failed, and he revealed their whole plan to Mansi. Mansi thinks Nayan tried to intoxicate her and find out video upload location. She recalls how Sam revealed Nayan’s whole plan and thinks Nayan can’t stop her from uploading video now. Sam tells Nayan that he stole Mansi’s phone and gives it to her, recalling how he stoleit from Mansi.