Monday Update on The Promise Zee World

Monday Update on The Promise Zee World

June 25 Episode

Bani is completely shattered. Maasi asks everyone about Bani’s whereabouts and juts then Bani returns home. When everyone tries to talk to her, she keeps mum. She decides to leave the house, but Maasi stops her saying that she should not leave the house for Jai’s mistake. Maasi rebukes Jai saying that he has to leave the house forever and that he is dead for them. Jai looks at the house and recollects the good moments he spent there.

Jigyasa and the others try to convince Maasi to forgive Jai. But Maasi refuses to budge saying that a man who cannot respect his wife, does not deserve to remain in the house. Maasi pleads to Bani to not leave the house and she agrees. Rano meets Bani and asks her forget Jai and Pia as they have cheated her. She also breaks Bani’s mangalsutra (Marital symbol). Pia comes to Walia house to meet Bani, but Rano stops her. Pia tells Rano that she left Pushkar for Bani and chose Jai as they both were lonely and this had brought them together. Rano counter-argues saying that Bani has always sacrificed for others. Pia ignores her and proceeds to meet Bani.

Maasi apologises to Jai’s mother who was her sister, for not keeping her promise to teach good values to Jai. Pia goes to Bani’s room to tell her that she did everything only for the sake of her love. Rano barges into Bani’s room and drags Pia out. Maasi’s daughter Karuna enters the house and saves Pia from getting thrown out. Jai takes Pia to a cliff and tells her that they can unite by dying together. Pia makes an excuse of the child. Karuna tries to get friendly with Bani, but Maasi intervenes and takes Bani away. Jai meets Tarun and tells him that he has decided to transfer all his property in Bani’s name. Tarun reprimands Jai and tells that it will be of no use to Bani.