Monday update on The heir 5th August


Monday update on The heir 5th August

RECAP: Bebe leaves. Jagan smiles and says Mannu will not come back, find him Bebe.


The lady tells Amba that Charan loved you a lot, any woman will find herself lucky to get such a loving husband, he was dedicated to you. Amba recalls the old lady’s words. Amba says I will make a call, I did not leave Mannu alone at home. She calls home. Simran is trying to call police. Amba gets line busy. Her friend asks her to call home later and have tea. Mannu and Raj wake up at some place, where many kids are kept. They see the dangerous place. They ask the kids to open their hands. The kid ask who are you. Mannu says I m Mannu, he is my friend Raj. The kid goes to help them. Raj asks why are we here. The kid says we are trapped by Dumroo dayan. Mannu and Raj get freed and look around.

Mannu says someone is fooling, my Mama said there is nothing like daayan. Kid says the tiger of dayan eats the kid who says there is no dayan. Mannu starts laughing and asks how can this pic eat anyone. The kid says we have seen this tiger swallowing kid. Mannu says no, I can’t believe this. Dayan comes there. All kids get scared. Mannu looks on. Raj gets Mannu away. Dayan sees Mannu and Raj, and laughs.

Mannu and Raj getting shocked seeing the dayan. She says you both came here, how will you go from here. She laughs. She says I have some rules, did you understand, or shall I explain other way. Mannu does not get scared and looks at her. Bebe worries for Mannu. Amba calls home. Simran attends call. Amba asks is Mannu fine. Simran cries and says nothing is fine, Mannu did not reach home, don’t know where did he go. Amba says I can’t hear you. Simran says hello….. Amba says listen, take care of Mannu and everyone, I m fine here. She ends call. Amba prays for her children.

Dayan scares Mannu. Raj gets scared. She laughs. She says my command should be obeyed, don’t think this is your house, I m the owner of the house, nothing should happen to my idols, its close
to my heart, else you don’t know what I can do. Mannu says if I don’t follow your rules and don’t do work then. She gets angry and asks what did you do. Mannu says if I don’t do this …. She asks the stick to blow fire. She throws fire on Mannu and shouts. Mannu bends down. Raj and other kids get shocked. Mannu stares at her.

Raj asks Mannu to agree, else don’t know what will she do with us. She asks them to start cleaning. The kids clean the place. Mannu and Raj clean the floor. Mannu tells Raj that when daayan has thrown the fire at him, he has smelled kerosene. Jagan asks Bebe why did you call me. He says I spoke to inspector, he went to find Mannu, I will tell you if I find anything. He goes. Raavi says forgive him Bebe, trust him, he is working hard to find Mannu. Bebe says don’t know sinner came to repent or see did his plan worked right or not. She goes. Jagan thinks this time the plan will not fail. Amba talks to her friend. Her friend asks what are you hiding. Amba tells the matter about Charan and cries. She says I can’t believe this, I have no proof, but the lady told so. Her friend asks her not to believe this and follow her heart, ask your heart if Charan can do this with you. Amba leaves for bus stop. Sushila heard them and says Amba may not have proof, I will show Charan’s truth to everyone, great, he became Shah and had another family too.

Dayan and her men see the kids sleeping. The men laugh that no one could understand dayan’s magic. They wake up everyone. Mannu cleans the statue. Raj asks what happened, keep working. Mannu says I m not scared of them, I feel I have seen this statue somewhere. Raj says where can we see such statue in pind. Mannu says I remember, I have seen this in Simran’s history book, its valuable. Raj says it means its so old, since when is this dayan alive. Mannu says there is no dayan, did we get scared, we can do something if we are together, I think she is fake dayan. Dayan comes and asks what are you two talking.

Dayan scaring Raj and Mannu. She goes. Mannu and Raj work. Mannu asks Raj to come, we will see whats upstairs. Raj refuses. Mannu asks him to come. He takes Raj upstairs. Amba is on the way. Sushila follows her. A man collides with Sushila and argues. Sushila scolds him. Amba hears her and turns to see. Sushila covers her face with ghunghat. Amba goes. Sushila gives him some money. Sushila says I will snatch Amba’s happiness, this is my promise to Amba. The old lady meets Amba. Amba says I m waiting for bus. The lady says I was finding you, I have Gauri’s memory, a box, you come and see it once, even her son is gone somewhere. Amba nods.

Swaroop tells inspector that someone kidnapped Raj. Jagan comes to police station. Inspector asks Jagan about any news of Mannu. Jagan
says I don’t know. Swaroop says I m sure Jagan did this. Inspector says we all know your enmity, go home, I will inform you if I know anything. She leaves. Jagan calls his man and says check if the kid was one or two. The man says we kidnapped one and other came in the truck on own, so we have sent both kids. Amba sees Gauri’s box. Dayan tells her men to send the idols and sell it. Mannu and Raj hear her. She says keep an eye on Mannu, I don’t know him, he is danger zone, kill him. They laugh.

The old lady says no one is there to keep this box, why are you checking it well, I think you have close relation with Gauri. Amba gets Charan, Gauri and their son’s pic. Amba says I also think so. The men talk on phone about the idols, and say we need two kids more. They laugh. Raj falls down and the men hear the sound. Mannu asks Raj to come fast. They hide. The men look around and go. A boy says statue fell. Mannu and Raj sign him not to tell men about them. The boy is Charan and Gauri’s son. Mannu thanks him to save them. The boy says its fine, come fast, you both are lucky that I reached here on time, you both are new, don’t do this again, if you want to be alive. Raj asks who are you. He says I m Yuvraaj and you. Mannu says I m Mannu and he is my friend Raj. Yuvraaj says I m staying here since 2 months and try to run every day, the one who is caught is eaten by tiger. Mannu says nonsense, how can any pic eat kids, we heard the men saying they will feed tiger, why did anyone not come to find kids. Yuvraaj says everyone knows this is haunted house, all windows are painted from outside. Mannu says I have to find out.

Amba asks can I take these items with me. The lady says yes, no one came to ask about Gauri till now, take it. Sushila looks on. Swaroop asks Bebe to tell them that Jagan did this and you doubt on him. Bebe says yes, I doubt Harjeet also, he is bad. Swaroop says even Raj is missing, why will Harjeet do this. Bebe says everyone knows Harjeet does not love Raj. Amrit cries. Inspector asks them to calm down, did this happen by enmity. Simran and Raman say we don’t doubt each other’s families, maybe someone else is doing this. The kids cry. Mannu says I feel bad seeing the kids, I know all this dayan is a lie to scare us. Raj says how can we prove this. Mannu says when dayan comes infront of me, I will read hanuman chalisa. Mannu reads hanuman chalisa. Dayan shouts and says take him and feed to the tiger. The men catch Mannu. Raj says leave him. They push Raj. They throw Mannu to the tiger. Raj shouts no. Mannu sees the place. Dayan laughs.

Inspector says we got call from neighbor village about a girl. Simran worries did they get Mannu, did they know Mannu is a girl. Swaroop consoles Amrit. Raman sees Simran worried. Bebe asks Simran to come, are you fine. Simran nods. She thinks she can’t tell anyone Mannu’s truth. The men come to Mannu and say once anyone comes here, do not go back. Mannu asks what do you do with kids. They say we sell them. Mannu says you can sell me if you catch me. He makes them fall and runs. Simran thinks if Amba was here, this would have not happened. Mannu runs back to the kids. Everyone get shocked seeing him.

Mannu says this tiger is fake, I m alive, don’t get scared, there is a room behind the pic, the kids are sold, no need to be scared of this dayan, she is not a dayan. Dayan comes and laughs. The kids get scared. She throws fire on Mannu. He gets saved. Raj says no. Mannu runs. Dayan throws fire on Raj. Mannu gets saved and pours on the stick. The stick does not work. Mannu says now nothing will come out of it. She asks why, and tries again. Mannu says Raj, I told you this is not dayan, the fire comes from stick by a button, it got damaged by water, they are just three, we are many, she can’t do anything to us, they are fraud. She shouts her men. Mannu asks the kids to run. The kids run and beat the men. Dayan gets Mannu and says I will not leave you now. Mannu pushes her and breaks the stick. She says you ruined everything and falls down. She shouts to her men. Mannu asks shall I help you. She says yes. He pulls out her gloves and runs. She says I told he is clever.

Amba thinks of lady’s words. Sushila meets her and asks where did you go. Amba lies. Sushila confronts her and asks what are you hiding. Mannu throws the wooden log on the dayan. She screams and gets under it. Mannu says you scared all of us, did you get fine now, I will see your men now. The kids tie up the men and run. Mannu gets the stairs and tears the tiger pic. The kids run from that way. Raj and Yuvraaj also go. Mannu also goes after them. He shows the exit to kids. The kids run out. Mannu gets hit on his head and faints.

Simran cries and worries for Mannu. She prays. Raman says I spoke to inspector, we will get news of Raj and Mannu. She says I could not take care of my sister. Raman says your sister is fine, Raj and Mannu will come home safe, don’t worry, I will drop you home. The kids come out and are glad to get free and go home, meet their parents. Raj says where is Mannu. Yuvraaj gets Mannu outside. He says the man has hit Mannu, I was there and pulled Mannu, else don’t know what would have happened, we should go home, else dayan will come. Raj asks them to run. Simran comes home crying. Bebe asks where is Mannu, what did police say. Simran says we could not find him, inspector said we can know something till tomorrow. Bebe worries and prays for him. Yuvraaj gets Mannu home and shouts to them. Bebe, Simran and Gunjan get shocked seeing Mannu.

Bebe asks what happened, get up Mannu. They all cry. Later, Mannu gets conscious. He sees everyone. Bebe hugs him. Bebe asks where did you go, we were so worried, you got so hurt. Yuvraaj says your Mannu is really tiger, he has saved our lives, he saved many kids, he did big thing, he saved me. He tells them everything about dumroo dayan. He says Mannu is very brave. Bebe gets glad and says yes, Mannu is brave. Yuvraaj greets Bebe and says I will leave now. She asks where is your house. He says don’t know, I have no home, I have no one. Bebe asks Simran to take Mannu to room and get haldi milk. Raavi looks on and says Mannu has come back again, Jagan’s plans are such, does he know this or not, I have to tell Jagan. She goes.

Bebe stops Yuvraaj and says you saved this house’s Waaris, our Shah, you can stay here till you want. He says no. She says I can be your Bebe also. He says yes, but how can I stay here, I will find a place for myself. She says fine, but stay here till you find a place. He agrees and smiles.


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