Mehek Wednesday Update 18 September 2019


Mehek Wednesday Update 18 September 2019

Arman assembles the bomb. Mahek calls the turck and asks them to come to truck. Shaurya looks at Mahek. he says Mahek please look here. Shaurya is hidden behind a car. Mahek is getting the food ready.
Nehal asks Mahek are you worried? Mahek says not feeling good. Arman comes and says home minister wants us to participate in a program. Mahek says there is so much work here. Shaurya says he invited us we can’t say no. Mahek and Nehal go on the stage. Nalini is on the stall. She keeps different parts of bomb here and there.
The kids perform on the stage.

Nehal follows Nalini. Shaurya is in the street. Nalini comes to room and opens her bag. She wears her jacket. The door is locked from outside. Nehal says come out of this house now you smart girl. Shaurya is trying to enter the venue. He hits the driver of the truck and sits in the van.
The terrorist sees him and thinks its Arman. Shaurya says give me this pass. He says okay bhai jam. Shaurya enters the venue. The watchman says where is your pass? This is someone else’.

The thugs are looking for Shaurya. Arman says to his men you have to do everything on time. Nalini says bhai jan I want to talk to you. Mahek is stopping everything. Arman says we have to make it work anyway.
Shaurya comes out and sits in the truck.

The kids program is going on. Mahek wonders where is Shauruya. Real shaurya enters the venue. Arman says where is Nalini? I must execute plan B. Shaurya is with his face hidden so Arman doesn’t see him.
Arman goes behind tent to assemble the bomb. He hears some kids and stands up. Mahek looks for Shaurya.
Arman sits down and assembles the bomb. The kids are playing on the stage. Shaurya sees Arman’s people. He hides his face and walks towards Mahek.
Mahek says what are you doing behind tent? He says I was here to see the preps. No one is here. I have to handle everything. Maheks ays where is Nalini? He says go I will handle here. Mahek says I will handle here you go to the program. Arman takes his bag from here. Mahek says why are you taking this bag? Arman leaves it there. Mahek looks after the food.

Shaurya is looking for her. He sees Jeevan and Kanta. Shaurya sees Arman standing next to them.
Nalini is locked in the washroom. She says what to do. She looks out from the window. She sees Shaurya and says brother I am here. He walks away. Nalini says why did Arman not listen? Is that real Shaurya? How did he get here?
Mahek says to Vicky do you hear beep sound? Vicky checks all the appliances. Shaurya is trying to go towards the stall. Mahek looks everywhere. She says its coming from Shaurya’s bag. Arman comes and says Mahek come with me its urgent. Minster has called he. He sends them both from ther.e Shaurya tries to grab Mahek’s attention but he can’t. He says Mahek please listen to me.

Kids are performing on stage. Shaurya tries to go to Mahek. Some men hit him from the back. They put cloth in his mouth. Arman assembles bomb behind the stage. Arman sits near the flag. He assembles the bomb there as well. He says my mission is going to be accomplished.

Everyone gathers for flag hosting. Mahek asks where is Shaurya and Vicky? Nehal says I don’t know. The terrorists are taking mahek to a side. He shoves them and runs from there.
Mahek says where is Shaurya? All people sing national songs. Arman counts 10. 9.. 8.. 7.. The minister hosts the flag. shaurya says move everyone. Mahek says Shaurya. Shaurya says move everyone. Kanta says what is he saying? Shaurya says move from the flag everyone. Mahek sees the bomb. She shoves the minister and takes the bomb out. Shaurya says mahek Mahek saves the flag from falling. Shaurya takes the bomnb and runs with it. He throws it. The bomb explodes.
Everyone sees the bomb blast news and are worried. Neev is worried. Nailini’s man gives him injection

Everyone is badly injured. Rescue teams reach the venue/ Mahek looks for Shaurya. She hugs him. Mahek says thank God you are fine. He says I want to tell you something. He says listen.. He faints. Mahek takes him to the rescue team.
Arman slaps Nalini. She says I went to washroom someone locked me there. He says you are a coward. You ruined our plan. Your weakness is our defeat. She says I am not a coward. He slaps her and says shame on you all. Shaurya ran from there. how did he? Police comes there. Nalini says we should go from here. He says shaurya will expose us. We have to bring Shaurya back here.

Everyone runs here and there.. Doctor checks Shaurya. He says it feels like he has not eaten since days. Arohi says he had been eating. Shaurya says Mahek I want to talk to you. Arman says before he gets up I have to do something. SHaurya is half faint. Shaurya says those terrorist.
Arman covers his face. Jevan says Mahek please get your check up done as well. Arman disguises as doctor and says I will handle everything here. Mahek looks at him and says why he looks known to me. Mahek comes to medical camp. She says chachi please go to Shaurya. He wanted to says something. Kanta goes to Shaurya.

Arman wears his mask.

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