Mehek Thursday Update 19 September 2019


Mehek Thursday Update 19 September 2019

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Minister tells Media how Shaurya and Mahek saved everyone. Everyone appreciates them. Mahek talks to Dolly she says everyone is fine. We were getting medical checkup. Nehal sees two men taking Shaurya. Nehal says no it must be someone else.
Arman comes to his place. He says my mission failed because of you all. You all are so useless.

Arman says to Shaurya you and your family are responsible for this. He kills his man. Shaurya says leave me I will show you what else can I do. He says before that I will punish you. You will beg for death. Now you see what I do to your Mahek. you will see her today on screen when she is in my arms. Shaurya says I will kill you if you touch her. Don’t even dare going near her. I will kill you.

Mahek comes home. Karuna hugs her. She says thank God you all are fine. Mahek says your prayers are always with us. Dolly says where is Shaurya? Mahek says he fainted. Dolly says ask him to come home. Mahek says he went to hotel he must be coming. neev’s taker says Neev is up. He is calling you. MAhek comes to neev. He hugs her and cries. Mahek says why are you crying? I am fine. Hero is fine as well. don’t cry like that. She hugs him. Mahek says you know hero became superhero and saved everyone. what happened? Why are you crying like that? Taker says he saw everything on TV. That is why he is worried. I will give him tranquilizer. He gives Neev an injection. Neev says no.. but he gives him injection. Neev sleeps. Mahek says God.. please bring Neev’s voice back. I don’t know what he wants to tell me. She hugs him and cries. Shaurya comes home. Mahek goes downstairs.
He meets her on stairs. She says where did you go? He says to meet officer. But now I have all the time for you. He holds her hand. Shaurya grasps her and comes to room with her. Mahek says I never thought we will see a bomb blast. He turns on the cammera. Mahek says there was a guy there. He was staring at us so bad like we did something wrong with him. He says please I dont’ want to talk about other people. We have been fighting. Look at yourself. You didn’t take care of yourself. Go freshen up. I am here to take care of you now. He caresses her face and cleans it. Shaurya says you are amazing. Arman sets the camera. He makes Mahek eat the chocolate.

Nalini shows Shaurya video. She says my brother will have so much fun. When Mahek eats it she wont know whom is she with. Shaurya says do you have no shame? She is a woman you are a woman as well. She says I am just a fighter. These are your actions’ repercussions. Shaurya says stop it. Arman comes close to Mahek and hugs her. Shaurya says stop it. Arman comes close to Mahek and kisses her shoulder. Shaurya says I can’t see this. He says you bastard close it. I will kill you all. A man says this is such a good scene for brother. Is it live or recorded? Nalini says its live. Shaurya says stop it. Shaurya says punish me God but not my Mahek like this.

Arman takes off his shirt. Shaurya says God please Mahek trusts you. Protect her from him please. Nalini and her men laugh. Mahek faints. Arman comes close to her. She says my head hurts. I can’t see anything. Mahek says i don’t feel like I am conscious. I don’t know whats happening. Dolly knocks on the door. Mahek says someone is on the door. Arman says no one is there. I am here. Dolly keeps knocking. Dolly keeps knocking. Mahek says it must be something important. He says let it be. Dolly says Mahek open the door please. Mahek gets up and opens the door. Shaurya heaves a sigh of relief. Arman says please don’t go. Dolly says Neev is not well. Mahek rushes to Neev’s room with Dolly. Arman is angry.

Mahek comes to Neev. He is crying. He is scared and hugs Neev. Karuna says I dont’ know whats wrong with him. He is always scared. The attendant says we should give him injection. Dolly says shut up. You are always giving him injections. Arman says he is doing his job. Mahek says aunt is right. I will take care of him. This man can go. Neev is always scared in his presence. Dolly says yes you can go we will take care of Neev. Arman’s man leaves. Arman says nothing will happen to my brave Neev. Mahek says yyou should all go and rest. I will stay here with Neev. Arman comes to his room. He is very angry. he says first Shaurya ruined my plan and now this Neev. My man is also out of this house now. I have to do something.
Neev is sleeping with Mahek. She falls asleep. Neev tries

to wake her up. Arman calls Nalini and says go to while chilies. This is our last chance to complete our plan. This plan will now be executed on home minister’s daughter’s wedding. We have to succeed in our mission.
Mahek wakes up. She says Neev? Do you want to say something? Please tell me. Neev is scared. He tries to tell Mahek about the mask. Mahke can’t understand. Neev hugs her and is scared. Arman and everyone comes. Mahek says he is really scared. Arman says let me call doctor. Doctor comes to check him. Mahek says he wants to tell me something. Doctor comes to check neev. He is also Arman’ss man. He says Neev is in pain. He needs specialized treatment in Singapore. Shaurya says thats not a problem. I will take him there. Maheks ays I will come too. He says no you have to be here in hotel. Please try to understand. Mahek says okay.

Next morning, Mahek prepares Neev for Singapore. Arman says to Neev if you try to tell anyone that I am not Shaurya I will kill your mom. Mahek comes and kisses Neev’s face. Karuna says don’t cry Mahek. Send him with good prayers. He will come back fine. Arman takes Neev to the car. Neev keeps doing the mask sign to Mahek. Amran says I will be back in three days don’t worry. Arman and neev leave. Nehal says please stay strong di.
Mahek comes to hotel. She is all lost. Home minister’s PA comes. He says I want to discuss wedding layout. Mahek is still thinking about Neev. She recalls what he was trying to say. PA says to Maahek are you listening? She says yes. Mahek calls Arman. She says can I video chat Neev? He says you can’t talk to him in hospital. He brings Neev to his shed. Arman takes off his mask. Arman says if you want to stay alive don’t try to contact your mom.

Mahek meets Kanta and Neev. Mahek says he is worried. He was crying and scared. Kanta says Shaurya is there for him. You have to take care of yourself. Come home with me. You will feel better.
Nalini calls Arman and says I have learned everything about the wedding.
MAhek comes to food truck to take the keys. She sees someone going to while chilies at night. Mahek says who is that? Mahek goes after him. Its Arman. Mahek recalls its the same man. She says its the same man. What is he doing here?

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