Mehek Tuesday Update 16th July 2019

Mahek is worried, all investors leave. Reporters come there, they cover the incident and say that is this Shaurya’s publicity incident? they ask Mahek where did rats come from? Mahek is mobbed, Shaurya pushes reporter away from Mahek and grabs him, he says how dare you?
A man comes there and says I am from FDA and we have to arrest for you low food quality, you both are owners of here right? you both have to come with us. Mahek and Shaurya leaves with him in tension and media coverage. Niki calls someone.

Shaurya is in office, commissioner asks him to write statement, Shaurya says first my lawyer will come, commissioner says then stay, he leaves. Mahek says why you keep fighting always? Shaurya says this all happened because of you, kitchen was your department to see and what you did? brought rats there? my restaurant is not a cheap dhabba like you treat it, it was my mistake to bring you back in my life and my restaurant, is this your plan to take revenge for me giving money to your brother? Mahek says I am not a cheater like you, how do you live with yourself with all these thinking? I can go to jail as restaurant is in my name, Shaurya says I did biggest mistake by naming it to you, Mahek says rats couldnt come there in a night, you should have checked everything before. Niki and lawyer comes there.

Niki says restaurant is closed for investigation, they wont allow to open it again but there is one way, we can announce that we are changing management, we are relaunching with another CEO, we have to give it to someone who you both trust. shaurya says we can name it to Niki, Niki says no I am just a chef,

Shaurya says I trust you Niki, you will just be CEO on paper, Lawyer says I have brought papers, just we have to write name, Shaurya says yes Niki can become CEO, right Mahek? Mahek says no, Shaurya says what you mean no? you are just namesake CEO so say yes, Mahek says no this problem happened because of us and we cant involve Niki in all this, if she becomes CEO then she will have to handle media and investigators alone, we cant pull her under the buss, we have to handle this mess on our own, Shaurya looks on, Niki says Shaurya you are lucky to get a wife who is your brains too. Niki says I am going to call someone, she leaves.

Niki calls someone and says they cant doubt me. Flashback shows Niki coming in restaurant last night and putting rats in inventory, she says to caller that Shaurya gives whole attention to one girl at a time, he used to give me so much attention in college, I proposed him but he said, I left his life with broken heart but after 6 years he called me and said that I have compete against his wife, I felt like beating him, when I came here, he didnt even remember me proposing him, now I want to see hum suffer like I did, he made me cry for nights and now he will cry for his life, I feel bad for Mahek as her only problem is she loves him and now she will suffer too, she ends call but someone pulls her behind car, person’s face is not shown, she says you here? dont you trust me? dont worry, our revenge will be completed together, she smirks.

Jeevan and Ravi comes home, they say to family that we have got job in one shop, Jeevan says we will work in same job, sitting on desks and assisting people, all are happy. Ravi asks Nehal to call Mahek and tell her to not worry about us anymore. Kanta asks where did they get job? Ravi says on a electronic shop, he is senior salesman and I am junior salesman, Nehal calls Mahek but her phone is not reachable.

Shaurya and Mahek comes home with lawyer. Lawyer says this is just break in storm, restaurant will be closed for pest control and also we have to give big fine, Shaurya says any other way? Mahek says no, we will get pest control and also give fine, Shaurya says we have to give big fine, lawyer says you can change ownership, Mahek says no then people will say that we couldnt control our mess and ranaway, Shaurya I have a plan but I need you help, Shaurya asks what plan? Mahek tells him plan which is muted, Shaurya looks on,

Jeevan sees Mohit coming in house. He announces that now four members of this house earns, we dont have lots of money but we have togetherness and we will fight the world. Sheetal thinks that he is bragging about the job but tomorrow he will bear pain of it. Mohit gets call and says what? when? really? he ends call. Sheetal asks what happened? Mohit says people celebrating so soon can have dreams shattered soon.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to restaurant. Vicky says to Shaurya that Mahek’s plan is risky, if it gets hit then we will be saved and if it fails then restaurant will be closed. Shaurya says you are right but Mahek is not listening to me. He comes to Mahek and grabs her arm, he says Mrs. Owner if your plan backfired then our business will be doomed. Niki says guy ready for the conference? press and media is here. Media comes inside.

Mahek says to Shaurya that we have to do something, white chilies is about to close, maybe this trick will bring us back, if we accept our mistake then people will be less angry with us, Shaurya says stop giving Kanta’s lecture, you couldnt handle kitchen, made fun of me in industry and now showing your highness, Mahek says okay I wont argue with you and accept that its my mistake, Shaurya dont blame me, Mahek says I am not doing it, we keep blaming each other, I am just trying to find a solution. Mahek holds Shaurya’s arm and says some big businessman taught me that for business you have to shed blood and apply ointment on it yourself only and that successful businessman is not doing anything but fighting with his wife so now I am going to take action. Niki smirks seeing their state.

Mohit says to his family that celebrating happiness before it even came is foolish. He opens TV. Reporter says Shaurya’s restaurant was closed because of rats roaming in food and Shaurya have arranged press conference for it, all look on.
Mahek says to media that we have done mistake and we are ashamed of it but you people have always trusted us and we have always tried to follow it but this time we slipped and we are sorry, we hope to get another chance,if you want to punish us then we are ready for that, all clap for Mahek, Shaurya claps too. One reporter asks Mahek whats her plan? Mahek says we will close restaurant and will go for pest control.

Kanta sees her on TV and says she looks so confident, PD says the one who have right intentions bear everything with smile, Mohit fumes
in anger. Niki hints at one reporter, reporter asks Mahek if it was negligence? Mahek says no, it was a mistake, we do every task carefully here. Reporter says then you must have done it deliberately, Mahek says what he means? Reporter says do you think it was not an accident, it was deliberate attempt, from the time you have married Shaurya, you have been in news for some rumors and scandals with him, vicky says I want to punch him. Mahek says this is personal question and I wont answer it, Reporter says your personal and professional life is mingled. Niki asks Shaurya to remain calm.

Reporter says to Mahek that was this incident cheating with people? how can people trust you with all these incidents happening? you are from a small street, you just married a rich guy but you just worked on dhabba and you dont have class to handle such place, you are insulted and should resign but you are defending this incident with all these allegations on you? lawyer says to Shaurya that we can still transfer property. Reporter asks Mahek if she is taking revenge from her husband for losing contest? Balwant sees it on TV, Ravi says he is insulting her, Sheetal says what will happen when Shaurya questions her.


Mahek asks reporter to not question like that, reporter says if you cant handle this position then why not give it to someone else? this is your hunger of power. Shaurya gets angry and comes on stage. Nehal sees it on TV and says brother in law is here, Balwant says I hope he doesnt shout on her. Sheetal says no Mahek will be insulted right. Shaurya pulls away from stage and says to reporter that you told us our mistakes and you have done your work so sit down, reporter sits down. Mahek thinks now Shaurya you shout on me too.. Shaurya says to reporter that the one you insulted is MY WIFE, you said she wants money and power? if she wanted it then she would have sold it and ranaway, she wouldnt be working so hard for it, we could have given restaurant to someone else and runaway but Mahek said Shaurya we should face our problems, Mahek doesnt runaway from problems like us, she finds lesson in them, Mahek looks at him in surprise.

Shaurya says now its about contest, he comes to Mahek and says Mahek didnt lose contest, I made her lose using my money, I gave money and rigged it because I didnt want to lose to Mahek infront of world and you think Mahek can hurt for money? you dont know Mahek, the one who is close to Mahek, she can give life for them. He holds Mahek’s hand and says to reporter that you see small street opportunist girl in Mahek but I see talented and hard working girl in her, the one who keep love and honor above money and power, I am very lucky that Mahek loves me and I know only Mahek can make my business stand again thats why I am with Mahek, Mahek proudly smiles at them, she is in tears looking in his eyes, Tere bin mar hi jaunga.. yeh tai hai plays, Mahek wipes her happy tears.Niki says to lawyer that my plan backfired. Whole team of white chilies goes on stage and stand behind Shaurya and Mahek. Shaurya clap for Mahek. PD sees this on TV and see our couple destroyed enemies’ hopes, Mohit angrily leaves from there.

Shaurya says to Vicky that restaurant will remain close for pest control. Mahek looks at him and goes him, she says Shaurya listen? he looks at her but is busy in working, Mahek keeps going behind him but Shaurya is giving instructions to team, Mahek says Shaurya.. listen.. he is about to leave, Mahek says listen, I am just trying to say thanks. Priya calls Shaurya. She gives investor’s call to Shaurya. Mahek says to Shaurya that I want to talk to you, Shaurya says cant you see I am busy? he turns away from her and smiles seeing her attention on him, Mahek says I am trying to talk Shaurya, he ignores her, she says fine remain busy, she goes away. Mahek murmurs I was just trying to say thanks, so much attitude. Shaurya thinks I know what you want to say but I wouldnt make it easy for you, I will play. He smiles.

Niki calls mystery person and says dont shout on me, I was following my plan but I didnt know Shaurya will suddenly feel love for Mahek but I wont let this love remain intact, let me handle it, she ends call and sees Shaurya opening car door for Mahek. She says you both can love today but soon you both will hate each other, you will disgusted by each others faces, Mahek is Shaurya’a weakness, he thinks about her from heart and that will be his loss.

Mahek is waiting outside Shaurya’s room. Kanta calls her and says you didnt even call us about the problem? Mahek says I didnt want to worry, Kanta says I was proud of you handling conference but can you handle bigger problems too? Mahek sees Shaurya coming there, she says I will call later. She runs behind Shaurya but he goes in room and closes door on her face, she says I dont understand him, if he is playing or miffed with me again, she huffs and leaves. Shaurya smiles and says work hard Mahek, its not easy to pacify me

Ravi says to Jeevan that I never thought I would do job like this in life, we used to our own shop and now we are peons of some shop, Jeevan says this is temporary, you know house’s condition, we didnt get job, our daughters are working and we sit in house? it doesnt look good, we will leave this peons job as soon as we find something else, I cant sit shamelessly at home, Ravi says thats why I agreed, I hope we soon find good job, Jeevan says we will, he hugs him.

In morning, Mahek makes pancake and smiles. She is in white chilies.

Ravi and Jeevan are in shop dressed as peons. Ravi says I cant believe I am doing this job. Jeevan says act like this acting. Manager comes to them and says be ready for work, its sale starting. Jeevan nods.

Mahek puts pancake and cute card of ‘thank you’ on table lighted with candles and rose petals, Mahek says now I will see till when Sir Ji wont talk to me. She thinks of writing ‘I Love You Shaurya’ on card but blushes and doesnt write it. She thinks Shaurya have to be pacified now, Shaurya comes there and see it, he thinks this Mahek will surely make me smile but I have started enjoying this game, I have to think someway to stop from smiling

Shaurya goes to Nikita and tells the breakfast so amazing and puts a hand on her shoulder..Mahek looks shockingly at him..Nikki ask Mahek did she made this cake ..it looks yummy… Shaurya calls whole staff and tells she made cake for whole staff and ask them to taste it…Priya tells it’s amazing.. Shaurya ask Mahek is she ok…she nods her head and he takes Nikki aside ..